How to drink cognac correctly?

How to drink cognac correctly?

  • Frankly, I never drank cognac, especially since I did not drink it correctly. What are you writing then, you ask. And it's very simple. Although I never drank it, but I prefer to know how to do it, in case I have to drink it in the circle of knowledgeable people. So, what I read about how to drink cognac.

    First of all, I want to mention that with regard to cognac, the French have a so-called rule of four C. Four C includes: cafe, cognac, cigare, chocolate (coffee, cognac, cigars, chocolate). From this name it is clear that the French brandy drink together (or after) coffee, with a cigar, and eat chocolate.

    The Russian tradition to bite cognac with lemon for the French is acceptable only for second-class cognacs. You need to drink cognac without haste and fuss. Pour cognac into a special glass called sniffer, you need to hold it for a couple of minutes in your hands to warm it a couple of degrees higher than the temperature in the room (or to room temperature).

    As a snack for cognac is best to choose a good chocolate or fruit. You can have meat snacks, but usually you take cognac after eating, and you need to know. When choosing snacks, you need to know that it is chosen in such a way that the taste of cognac is not interrupted (as with a lemon), but only shaded.

    Somehow like this.

    How to drink cognac correctly?

  • Diluted the rhetoric, you know. And in the rules of the Great Question they write that the answer should be clear. I drink cognac from a glass and eat it with lemon. You can experiment, of course, with sweets or fruits. Well, some will even go well, but this is already an amateur.

  • Good not cognac (mass) cognac - drink without snacking, and with small sips, and tplym with a wide glass pouring a gram of fifty, but the usual, as they say, filled with tea, you can sip like vodka - eating a salted cucumber and a seed.

  • It is customary not to drink cognac, but to sip. You do not need to bite cognac, but if you want to eat cognac, then have a bite of fruit, cheese with mildew, olives and low-fat meat. To bite cognac with lemon is not worth it-the lemon interrupts the taste of cognac. Cognac can be washed down with non-carbonated mineral water or grape juice.

  • To drink cognac should be correct.

    From this it will be more delicious and aromatic.

    You can not drink brandy like vodka.

    It must be poured into a special glass quot;.

    Pour cognac into the bottom of the sniffer.

    The fragrance in this glass is most revealing.

    Cognac is drunk in small sips. It is better not to eat anything (if it's real, not fake).


  • Cognac should be used from special glasses, resembling a tulip bud. It should be poured into a glass about 50 gr. and holding a glass in the palm of your hand to warm. Only after that, slowly, in small sips, drink to appreciate its taste. Cognac, you can eat lemon, apple or drink in its pure form. There are many recipes with brandy-based cocktails, you can read about one of them here: Can you tell me a recipe for a delicious cocktail with cognac and champagne?

  • Drink a little wine and eat a slice of lemon

  • The first thing to remember is that Cognac is drunk after eating. It is poured into special glasses - sniffers. The temperature of the ridge should be at room temperature, and in order to feel the aroma of the ridge better, the glass should be slightly heated in the palms. You can bite cognac with products that do not permeate the taste of cognac, but on the contrary it is emphasized - it can be chocolate, fruit, and even meat snacks.

    How to drink cognac correctly?

  • Recently, it is very difficult to find a real cognac, even a very expensive cognac, bought in an expensive shop is not brandy at all, but moonshine made on grapes and stuffed with special additives.

    A real and delicious cognac used to be made in Armavir, but then the French bought it and they completely violated the rule of cognac production. Now in the shops, instead of Armavir cognac, they sell French.

    And brandy should be drunk in small sips, after holding this sip in your mouth, in order to feel the real taste.

    Snack chocolate brandy is not necessary, it interrupts the whole taste.

  • It's not a secret that cognac is one of the most prestigious elite drinks, but now more and more people are asking: "How to drink brandy in order to get pleasure from it?". We will try to give an exhaustive answer to the question posed.

    True connoisseurs of this alcoholic drink are recommended to treat it with respect and use only on important and festive events, and not in slippers and a robe sitting at home at the kitchen table with a cigarette in the mouth.

    After all, in order to taste the taste and aroma of cognac drink, you need to drink it in a special way, not like other alcohol. But this, of course, only recommendations, and besides not basic.

    The drink itself must be drunk without any haste, enjoying its taste and aroma. Pour this drink into special glasses that taper from above and serve it after the second dishes (or with coffee and a cigarette). One important condition is that cognac should have room temperature.

    Many experts recommend, before direct use, to start with a rocking and rotating glass with cognac in his hand. This determines the present age (aging) of the drink.

    After shaking and rotating, catch three waves of brandy smells. And only after all these procedures, start tasting, taking this undoubtedly aristocratic drink in small sips.

    It is worth noting that a good cognac is not snacked, lemon, including (although it is an old Russian tradition and can even cause surprise for an avid "taster"). Very many prefer to drink cognac with chocolate, coffee or a cigarette, but true connoisseurs drink it alone.

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