How to cook friable and delicious pilaf?

How to cook friable and delicious pilaf?

  • When you cook pilaf the main thing is to observe the proportion of rice and water if you do not add the burn, if the turn is a simple mess and the temperature regime is also important

    Here's a nice and simple recipe

    500 g meat

    2,5 a glass of rice

    4 cup water

    5 medium carrots

    4-5 bulbs

    200 g fat or vegetable oil

    Meat - the best lamb - cut into small pieces, fry in a hot oil. Then put onions and carrots, cut into strips. Add spices I add turmeric and basil necessarily the rest of the usual seasoning. Pour water, put salt, bring to a boil. You can add cloves of garlic, 2-3 pod of whole bitter pepper.

    Rinse rice, put in a cauldron with meat, smooth. When the water boils, pierce the rice in several places to the bottom of the boiler with a knife or wooden stick, close tightly and put on 20 min. on a very weak fire. Put the dish without stirring, slide.

  • There are a lot of recipes for pilaf, but no matter what recipe is prepared, first of all rice should be washed off with starch, which forms a paste on the surface of the groats. Rinse the rice in hot water, you can do it several times. Personally, I prefer to cook Uzbek pilaf. At the heart of it zirvak - stewed meat with spices. On the finished dirvak I put the washed rice and pour hot water so that it covers the rice on 3-4 see Varya with the lid open at high temperature. If, however, the rice formed a paste and the rice began to stick together, the situation can be corrected by raising the temperature of the brew. In this case, I cover the open tank with a towel, its function is to absorb moisture. At the top of the towel I put the lid on and bring it to the ready.

  • All the cereals (and rice is no exception) I have been preparing for many years in a very simple way: I pour them with water against 1: 2 (1 glass of cereal / rice, 2 glass of water), bring to a boil and boil 1-2 minutes. Next, I take the rump / rice from the hotplate and give it a "ripen"; - usually it's 10-15 minutes. Rice (like any other cereal) turns out to be a snap-to-the-go! And then I add everything I need: meat (any, to taste: lamb, pork, chicken ...) with spices, carrots and other vegetables, sometimes with mussels and mushrooms (this is already a rhizo it turns out) ... naturally, that all this is already prepared :-) Stir and eat hot! :-)

  • My recipe for making crumbly pilaf is as follows.

    How to cook friable and delicious pilaf?

    We need:

    • meat - 500 gr .;
    • carrot;
    • bow;
    • garlic - 5 denticles;
    • steamed rice - 500 gr.

    We prepare vegetables and meat. Cut the meat into it with cubes, carrot with straw, onion finely. Carrots and onions berms more so that the pilaf was juicy.

    Fry the meat with onions in vegetable oil, salt pepper. Add carrots and fry even 5 minutes. We fall asleep rice, we add garlic in rice, we add salt. DO NOT BREAK, pour water on 3 a finger and close the lid of the cook until all the water boils out.

    Stir, the pilaf is ready!

  • There are a lot of cooking options for pilaf. But the eastern cuisine is quite heavy, and I quote the recipe of the "adapted version of the pilau"; That the heartburn then did not excruciate.

    • In the chicken-fry (cauldron or deep frying pan) we pour sunflower oil at about 1 cm.
    • When the oil is well heated we throw there slices of meat. Usually I add parts, mixing. Meat must be crusted from all sides. I add parts, so that the meat is fried before letting the juice. Then there will not be a deposit on the bottom of the scallop. and slices of meat will remain juicy inside.
    • When the meat is already "golden", add the chopped onions (cut as you like, but not too finely). Onions are fried until golden..
    • Next, add grated carrots (you can on a beet grinder, but I usually take the "carrot grater", smaller). Carrots do not have to be fried, simply mix and add the following ingredients.
    • Add tomato sauce, favorite seasonings, salt to taste and several whole garlic cloves. On request - raisins. Mix everything. Garlic serves "to separate tastes and odors" so that each ingredient does not lose its individual taste. So I was taught, I do not know how it works, but, in my opinion, it really works.
    • Smooth the mass on the bottom of the udatnitsa. Top off with damp rice. Pour water so, so that the water covers the rice by 1-1,5 cm. (The rice can be added more or less, the more rice - the more water I get.) I usually pour on 1 cm, and then if necessary I top up the boiling water on the edge of the scallop if the water has boiled and the rice is not ready yet)
    • Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and to extinguish until the water evaporates. At what water should evaporate all, pilaf remains dry and friable. If there remains a part of the water - the rice peel will still be separate, not sticky, but crumbly it is difficult to name. When it is almost ready, you can crush the greens on top and add garlic (cut or garlic). The garlic that was added earlier, garlic will not leave a flavor. If you want, that the aroma of garlic in pilaf was felt, it is necessary to add more.
    • Disable and mix.

