What is the density of sunflower oil? What is the density of sunflower oil?

Sunflower oil is created on the basis of vegetable fats, which are extracted from the seeds of this plant. This type of product is considered the most common among residents of Russia and nearby countries.

The chemical composition of sunflower oil

In the composition, preference is given to fats which make up approximately 54% of the product. The concentration of carbohydrates is about 25,5%. Proteins and phytin occupy 2,3%. Tannins - 1,7%. Also in the composition are phospholipids, vitamins (A, E), carotenoids, organic acids, such as tartaric, citric and chlorogenic.

In sunflower oils there is a considerable number of glycerides, which together create a certain barrier to the development or occurrence of the sclerotic process in the human body. Because this product is very useful.sunflower oil density

The density of sunflower oil is approximately 921-928 kilogram per cubic meter at a temperature of about 10 degrees. This product in its raw form has a rich, pleasant taste and smell.

Conditions and principles of seed storage before use

It is known that the density of the oil directly depends on the saving system. Therefore, if some conditions are not met, manufacturers neglect their duties, then the product obtained as a result of such storage of components will simply be of poor quality. Such oils, as a rule, are very cheap.

Seed Processing Stages

  1. Preliminary their cleaning from various impurity before production of oil.
  2. Seed conditioning on the basis of moisture.
  3. Direct storage.

density of sunflower oil kg m3

Maintaining the level of quality of seeds has the main task - protection from damage, so that the density of sunflower oil made from them reaches the required level, and the losses remain minimal. These principles and limit the storage system of primary products being prepared for operation.

Views and density of vegetable oil (sunflower), appointment

1. Raw

This type of oil is only filtered, so it is most useful. In this product biologically valuable components are saved to the maximum. The density of raw sunflower oil depends on its heating temperature. For example, if it is + 10 degrees, then 922-929 kg / m is obtained3.what is the density of sunflower oil

2. Hydrated.

This product is obtained by mechanical cleaning and hydration (through oil heated to 60 degrees, sprayed water is passed, the temperature of which reaches + 70 degrees). Proteins and mucus are precipitated, and the main part is separated. Density - kg / m 915-9183.

3. Frozen.

It is produced by removing wax-like components of natural origin from sunflower oil, which give the raw product a cloudy shade. If the product is “frozen”, then it is indicated in its name. It is used for cooking fried foods or when stewing, since this type of oil has no odor that can be transmitted to food. Perfect for fryer. It produces cooking fats, margarine, used in the manufacture of canned products, in the manufacture of soap and paint products. The density of sunflower oil (kg / m3 - units of measurement of this indicator) is 901-905.

Refined and unrefined oils

1. Unrefined.

It is mechanically cleaned. There are three varieties: top, first, second. This product is suitable for cooking salads, main dishes or dough. The answer to the question of what is the density of unrefined sunflower oil is the same: 914-918 kg / m3.

2. Refined.

This type of oil is transparent with a weak color, since it is thoroughly cleaned of impurities (treated with alkali, free fatty acids are removed, bleached, etc.). Density - kg / m 916-9193.

3. Refined deodorized.

Extracted under the influence of water vapor in a vacuum, completely destroying the aromatic component of the product. There are a couple of types: "P" and "D". It is used for the production of products for babies or dietary products. Types differ only in that the indicators of physico-chemical and acid number are excellent. Type "D" softer and harmless. The density of sunflower oil (g / cm3) is 0,904-0,909.

Select the product for your own needs and purposes. The fact that the density of sunflower oil on its quality is not very much reflected. This indicator affects mainly the viscosity and fat content of the product.

How to store oil at home

In such products, as you know, there are three main malicious enemies: oxygen, storage in warm conditions and light. This can be a logical conclusion. In order not to rid the substance of useful trace elements and not to lower the density of sunflower oil, you need to hide it from the light rays, put it in a cool place and store it in a sealed container. The temperature for storing the product is approximately + 7-21 degrees. Ensure that the currently unused product has no contact with metals or water.

density of sunflower oil g cm3

Unrefined oil is stored for about four months from the date of its production, and refined - six. Experienced housewives, in order to save the product longer, add to it, directly into the container, a few pinches of salt and a handful of washed and dried beans.

How not to deal with sunflower oil

  1. Do not leave the product in the pan, on the stove without supervision. It can become very hot and self-igniting. If this happens, cover the dish with a thick wet cloth, but do not pour water.
  2. You should not fry products in superheated oil, because it will shoot and spoil the smell and taste of food.
  3. Do not pour the product into red-hot dishes, because its temperature can be very high, and the contents can be inflamed with fire, which will cause a fire. This is especially true of substances with high density.
  4. Oil should not be stored under light, which provokes the development of oxidative reactions, which destroy all useful trace elements in the product. By the way, unrefined substances quickly lose their color and fade. These processes, fortunately, in no way affect the quality of the oil.
  5. Do not reuse the product. Re-use oil does not give food any useful substances, since they are burned out during the initial use. If you do not follow this rule of use, the toxic mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds formed in the substance will enter the stomach.
  6. An expired product cannot be used as food, as there is a high risk of disturbances in the digestive process.

the density of vegetable sunflower oil

How to prepare food before frying

  1. Raw potatoes before cooking should be very thoroughly washed under running water in order to rid the surface of starch. If this is not done, then during frying it will become sticky (the pieces will stick together among themselves or stick to the bottom of the pan). You can even dry the potatoes with paper towels, this procedure will speed up the appearance of a golden crust and everything will be evenly cooked.
  2. Before frying, the meat must also be dried, wrapping it with a napkin, etc. The problem is the same: the water remaining in the product gets into the oil, and from this it smokes and starts to shoot.
  3. If the ingredient for preparation is presented in the form of minced meat, the liquid that was added to it (cream, milk, etc.) should not be more than 10% of the main content. This is because it will flow out of the dishes during frying and accumulate in the form of clots, provoking “shots”.

what is the density of sunflower oil

Vitamin component

All oils are a pantry of vegetable fats. They contain a sufficient number of calories, not allowing the body to fall into a non-working state, fatigue. Energy supply is replenished by eating with the food of sunflower oil of any kind or type. This is especially true during cold periods of the year and during illness. Sunflower oil does not give odds on the content of kilocalories of animal fats, since it has the energy value of 900 per 100 grams, and cream - all 738 per 100 grams. The product is digested practically at 100%. It is an excellent example of a set of biologically active trace elements.what is the density of sunflower oil

Most people follow the principles of good nutrition, maintain a balanced good physical health of both their own and those close to them. It must be remembered that when eating sunflower oil, the offspring will be healthy, the nervous system will be perfectly formed, and the bone tissue will be strong. Also, prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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