Whip What can I cook from rice and minced meat? Do not want banal.

Whip What can I cook from rice and minced meat? Do not want banal.

  1. Lazy cabbage rolls and Homemade cabbage rolls are commonplace? I like this banality.

    Minced meat assortment 250-300gr.
    Carrots 250gr (3-4 medium carrots)
    Onion, 2 pcs.
    Figure 100gr
    Tomato paste 2 st. l.
    White cabbage 0,5-0,7kg.
    Bay Leaf 1-2p.
    Black peppercorns 7-10 pcs
    Dried fennel.
    Black pepper ground, salt - to taste.

    Method of preparation:
    Minced meat is better to take from equal parts of beef and fat pork. In the mince we add grated carrots on a large grater, diced onions and washed rice. Solim and pepper to taste, mix. Cut cabbage into cubes about 2x2 cm.
    We put the kazanoks on fire, at the bottom pour a little refined sunflower oil. We spread a layer of cabbage 2cm. Approximately the same layer of minced meat, again cabbage, etc. The top layer is also cabbage. A little tamped and pour the sauce - Vodichka, tomato paste, salt, pepper, bay leaf, dill.
    Stew until rice is ready. Slick!

    A cabbage is cut out of the cabbage and dipped in boiling water. One by one, remove whole leaves to 10 pieces, poddervaya cuttings spoons, and spread on the dish to dry. From the leaves it is necessary to cut off thick places. Make minced meat with onions and carrots. Onions and carrots are fried. Boil until half cooked rice and combine it with minced meat.

    The leaves are laid out forcemeat, wrapped in an envelope and placed in a deep frying pan or pan with a convolution down, so as not to part. Pour water on the finger. Add spices, salt and half an hour extinguish on low heat. When the fragrance of stewed cabbage appears, add tomato and sour cream, and stew the hours of 2-3. Give to brew. To brown you can 20 minutes bake them in the oven at 250.
    Cabbage forks, rice 1 glass, minced 1kg, onions 4 pcs, carrots 2 pcs, tomato puree 2 p. l. sour cream 100

  2. pass through the meat grinder rice and bake a fried on a knot and that's cotrets
  3. come to the head rice katleti, and you can stitch a katlet and eat them with boiled rice
  4. Stuff tomatoes and bake in the oven
  5. you can cook meatballs
  6. Rice with minced meat-what can be "banal"! You in Southeast Asia with blood, reptiles and cat-dogs! With kind thoughts and naked rice will go like grace ... A minced meat neighbor with many children ..
  7. Fry the mince with onions and frozen vegetables. Mix all this with boiled rice.
    Still it is possible to weld soup with meatballs: to roll from minced small balls and throw them in boiling water. Salt, add diced potatoes, rice and fried onions and carrots. Boil until cooked rice and potatoes. Ready soup can be seasoned with sour cream and chopped greens.
  8. Rice casserole with ground meat

    rice boiled - 200 g
    carrots - 1 pcs.
    onion - 1 head
    minced meat - 200 g
    Cheese hard grated - 150
    tomato sauce - 2 st. spoons
    pepper black ground, salt to taste
    Carrots grate on a grater, fry in oil together with finely chopped onions. Add minced meat, fry it for 5 minutes, salt, pepper.
    In a form oiled, put the rice, then minced, sprinkle with cheese and bake until a golden crust.

  9. Cutlets with rice
    rice to taste
    meat 150
    butter 1 Art. l.
    garlic 2 # 8722; 3 tooth
    water 60
    salt to taste.

    Prepare cutlets with rice:

    Pass the meat through a meat grinder. Boil rice, add to meat and again pass through a meat grinder. Mass thoroughly mix, put in it oil, salt, grated garlic and mix well. Form the cutlets and fry in a pan.

