How to cook pink salmon in a slow cooker? Pink salmon fillet in a slow cooker

How to cook pink salmon in a multicooker for a couple and using baking mode? You will find comprehensive answers to these culinary questions in the materials of this article. In addition, you will learn how to make fish fillets juicy, tasty and as fragrant as possible.

How to cook pink salmon in a slow cooker with cream sauce?

Such a simple, but very tasty dish can be prepared not only for an ordinary family dinner, but also for any festive table. After all, not a single invited guest will refuse a juicy red fish. Especially, if such a dinner will be cooked in a modern kitchen device - a slow cooker.

how to cook pink salmon in a slow cooker

So, to create a festive dish, we may need the following components:

  • pink salmon large - 1 pcs .;
  • hard cheese (you can take "Maasdam") - about 200 g;
  • fat sour cream - 2 full big spoons;
  • cream 30% - 10 ml;
  • high-calorie mayonnaise - 3 large spoons;
  • lemon - 1 / 3 small fruit;
  • wheat flour - 4 large spoons;
  • vegetable oil, odorless (refined) - a few large spoons (for frying);
  • fine salt, spices, specially designed for fish, and ground pepper - add to the dish to taste;
  • fresh parsley and dill - on a twig.

Red fish processing

Before cooking pink salmon in a slow cooker, red fish should be well processed. To do this, it is necessary to thoroughly wash, cut off all the fins and head, and then gut and chop into thick steaks. If you wish, you can remove all the bones from the pink salmon. After that, the fish must be salted, flavored with aromatic spices and salt, and then set aside for 10-13 minutes. During this time, the product will absorb the seasonings and the pink salmon fillet in the slow cooker will be more juicy and tasty.

pink salmon fillet in a slow cooker

Milk sauce preparation

Dressing for such a dish is of great importance. After all, without it, the fish will not be as juicy as we would like. Moreover, cream sauce can serve as a gravy, if pink salmon is planned to be served along with some side dish. Thus, in order to prepare the dressing it is necessary to mix fat sour cream, 30% cream and high-calorie mayonnaise in one dish. Also to all the listed ingredients you should add a few spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and finely grated hard cheese.

Heat treatment of the dish

Before cooking pink salmon in a slow cooker, it should be thoroughly fried. To do this, it is required to pour vegetable oil into the bowl of the device and set the baking mode. Next, you need to dip the pieces of fish in wheat flour and dip it in highly heated fat. On each side, the pink salmon should be roasted until the crust becomes red (about 7-13 minutes). In this case, the cover of the multicooker should not be closed. After the product is thoroughly fried, it is necessary to pour in the previously prepared sauce and keep in this composition for about 5 minutes in the same mode. With this treatment, it is advisable to close the device cover tightly.

Pink salmon in a crock-pot Redmond

Proper serving of fried fish for dinner

Cooked pink salmon fillet in a multicooker according to the presented recipe turns out to be very juicy, tasty and satisfying. After this time, the fish in cream sauce should be removed from the bowl and placed on a dish. Next to pink salmon, you can place any side dish (for example, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, boiled rice, etc.). Before serving directly to the table, it is advisable to decorate the dinner with several sprigs of fresh parsley and dill.

How to cook pink salmon in a slow cooker?

If you want to cook a low-fat but very tasty lunch, then red fish should be steamed. As is known, many modern multicookers have the function of a double boiler. This mode allows you to make not only juicy and tasty, but also a healthy dish.

So, for the preparation of a fish dinner for a couple, we need products such as:

  • pink salmon large - 1 pcs .;
  • lemon - 1 small fruit;
  • unscented olive oil - a couple of small spoons;
  • fresh onion arrows - a few pieces .;
  • fine salt, spices, specially designed for fish, and ground pepper - add to the dish to taste;
  • tomatoes ripe - 2 pcs .;
  • medium-sized carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • fresh parsley and dill - in a bunch.

how to cook pink salmon in a slow cooker

Preparation of red fish

How to cook juicy juicy in a slow cooker using steamer mode? To do this, fresh fish must be carefully processed: wash, gut, cut off the fins and tail, and then carefully separate the loin from the ridge and small bones. Next, you need to save the product from excess moisture by placing it on paper towels. After that, pink salmon needs to be flavored with fine salt, aromatic spices, allspice and freshly squeezed lemon juice, and then left at room temperature for several hours. Only with such pre-processing you will get a juicy and delicious lunch.

Preparation of vegetables

To make pink salmon in the Redmond multicooker turn out to be more satisfying, it is recommended to additionally add such vegetables as ripe tomatoes and fresh carrots to it. They should be well washed, and then cut into thin circles. You also need to separately chop the green arrows of the onion, parsley and carrots.

Formation dishes on the grid

Before turning on the steamer mode, the grate of the kitchen unit should be abundantly greased with olive oil, and then lay out the pickled pink salmon fillet. On top of the fish should be placed circles of tomatoes, carrots and finely chopped greens.

Heat treatment of fish

After the dish is formed, the grid with pink salmon is required to be placed in the multicooker bowl, where it is necessary to pour in the cooled boiled water. Next, you should enable the double boiler, and set the timer to 25-30 minutes. The indicated time is enough for the fish and vegetables to be fully cooked, become soft and to cook tasty salmon in a slow cooker

Proper steaming of fish to the table

Now you know how to cook tasty salmon in a slow cooker using a steamer mode. Serving such a dinner to the table should be immediately after the timer of the device emits the appropriate signal. Dish must be laid out on a large plate, and next to place fresh vegetables or a pre-cooked side dish. It should be noted that such a dinner is ideally combined with boiled long-grain rice. In addition to cereals, fresh lettuce and wheat bread (optional) are recommended for this dish. Enjoy your meal!

Useful information for housewives

  • In order for the fish dish to be as tasty and juicy as possible, the main ingredient should be marinated beforehand. To do this, it is recommended to use not only fragrant spices, salt, lemon juice and pepper, but also products such as heavy cream, mayonnaise, sour cream, milk, and so on.
  • Serve fish to the table with any side dish. However, the most popular of these are mashed potatoes and boiled to cook pink salmon in a slow cooker
  • You can cook fish for a couple not only with the help of a multicooker, but also using an ordinary double boiler or a mantovarka. But in any case, the lattices of these devices should be lubricated with butter / vegetable oil. If we ignore this advice, then in the process of heat treatment the fish pieces will stick to the dishes, and it will be quite difficult to get them in a complete form.

Very tasty baked pink salmon! SUPER!

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