How many mussels should be cooked, frozen?

How many mussels should be cooked, frozen?

  1. - 2 - 3 minutes
    Fried mussels
    Take carefully washed mussels, wring out the water from them and lay them on a greased frying pan, smeared with margarine or lean oil. Mussels will "let out" of themselves water and will be cooked in it first. After this water almost all boils away - add more margarine or oil to the pan and fry the mussels alone, then put the chopped onion into a pan, stir and stir occasionally until the onion blushes. When the onion is ready, it is already possible to start all this, and you can even drive in a couple of other chicken eggs and fresh chopped tomatoes, mix and fry a little more. After the scrambled eggs are ready - to serve to the table, while hot, sprinkled with different greens on top and seasoned to taste.

    Pilaf with mussels
    Ingredients: boiled mussel 200-250 g, rice - 1 glass, vegetable oil 3-4 spoon, onion 3-4 pcs, carrot 2-3 pcs, salt, spices, green onion 50

    Mussels come, then cut and fry in vegetable oil, along with chopped onions and carrots. The broth, obtained from the boiling of mussels, is used for letting rice. Rinse rice and let it cook halfway. Prepared food mix and add 1 / 2 a glass of boiling water, salt, pepper and in a sealed container on a small fire, make it ready. It's good to bring fresh tomatoes to the pilaf.

    How many mussels should be cooked, frozen? How many mussels should be cooked, frozen

    Serve pilaf with green or onion

  2. In boiling water 3 minutes. You can then fry. By the way, recently made a sauce for salad with seafood prikolny: mayonnaise mixed with soy sauce and garlic (all by eye). I liked the taste.
  3. Boil 3 min.
    But it is better to fry with garlic and herbs, pour lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  4. Fresh mussels brewed 7-10 minutes. Frozen mussels cook for 5-7 minutes.
How many mussels should be cooked, frozen? loneliness, then put in a frying pan
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