Camembert cheese smells of ammonia. Why? Is this normal or not?

Camembert cheese smells of ammonia. Why? Is this normal or not?

  • Each cheese has its own, sometimes specific, smell. But ammonia itself should smell only ammonia itself. Most likely, Camembert deteriorated, and vacuum packaging was the catalyst for the spoilage process. Especially if you bought this cheese repeatedly and know its taste and smell superbly, then I do not recommend eating it. it is better to throw it away. You might have to buy this cheese in another store, since Auchan so "fucked up", or look for cheese alternative.

  • For I myself already knew the answer, then I will write it - we can, to someone else it is also useful.))

    Smelling ammonia camembert cheese is a phenomenon that categorically warns against eating this cheese, for the smell of ammonia in the case of camembert cheese indicates the process of secondary decomposition of the protein, that is, the cheese is already frankly spoiled and can not be eaten. On the "cheese"; sites on the Internet write a lot about the specific and strong smells of cheeses, referring to the "real" cheeses made in different regions of France from unpasteurized milk of various origins, and having a variety of "affectionate"; popular names of the type "quot; Legs of God"; etc. because of its stinking. So, to the cheeses sold in supermarkets, this ideology, as it turned out, has nothing to do with, and the information about the "ammonium compounds, succinic acid and sodium chloride" to which camembert should smell are capable of damaging the health only by using the smell of all these smells of cheese. Camembert and brie are very delicate cheeses, they have a short shelf life, despite the fact that large industrial producers make them from pasteurized milk. And here the ammonia smell is just a sign that the camembert and brie cheese has deteriorated, and you can not eat it.))

  • Connoisseurs of Camembert, on specialized forums on the Internet, with might and main praise this cheese. But the taste and smell of Camembert cheese like only true, delicate connoisseurs. To some, far from amateurs, the smell reminds, forgive me, rotten meat or other unpleasant olfactory associations. Specialists write about the importance of storing this cheese at a strictly defined temperature. If the cheese from the supermarket Auchan smelled of ammonia, then most likely the temperature norms were not sustained. And ammonia, perhaps, the manufacturer added. Although, judging by the photos, like, the company is decent. Well, then, due to non-compliance with the temperature regime, the cheese began to deteriorate and give off an ammonia smell. Moreover, supermarkets of low level, such as Auchan, do not strongly bother with the proper storage of food products.

  • Camembert should not smell like ammonia, maybe cheese that was bought under the name “Camembert” is actually Brie, because they are difficult to distinguish.

    After all, Bree and Camembert are relatives (Bree quot; father of Camelbera), so they are similar to each other, but it is Bree should smell of ammonia, and Camembert smells like compounds

    Camembert cheese smells of ammonia. Why? Is this normal or not?

    Maybe you confused these two smells (I do not blame you), maybe ammonium, succinic acid and sodium chloride, give a similar flavor to ammonia.

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