With what to drink tea in fasting?

With what to drink tea in fasting?

  • You can make homemade sweets yourself - raisins, dried apricots, prunes with walnuts, scrolled through a meat grinder, add honey, roll balls and sprinkle them with grated nuts. It is not only very tasty, but also useful, a good source of vitamins and trace elements in the fast.

    You can also eat halva, black natural chocolate, marmalade on agar, any jam, honey, it is good to drink tea with dates instead of sugar, there are a lot of options. On sale there is a lean cookie, oatmeal or baby galette.

  • I now want to dry myself dry biscuits in the oven. As children in kindergarten give biscuits. Here's the seagull, I think it will be. I made myself red caviar from a manga .. Manka, tomato paste cooked in herring brine. It turns caviar

  • With honey, dried fruits, jam. Homemade cookies without milk, eggs and yeast - very tasty and healthy. The recipe can be found here, though registration is necessary - http://zhdanovy.ru/pechene-bez-moloka-yaic-i-drozhzhej-video

    But there is a lot of useful. Including the time of fasting.

    Yeast baking with jam, dried fruits. The simplest yeast dough: flour, water, yeast, salt, vegetable oil or even without it.

    Pancakes are lean: flour and mineral water, vegetable oil. Serve with honey, jam, apples filled with cinnamon and nuts.

  • In fasting, you can not muffin, sugar. You can drink tea with that pastry, where there are no eggs, milk, cream butter, sour cream, sugar. And instead of sugar, you can take dried fruits, you can not forbid md, kozinaki on honey. There are a lot of contradictions in the jam, because there is sugar. So the Orthodox is very difficult during the fast, in stores there is not much to find, everything sweet and savory. In the old days, I read and sold sugar for fasting.

  • It is very tasty to drink tea in a post with all sorts of goodies: halva, jam, honey, black chocolate, crackers. But here, too, it is important not to overdo it. After all, in a post you need not only to limit in certain products, but also in an amount not too necessary. That is, for good body work, you need to eat salted (cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits). But the sweet can be eaten in smaller quantities.

  • In the post you can drink tea with sweets that do not contain milk and derivatives from it (butter). You can eat jam, jams, marmalade, as well as cranberries in sugar. In addition, bitter chocolate, sherbet, candy candy, sugar candy. I like fruit candied fruits and kozinaki with seeds, gingerbread and drying. I drink tea without sugar, and instead of it - one of the above. Yummy!

    With what to drink tea in fasting?

  • You can drink tea with honey and jam, chocolate (without milk and animal fats), dried fruits, of course, kozinaki from seeds and nuts. If you know how to bake, bake a lean cookie or a lean pie. Many options can now be found.

  • You know, I have a great recipe with something to drink tea in the post. This is a wonderful delicate honey cake that you can eat. with tea on fasting days even during the dryness. But here's marmalade in the post can not eat. It contains gelatin, which is made from animal products. Also be careful with chocolate, be sure to look at the composition. Some manufacturers can add milk there, but write that it is bitter chocolate. The same with crackers. Very often they can include egg yolk. Any sweets are not allowed. Now they can add anything, anything, and the composition is rarely written. Milk, chocolate, gelatin - can be a part of candy. Also, be careful with buying any baking.

    What you can eat with tea in the post? Bread, rusks, dietary baking without adding eggs, milk. That is, it can be scones, bread, crackers. You can also bake lean pancakes and flavor them with jam. You can eat kozinaki, halva, nuts, dried fruits, dates.

  • In addition to dried fruit, an excellent addition to tea during the fast will be md, jam and halva with kozinaki.

    Bake Lenten cookies on the cucumber pickle, they are true with vegetable oil, which is not always possible to use during Lent (I mean Lent), but on some days it is not prohibited. The recipe for cooking lean cookies (tortillas) here, they are sweet, so that tea is the thing.

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