Vodka Graf Ledoff (Graf Ledoff): description, composition, reviews

In the national ranking of high-quality vodka brands, one of the leading positions is occupied by vodka Graf Ledoff. At the “Best Product-2010” competition in the framework of the “Prodexpo” exhibition in 2010, this alcoholic beverage was awarded a gold medal.

Graf Ledoff Vodka is produced at the Kazan Distillery, owned by Tatspirtprom JSC (Kazan) - the largest alcohol company in the Russian Federation. The company was founded in 1997 year and united most distilleries of the Republic of Tatarstan.

For several years in a row, the company has been producing 13% of all vodka in Russia. All the features of the vodka "Graf Ledoff" and the composition of the alcoholic beverage are discussed in our article. Here you can evaluate the reviews of real buyers and find out the cost of the product.

Features vodka "Count Ledoff"

Graf Ledoff Vodka is a classic 40 degree vodka that belongs to the premium class. It is transparent, has a refreshing aroma and mild flavor. A feature of vodka "Graf Ledoff" is that in the process of production of alcoholic beverage uses a unique alcohol "Alpha", the best of those that are known today on an industrial scale. Thanks to ice processing, it is possible to achieve crystal purity of alcohol, and the finished product acquires a mild taste and a unique, refreshing aroma.

graff iceoff

Characteristic features of vodka "Count Ledoff":

  • ice processing, during which the number of undesirable trace impurities is reduced;
  • use as raw material alcohol "Alpha", which is characterized by a minimum content of methanol;
  • cap with a fivefold degree of protection, ensuring high reliability of the product;
  • reducing the likelihood of hangover syndrome.

Vodka Graf Ledoff: assortment

Under the brand name Graf Ledoff, two types of vodka are produced in bottles of 250, 500 and 700 ml. These are the following alcoholic beverages:

  1. Vodka "Graf Ledoff" classic, made using ice processing technology, in which raw materials are pre-cooled to a temperature below zero degrees. This allows you to minimize the amount of harmful impurities in it.
  2. Graf Ledoff Light - vodka, made on the basis of premium alcohol and passed additional processing. It has a milder taste and easier to drink.

In addition to vodka, under the brand "Graf Ledoff" Kazan distillery produced bitter tinctures with the taste of lemon, black currant and cranberry, prepared according to the same technology. The strength of these drinks is also 40 degrees.

vodka Count Ledoff

Composition of the product

Graf Ledoff vodka contains corrected drinking water, Alfa ethyl alcohol rectified from food raw materials, Alkostar - a complex dietary supplement, Absolute ASM 665 plant extract. Many technologists consider it more than good. The composition of Graf Ledoff Light vodka additionally includes peppermint alcohol.

Alcohol called "Alpha" is produced exclusively from grain raw materials, rye, wheat. Its main advantage is the low content of methyl alcohol. Pure cereal notes are also felt in taste.

a bottle of vodka

In appearance, the vodka “Graf Ledoff” is a colorless liquid with clarity and brilliance, clean and even vodka aroma. The presented alcoholic drink is drunk easily, the hangover syndrome is mild. Professional tasters rated Graf Ledoff vodka 9,5 points from 10.

Customer Reviews

Opinions of national tasters (buyers) are divided. One liked the vodka, others revealed a discrepancy between its price, quality and its feelings after drinking alcohol.

The following positive customer reviews can be noted:

  • easy and soft drink;
  • excellent wellbeing the day after tasting;
  • no discomfort in the throat, strong odor;
  • price, bottle design, soft taste.

Negative customer reviews are as follows:

  • appearance of mild headache in the morning;
  • Strong smell;
  • you need to drink only chilled;
  • unstable quality;
  • freezes in the freezer at temperatures below 35 degrees.

Also, many buyers have expressed doubt that vodka made from alcohol of such high quality can be so inexpensive. This made the national tasters think about how correct the composition of the alcoholic beverage is, indicated on the label.

tatspirtprom Kazan

The cost of a bottle of vodka Graf Ledoff

Many disputes among buyers arise regarding the price of this alcoholic beverage. Its cost depends primarily on the volume of the bottle. For example, the price for the smallest capacity of 250 ml volume is 160 rubles. Further, the larger the displacement, the cost will be lower.

The most demanded bottle of vodka Graf Ledoff with volume 500 ml costs about buyers 280 rubles. This is quite a normal price for alcohol from high-quality alcohol "Alpha". And finally, about 430 rubles worth bottle volume 0,7 liters. Vodka Graf Ledoff Light is in the same price category as the classic.


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