How to make compote of pumpkin or zucchini, to make a taste of pineapple?

How to make compote of pumpkin or zucchini, to make a taste of pineapple?

  • To compote from zucchini turned out with a taste of pineapple, namely zucchini were like pineapple, it is customary to add cherry plums to such compote. Proportions of zucchini and plum should be taken approximately the same, and also add about 150 gram of sugar per 1 liter of water.

  • We were preparing such a quot; pineapple; compote as follows: cut cubes of zucchini, add a couple of berries plum and a couple of lemon balm. All the rest - like a regular compote: sugar and poured twice. Of the pumpkin did not.

  • The secret here is pretty simple, everything is cooked almost like a regular compote. Here only for the taste of pineapple is added plum and pear, then we have a pumpkin with the taste of this pineapple. These things are very pleasant to surprise your guests and relatives who can not believe that this is not actually a pineapple, but a zucchini or the most natural pumpkin.

  • For many years I have been making one recipe (from some book I wrote out). Peeled cut courgettes filled with water and cooked with sugar. As soon as they become transparent and yellowish (watch out!) - add cloves and lemon juice (or acetic essence). Immediately decompose on banks and sterilize for a short time (20-30 min.-depends on the volume of jars) .. roll up. Hide until cooling down. On 1 kg of zucchini-2 l of water..3 glass of sugar..3 cloves .. one lemon (or 1 tsp essences of acetic) ..

  • Pineapple pine compote

    To give the pumpkin taste of pineapple is taken common lemon.

    The recipe is this.

    • Pumpkin (or squash) - 0,5 kg
    • Lemon - 1 pcs
    • Sugar - 200 g (glass)
    • water - 1 liter

    Pump the pumpkin and cut into cubes about 2x2. See Lemon finely chopped or chopped chopper. In boiling water, fill in sugar, cook a little and cover with a lemon. Brew minutes 5, the resulting syrup strain through a sieve. Pour the pumpkin and cook for about 5-10 minutes (squash cook less pumpkin). Pumpkin should not boil, but should not be raw. To keep the pieces of the pumpkin firm, like pineapple, the compote should be cooled immediately, putting the pan in cold water.

    The same compote can be rolled up in banks for the winter. In this case, the pumpkin can not cook at all, and pour 2 times with hot syrup (by type, as pickled cucumbers). Banks immediately roll up, turn over and cover with a sleeping bag or a padded jacket.

    Lemon can be replaced with a Japanese quince (who has a lot in the country and who does not know where to put it).

  • I just made a compote from a pumpkin yesterday, the taste turned out with a pineapple flavor. For compote I needed: sugar (I took a glass), a liter of sliced ​​pumpkin (cut into cubes, as in canned pineapple), two liters of water and two lemons (per lemon per liter of water).

    The first thing I did was put water on the fire, add sugar to it, cooked 15 minutes, then added to the cooked syrup pieces of pumpkin and lemons, cut into slices. She cooked 20 for a short time with the lid closed, after which she turned off the gas and allowed the compote to cool completely (I wrapped it in a towel to insist). Home very much I liked, I will cook this compote more than once.

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