Which meat is better to take on kebabs: pork, beef, lamb or poultry?

In the last warm autumn days, you want to relax in nature with friends or family, warming yourself at the smoking brazier in anticipation of the meat delicacy. Therefore, before the weekend you need to take care of everything you need in advance: purchase all the provisions, choose a place for a picnic, prepare the car for the trip. And, of course, find out from which meat the kebabs are made to make it really tasty. This article describes the possible variants of the products used. The pros and cons of each type are described in detail. This will allow you to determine exactly before purchasing all the necessary for the preparation of the main dish of a picnic - barbecue. Then there will be enough impressions for all long winter.what meat is better to take a kebab What meat is suitable for barbecue, and what - no? Expert advice

- Regardless of the variety, the meat must be young. Otherwise, the dish will turn out tough and will not be fried. The darker the meat, the older the carcass.

- Freshness is a must. When using leeward pieces of dubious origin, there is a chance of getting extraneous "smells". Try buying a finger on the pulp when buying. Good meat immediately returns to shape, smoothing the hole.

- Do not take frozen pieces for shashlik - they will turn out to be dry and tasteless.

- The flesh should be without streaks and with sufficient interspersing of fatty tissue to get a juicy dish.

What meat is suitable for kebabs?

What meat is better to take a kebab: pork

Such a choice would certainly be perfect! Pork has, in addition to excellent taste, another amazing feature: you do not need to worry about pickling in advance. Just two or three hours will be enough to soak the pieces before frying with aromatic spices and sauce. The best kebab is obtained from the pulp located on the parts of the body closer to the neck of the pig.

What meat is better to take a kebab: beef

To avoid stiffness, place the pieces in the marinade for a longer time, for example, at night. The most successful sauce for soaking will be mineral water. Beef is not as fat and juicy as pork, so cooks go for some tricks when cooking kebabs from it — skim meat with pieces of lard or breaded to preserve juiciness in eggs and bread crumbs. The most delicate dish is obtained from the tenderloin and filet of the carcass.

what kind of meat do shish kebab

What meat is better to take a kebab: lamb

Despite the rigidity, the true gourmets prefer the fried "smoky" dish made from this product. In all the culinary books of the Caucasus, their young lamb skewers are a classic dish with excellent taste and aroma. For it, usually used ribs, leg or shoulder blade. But the main highlight is to have time to enjoy hot juicy pieces. After all, any lamb has the ability to quickly freeze.

What meat is better to take a kebab: bird

Some categorically do not recognize this dish. They believe that this is the same as the "ear of a rooster." But, if you use the meat is not hard old domestic chickens, and "precocious" broilers, you get quite gently and appetizing. Carcasses are usually cut into portions and grilled, turning to browning. Tasty and appetizing!

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