Tell me please the recipe for cutlets from the oat-flakes.

Tell me please the recipe for cutlets from the oat-flakes.

  1. I do this: I cook a thick oatmeal porridge with the addition of chicken broth instead of salt. Separately fry the onion on a plant. oil and add to the ready porridge, stir and as soon as it cools down to a warm form the cutlets, you can put cheese pieces inside, or you can without cheese. Then lightly fry on both sides and pour hot cutlets patty with kefir sauce with garlic. It turns out delicious, just kefir more pour, or you will not have enough sauce and it will not be that.
    Bon Appetit)))
  2. The specialist offers the following recipe:

    "Boil a half liter of water, add the broth cubes and 2 glasses of Hercules, cook for a few minutes depending on the variety of Hercules." Hercules of instant cooking can not be cooked, but simply pour boiling water and let stand 5-10 minutes. "When the porridge cools down, add it finely chopped onion, 1-2 eggs, garlic if desired, black pepper or suitable seasoning, a little mayonnaise or sour cream (optional).
    Thoroughly mix and form small cutlets. We roll them in flour and fry in vegetable oil from both sides until ready.
    Those who are very fond of meat, can add a little ground meat to the porridge. But it will already be cutlets from Hercules with meat. "
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    In this case, weight loss is promised.

    What is highlighted in bold is wrong.
    From the Hercules "Extra" get better!
    It is necessary to take natural herkules, that is, ordinary flakes.
    In no case is not a gray shade. They are old.
    Hercules flakes should be yellowish. And the brighter, the better.
    For regular cereal, these flakes must be cooked for at least 20 minutes.
    And for cutlets the time for cooking flakes is reduced to 10-15 minutes.

  3. Recently read a quick recipe for Herculean cutlets:

    Pour the glacial flakes, pour kefir so that the flakes were covered with kefir. Add a pinch of soda, salt and criar to taste. Leave to stand for about an hour. Drive in the egg, mix well, fry in vegetable oil, with the lid closed. Bon Appetit.

  4. Cutlets from Hercules. 2 a glass of oatmeal pour an 1 glass of boiling water, dissolving in it an 1 bouillon cube. Insist under the lid 15 - 20 minutes. Beat the 1 egg, stir well and fry in vegetable oil. Tasty, satisfying and very useful !! !! Bon Appetit!!!
  5. I do this: take a deep plate, pour oat-flakes, add a meat bouillon cubes, smash 1-2 eggs. Stirring. I leave for 30 minutes. I pour oil on a frying pan, put a cutlet on a hot frying pan. I fry on both sides until golden brown on high heat. Then I take out the fire, add cucumber brine or tomato paste and carcass over low heat, turning over from time to time. Cutlets are soft and very tasty.
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