How to pick up mackerel at home? What recipes?

How to pick up mackerel at home? What recipes?

  • Literally the other day salted mackerel, it turned out unusually delicious. Everything is done extremely simply, the fish is ready in 12 hours. First you need to clean the mackerel, you can remove the fillets at all, then cut them into slices about 2 thick. Brine to 0,5 liters of water (2 medium-sized fish): a tablespoon of salt, sugar and vegetable oil, half a tablespoon of dry mustard and seeds coriander (can be ground), 3 laurel leaves and 1-2 clove bud. Brine the boil for about X minutes and allow it to cool. Fry the fish with cold brine and put it in the refrigerator.

  • уже много лет солим скумбрию или селедку по проверенному и очень вкусному рецепту готовим маринад: на 1 литр воды добавляем 2ст, ложки соли 1ст ложку сахара специи на ваш вкус у меня это 4 лаврушки 6 горошек черного столько же душистого перчика кориандр горошком пока закипает маринад чистим рыбку изаливаем остывшим (холодным) маринадом ставим в холодильник через 2 суток рыбка готова можна подержать дольше рыбка жирная лишнюю соль не возьмет

  • According to my recipe, the mackerel will be ready in five hours.

    We prepare marinade:

    I take 1 liter of water, 3 tablespoons of salt with a slide, peas fragrant 4 peas, black pepper peas 6-7 peas, carnation 6-7 pcs, bay leaf 3-4 leaf and put it to boil. As the marinade boils, let it cool down. Fish (mackerel or herring) must be cleaned from the entrails and head, washed, cut into pieces 3-4 in width and let down into the remaining marinade. After 5 hours the fish is ready.

  • I salt fish without brine, but with mustard in French. This is an excellent way, the fish turns out very tasty. On 2 fat fish need about 10 g of sea salt, preferably medium grind, three tablespoons of vegetable oil refined, two tablespoons of mustard from whole grains and a pinch of sugar. Wash fish, clean from fins and entrails. If you pour completely - then remove the gills, but you can not cut off your head, and if you pour salted sliced ​​into pieces, then you need to cut off your head. Do not forget to clean the blood channel, which is under the spine. If you decided to cut the fish into slices before salting, then cut a little obliquely so that the loose mackerel meat does not separate and fall apart during cooking.

    All the ingredients are mixed, pour the marinade fish and mix well.

  • I tried to salt mackerel and I really liked the recipe, the fish turned out to be very tasty and delicate, of course everyone has his own taste and I still want to try salt again and in another way, to compare whether the mackerel is delicious like mine. For my recipe, 3 pcs. mackerel greasy, 1 l. water, salt should be put to taste, chunky pepper-2 peas, sweet pepper-2 peas, coriander (whole zrna to taste), hot pepper to taste, bay leaf -2 pcs. For cooking you need to boil 1 l. water in a saucepan, add all the spices and cook the marinade. At mackerel remove the gills. The whole carcasses, without taking out the insides, pour a cooled marinade. Close the lid. After 4 days, the mackerel is ready.

  • I salt fish in two ways, no matter what fish, sea or river.

    This is a dry ambassador or in brine (brine).

    Dry salt, when a lot of fish and it can be stored for a long time. Mackerel can also be so salted.

    fish clean, wash and rub it with salt, and the inside and outside. Then add a layer of salt over the tank and lay the fish, too, with a layer. Then top with a layer of salt. then again a layer of fish (if there is one more). On the top layer of fish, peppered with salt, put a wooden circle and crush it with a load. Top cover with a lid or cloth. Clean in a cool place. Through 2-3 weeks the fish is ready. So it can be stored for a long time.

    But if one or two fish, it is better to salt in brine. Bring brine (brine), chischennu and cut into pieces (lobules), the fish go to the jar and fill with brine. Do not stuff the fish tightly. Let it float freely in the brine.

    Salt every other day. But it will finally come in about three days. Quickly eat and salivate again. So it will not be stored for long. Store the jar with the fish in the brine in the fridge.

    Bon appetit!

  • Very simple recipe.Clean clean, wash, drain. Cut into 2 parts and remove the bone. Salt both sides from inside and outside, pepper. On one side, put the sliced ​​green parsley and dill. On the second laurel leaf. Fold the two halves and wrap in the film 2 times, and wrap it in a napkin. Put in the refrigerator to be salted for a day. Remove from the refrigerator, unfold, remove the greens (she did her own job). Lubricate inside with vegetable oil 2, connect 2 halves and on the outside also lubricate the oil m, in the refrigerator for 1 chas.Potom cut plates up to fresh kozhi.Polozhit hlebushek.Vkusnyatina!

  • Remove the mackerel, clean the gills, wash. Make on the carcass small incisions, mix 4 tablespoons of salt with 2 st. spoons of vegetable oil and thoroughly rub this mixture of fish inside and out. Grind a couple of laurel leaves and fill the powder with fish, add coriander and black and sweet-scented peppers. Put the fish in something like a scallop and crush. Leave it at room temperature. Clock through 6 turn over to the other side and crush again. The fish is ready for use in 12 hours. In this way, you can salt herring, but do not make incisions on the carcass.

    The mackerel is also smoked delicious. To salt for smoking a fish as well as it is written, but on time it is necessary to do it only couple of hours.

  • Mackerel not only useful, but also very tasty fish) I always grease it myself with a proven recipe:

    1. We prepare the pickle. For this, add an 1 glass of water to the 1 glass of water. sugar, 2 tbsp. salt, 1 bay leaf, 1 tsp. coriander, 3 cloves. Brine the brine to a boil and dissolve the sugar and salt. Remove from heat and cool.
    2. Two mackerels mine, we clean from the entrails, cut off the head and fins, remove the ridge and cut into pieces of medium size.
    3. We put the fish in a clean, dry jar, fill it with brine and cover with a lid.
    4. Leave the jar at 2 for an hour at room temperature, then clean it in the refrigerator.
    5. Mackerel is ready for use in a day.

    This recipe allows you to save all the useful properties of fish.

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