What to insist on moonshine to get a noble drink

"We are not football players, not cyclists,

and we are not artists, but moonshiners!

And we will drink,

and we will drive,

and we will increase the culture of production!

And they always help us: sugar, yeast and water. ”

Y. Nikulin "Moonshakers" (version of Balbes' song not included in the film)

You want to make a noble drink from not quite aesthetic moonshine? And where do you get that very moonshine? Of course, nowadays it can be bought without any special difficulties. But then you risk to buy a not very high-quality or not at all high-quality alcohol drink. No one will guarantee you quality, and you will have to believe the seller’s word.

As a result of a brief reflection, there appears a desire to make the oldest Slavic alcoholic beverage at home itself. And immediately you begin to look for information on how to drive moonshine, where to start, what a brew is, and on what to make moonshine.

How to drive moonshine at home

The basis of moonshine are mash and moonshine. It depends on home brew how it will be moonshine. But even without the apparatus in this matter is not enough. Moonshine apparatus is not a complicated structure, it can be made by hand, and now everyone is tirelessly sharing information about it.

The distillation technology of moonshine is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Although here, as in any business, there are subtleties and, of course, experience is important. The maturation process can last from 5 to 14 days, it depends on the recipe you decide to use.

Mature mash is poured into the tank of moonshine, to which is attached a cooling device coil. When boiling mash is boiled, alcohol vapors rise upward and advance along a coil tube, where the steam is cooled and turns into a liquid state, into an alcohol-containing drink.



For home brewing, you need to make a starter sugar 1 kg, yeast 100gr, 3l water and 4kg ground wheat grains. Put the days on 5 in a warm place, and then add 18 l of water, another sugar 5kg and yeast 300gr. Again put in a warm place days on 7. And when the braga becomes light and acquires a bitter taste, strain and distill. You can put another sourdough out of the waste after the strain, so do not rush to throw it away, but add 3kg sugar, 150g yeast and a bucket of water to it. But this Braga should be overtaken twice for a degree exposure. Everything, you can look for a recipe and herbs on what to insist. Moonshine turns out pure, as tear, as it is necessary for noble drinks.

2. Medoc Samogon

On 27l water you need honey 3kg and yeast 300gr. For the fermentation process you need to put the brago in a warm place for a week. During distillation, about 7l alcohol-containing beverage is dispensed.


In warm water, dissolve caramel candies with filling (20 kg) and add yeast 5. Put in a warm place on 300-9 days. When distilled, 10l is produced of a high-quality alcoholic beverage.

Noble drinks or on what to insist on moonshine

1. Moonshine absinthe

Want to cook absinthe at home? But all you need is to take anise 300gr, fresh grass wormwood 200gr and pour moonshine (10l). Insist two weeks and overtake again.

2. "Kedrovochka"

Siberians have long appreciated this drink and call it "the elixir of health." Preparing "Kedrovochka" is very simple. For three liters of moonshine you will need two handfuls of pine nuts and raisins and 2-3 tablespoons of chopped oak bark. Insist for two weeks, pour into a clean dish and can be used.

3. Cognac №1

There are many recipes for making cognac from moonshine. Here is one of them. Calculation of ingredients for a three-liter jar. Take the 3 bud of carnation, 6 fresh leaves of lovage, 3 Art. spoons of Hypericum flowers, 2 teaspoons of instant coffee and 2 teaspoons of dry black tea. Put all the insist on the brew in a jar with a drink and leave to infuse for a couple of days. Then drain into clean dishes.

4. Cognac №2

According to this recipe for the preparation of brandy will need on 3 Art. spoons of coffee beans and chopped oak bark, half nutmeg and 5 clove buds per three liters of moonshine. Insist a week, then strain. The drink is ready! But this is not a real cognac. If you pour it into an oak barrel and hold it in the cellar for at least 15 years, this will be a real, noble cognac!

Oak chips, chips, cubes: preparation for use

Tincture on moonshine. Simple recipes.

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