  10. Hedgehogs: Rice, Forcemeat, Onion, Garlic, Egg, Carrot, Cheese
    First I make the hedgehogs themselves (like ordinary cutlets) just add a slightly undercooked rice (preferably a long one). I put it in a deep frying pan and fry it from two sides. Then I add water so that only the tops of the hedgehogs stick out. A little stew. Next, I spoon this soup with a spoon a little and pour the fried flour (it will dissolve), a homogeneous mass is obtained, I squeeze garlic into it and pour it into a frying pan. After sprinkle with carrots, and after 3-5 minutes sprinkle with cheese and herbs and cover with a lid. Preparing for another minute 3-5. Everything, you can serve on the table with a side dish. Approximately the same thing I do with tomato and green pepper (only already without flour and cheese)
    LOTS IN TUMAN "* 1 kg of mixed stuffing (beef + pork) * 100 g of rice (dry) * 150 g of Suluguni cheese * 1 egg * 50 g cheese (solid grades) * 50 g tomato paste * 100 g sour cream * 150 ml of water
    * seasoning (I cooked with a mixture of Italian herbs) * salt, pepper
    Boil rice. In the mince, add cold rice, egg, seasoning, salt, pepper. Mix.
    Cheese "Suluguni" cut into cubes. Form on the palm of a circle of minced meat, put the cheese, shape the ball. Put the prepared hedgehogs in the baking dish. Prepare the filling: mix tomato paste, sour cream and water, stir, salt. Fill the hedgehog with this fill.
    Bake in preheated to 220 degrees oven for 45 minutes.
    "CHILY CON KORNE" -ISE OF MEXICAN CUISINE: 500 g ground beef, 2 bulbs (large cut)
    2 chopped garlic (crushed), 1 pod of sharp green pepper (large-sliced), 1 red bell pepper (large-sliced), 2 ripe tomato (cut into cubes), 2 jars (550 g each) white beans in tomato sauce, 1 small jar tomato paste, 1 / 2 st. red dry wine, 1 / 2 a spoonful of "chili" powder, Salt, black ground pepper., Vegetable oil for frying.
    In a frying pan, we warm up the butter and pass the onion until golden brown. Add the garlic, peppers and mix. After 3 minutes, add the minced meat and stew, stirring, 10 min., Until the meat is "matched." (Meanwhile, heat the oven to 180-185 degrees) Put the tomatoes in the frying pan, stir and stew for 5 minutes. Add the beans, tomato paste, wine, spices and mix. Bring to a boil. Transfer to a heat-resistant form and bake 20-25 min.
    We serve with rice. Here is a Mexican "one-course dinner"
  11. stuff a pumpkin and into the oven
  12. I have a godfather. So his wife picked up cutlets (a day on the belt), he was indignant-sho this, I can not eat these cutlets, etc., does the mind really lack something else to do ?. The next day comes, sits at the table, his wife puts on mashed potatoes and the same cutlets, but only a long one. Scream, yell "again, this is it? Answer-cutlet-rocket. Everything-gobbled up for a sweet soul." So, dear women, do not hesitate to experiment
  13. zhiki))) And inside put on a piece of cheese) It seems not quite commonplace)))


    400-500 g of rice,
    1 egg,
    1 / 4 a glass of milk,
    2-3 bulbs,
    1 large carrots,
    100 g of ground beef,
    2 st. tablespoons of butter,
    2-3 st. spoons of vegetable oil,
    salt and pepper to taste

    Rinse raw rice well, drain water. In a thick-walled deep frying pan or pan put half of the prepared rice, pre-oiling the bottom and walls or lightly roasting in it an omelet from 1 eggs and 1 / 4 a glass of milk. In another frying pan in vegetable oil, fry onion, sliced ​​with rings, and grated carrot. Put half of the prepared vegetables on a layer of rice, leaving the frying pan in the oil in which they were roasting. On this oil fry until half-ready minced meat from fat pork, cover the frying pan with a lid and put it out until it is ready. Stir the forcemeat with a fork so that there are no large lumps, salt, pepper and layer it with fried vegetables. On top of a layer of onions and carrots, and on it - the second half of raw rice. Pour boiling salted water so that it covers the rice for 2-3 cm, bring to a boil, close the lid tightly and simmer on low heat until cooked, so that the rice is friable. Fill the finished rice with butter or margarine, close the lid tightly, wrap it with a towel and leave to ripen for 0,5 hours.
    Bon appetite !!!

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