    It should be remembered that:

    • Long grain rice varieties Less boiled, round-grain - more of them more often get a sticky sticky mass.
    • Steamed rice better keeps the shape than just ground.
    • In water with the content of acids, salts and oil, rice is boiled less, and it turns out friable.

    You can add to the pilaf cooked rice, but I prefer raw: it is already brewed in a suspension of water and oil (the butter in the mattress floats up and contacts directly with the rice layer). I do not remember the case that pilaf did not turn friable and golden. If everything worked out, the pilaf will simply melt in the language: both rice and pieces of meat.

  • In cooking pilaf - the main thing to observe the technology of cooking, take the right dishes and food. The best pilau is obtained in cauldron and on an open fire. Rice before cooking must be soaked and rinsed properly, then in plov it will not stick together. For the preparation of pilaf, the best rice is a sort of devzira, but it is not always possible to buy it. Go and round the Krasnodar or Chinese. You can take steamed rice, cook it easier, pilaf will be crumbly, but taste average. All products for cooking pilaf is taken by kilogram, This is rice, meat, carrots, onions, oil, vegetable sex, spices. First, the onion is fried, then the carrots, then the meat with spices, the water is added, the base of the pilaf is cooked - the zirvak. Put the rice, the main thing is to keep the proportion of water. If cooking in a cauldron, then the water should be two fingers above the level of rice. Pilaf do not interfere, it is only pierced to exit the steam. After the boiling off of water, the cauldron is closed, the fire is removed and the pilaf is left for about twenty minutes.

  • Pilau is a very tasty and balanced food. This is a national dish of Uzbek, Tajik cuisine and some others. And in every national cuisine pilaf is cooked in its own way with its little secrets. Pilaf can be cooked with different kinds of meat. Traditional pilaf is pilaf with mutton meat, but not less tasty it will turn out with pork, beef, and chicken.

    It is very important for pilau to choose the right rice, so half the success depends on it in this dish. I take for steaming steamed long rice.

    For the preparation of pilaf it is best to take a thick-walled cauldron or a thick-walled pan.

    It is poured vegetable oil and put on fire. Meat can be cut into large pieces, laid in preheated vegetable oil, pre-salt. Then it is cut with semicircles 2 bulbs and laid in cauldron. 3-4 large carrots are cut into strips and sent to meat and onions. After that, you can fall asleep spices. When meat, onions and carrots are slightly fried, the washed rice is added evenly and water (boiling water) is poured from the calculation of 1 part of rice to 1,5 part of the water. Everything is covered with a lid and waiting for it to boil, after that the fire is made small. For flavor, you can put a whole garlic head in the middle of the pilaf (you do not need to clean it, after cooking it is removed from the pilaf). Plov cooks in general 1,5-2 hours, depending on the meat. The rice is laid for 30-40 minutes before the expected readiness. Pilaf is ready when all the water is boiled. When cooking pilaf it is not mixed.

    Traditionally, pilaf is laid out on a large dish just by turning the cauldron on it, the meat is obtained from above.

  • Personally, I always got a nice tasty pilaf, but in appearance and so porridge, my husband was constantly indignant about this)) And my mother-in-law, that is, his mother, pilaf was just super as it should, it's all very simple, just on 1 a glass of rice 1,5 glasses water and everything now I have a simple pilaf turns delicious and crumbly!

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