What is useful for chicken broth?

What is useful for chicken broth?

  1. Well, if you look at the situation with antibiotics in a chicken and stick exclusively to vegetable broth based on fears, then the question arises. What about nitrates in vegetables?
  2. gives strength to a particularly weakened body after the illness helps to recover. well, it's the first remedy and it's just delicious.
  3. Scientists from Singapore have found that chicken soup is good for a number of cardiovascular diseases.

    Scientists from Singapore have found that chicken soup is good for a number of cardiovascular diseases. It turns out that the soup contains substances that reduce the heart to normal size and clean the vessels of cholesterol. Scientists believe that this effect is associated with contained in soup special peptides, which restore the heart muscle.

    Earlier it was found that there are many substances in the chicken soup that help with colds. As it turned out, chicken broth, cooked according to grandmother's recipes, contains some ingredients that can affect the immune system. Among these ingredients are anti-inflammatory substances, which explains why the broth soothes the sore throat and improves the overall well-being of the patient. Also, chicken soup has a calming effect on cough caused by asthma or emphysema.

    Curiously, for research conducted in the university's laboratory, chicken soup was cooked by the wife of Professor Rennard, a specialist pulmonologist. In her soup, Mrs. Rennard put chicken, onions, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, celery stalks and parsley, and did not salt it.

    Chicken broth is a health benefit!

  4. Chicken broth is the basis for all chicken soups, as well as for other delicious dishes. In this case, fresh chicken broth is good for colds and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  5. There is an opinion among the people about the usefulness of chicken broths. Even there is an opinion that chicken broths are much more useful than chicken meat. However, experiments conducted by scientists showed absolutely the opposite, claiming that the broth is the most dangerous of meat.

    So what is the danger of eating chicken broth? Let's start from the simplest. Warm broth, getting into the body, is very quickly absorbed by the intestine, and the liver, by its throughput, does not have time to process the large quantities of meat extracts contained in the broth. As a result, extracts in the form of uncleaved poisons, pass the liver, and begin their "journey" throughout the body, causing damage to many internal organs.

    There is also a myth that with colds you should drink meat broths. This fact is not true, because the meat broth, despite the speed of digestion by the body, is still a rather heavy "load", and its assimilation causes large energy costs, especially for a weakened organism.

    What is useful for chicken broth? improves overall health

    So with diseases it is preferable to use natural vegetable juices or vegetable broths.

    When cooking meat into broth, various harmful chemicals pass, the main ones being creatine and creatinine. In addition, in our time, when growing animals for slaughter, to increase their weight, impious farmers use a variety of chemicals that accumulate in meat and also harm the consumer. For the sake of example, the results of one interesting experiment can be cited: a chicken carcass, which was used to grow an antibiotic - tetracycline, was cooked for 30 minutes, as a result, traces of this chemical appeared on the broiler muscles, and after subsequent 30 minutes of digestion - the substance was completely transferred to bouillon.
    Finally we turn to the conclusion of the scientist Kirk Smith, who proved that the expansion of the use of antibiotics in growing a bird, increases the number of mutated viruses ....

  6. It is easy to eat and good for the stomach
  7. Some write that harmful others that are useful! Fuck them! In any case, it's more useful than vodka!
  8. Let's immediately agree that it's not about the chicken that is stuffed with antibiotics, and then they sell us in stores. A broth from a normal village chicken that walks around the yard and pinches the grass is really delicious and easily digested by our body. In addition, this broth even has a mild disinfectant and medicinal properties ...
  9. Useful for various diseases, it is not for nothing that it is called "Jewish penicillin"!
  10. it is tasty
What is useful for chicken broth? this first means well
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