How to make shawarma at home tasty, quickly

how to make shawarma at homeShawarma (shawarma) is a dish of oriental cuisine, which has become beloved by Russian people because of its fast cooking, nourishing, and excellent taste. Traditionally it is cooked with lamb. But for European people more often use chicken, pork, turkey stuffing. In this case, the meat is cooked on a spit in a vertical position on the grill. Such roasting clogs the flavor and gives juiciness to the meat. The finished meat pieces are mixed with the vegetable part of the filling, sauces and laid out on the pita. Such a dish can be tasted either in the restaurant, which is undoubtedly expensive, or bought from street vendors, which is definitely dangerous. But if you know how to make shawarma at home, you can repeat the cooking process yourself in your kitchen. This will be sure of the quality of the product. Despite the fact that meat roasting will not be done on the grill, its taste will still be excellent. Let's figure out how to make shawarma at home for three people.

how to make adjika at homeShawarma Products

  • Xnumx g meat. You can take chicken, pork, lamb.
  • Pita Armenian or any other thin. Will need 3 pcs.
  • According to 200 g fresh ripe tomatoes, cucumbers.
  • One large onion head.
  • Mayonnaise, tomato paste, garlic and greens (any to your taste).
  • 2 spoons of cooking oil for cooking.

Recipe step by step

  1. Before making shawarma at home, prepare the sauce. Mix an equal amount (3-5 of spoons) of mayonnaise and tomato paste until smooth. Add the 3-4 cloves of minced garlic. Put the sauce to freeze in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  2. Filling. Meat is cut into small, oblong pieces of width 1, see. Fry in sunflower oil until the crust is browned. Even if it seems to you that the oil is not enough, you can not add it, otherwise you will not get the taste of the grill.shawarma products
  3. Овощи. Огурцы с помидорами режем на кусочки небольших размеров. Лук нужно нашинковать достаточно мелко. Зелень можно измельчить в блендере для однородности или порезать на такие кусочки, которые вам будет удобно кушать.
  4. We lay out the meat on the pita first, then the vegetables. Fall asleep in their greens. Pour all this sauce, which is evenly to make shawarma at home
  5. We twist the pita in a roll. It is important to do this carefully, because the pita bread is thin and can break.

Если ваша микроволновка имеет функцию «Гриль», то готовые рулетики можно оставить на таком режиме на 10-15 минут. Это позволит всем ингредиентам пропитаться соусом, образовать единую вкусовую композицию. И какая же шаурма без аджики? Как сделать аджику в домашних условиях? Очень просто и вкусно.

Spicy adjika recipe with traditional ingredients

When cooking adzhika there are no strict rules on the weight and quality of ingredients. Each cook chooses what and in what quantity to add, focusing on their taste preferences. For those who are just trying to cook this dish, I suggest the recipe of acute adjika for shawarma, which you can change to your taste.


  • Garlic - 6 teeth.
  • Spicy green and red pepper - 2 pcs.
  • Basil, dill, parsley - a bunch of each greens.

how to make adjika at homeAll ingredients must be cleaned of seeds, husks, cut off the sticks and legs of the greens. Rinse products under running water. Cutting them into small pieces is not necessary, just put them in a blender or meat grinder and turn them into a homogeneous gruel. All adjika ready. You can serve an appetizing, tender, warm shawarma with a sharp, invigorating adzhika. We hope that you learned all about how to make shawarma at home!


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