Update is what? Updates “Yandex”

Promotion of Internet projects directly depends on the updates of the search results, the results of which consist of additional updates of the Yandex search system, are analyzed, and the final result is expressed in the position that the unwinding resource occupies.

Yandex uses various robots (virtual machines that analyze a certain part of the site) to collect information about the sites that ultimately transmit the information received for processing to the main server, and already during its update new site positions are determined by specific requests.

What updates exist at "Yandex"

updates are

The advancement and attitude of the search engines to the site can be easily assessed by the results of the search engine update, and the process itself in translation from English update means an update. Upgrades are divided into four groups, and each of them performs its role in the search engine, but together they determine the status of the site, its position in search results and the attitude of the search engine to the project as a whole.

There is a 4 type of updates "Yandex":

  1. Updating the reference mass and content on the pages of sites.
  2. Update CY of Internet resources.
  3. Update search results "Yandex".
  4. Upgrade catalog site "Yandex".

Reference and text updates "Yandex"

A text update occurs simultaneously with a link and transfers the found texts and links to the search base, which determines the place occupied in the search for a specific key query. Text update is a planned action, and if the text is added to the site today, and the update happens the next day, the new article will not appear in the search, as the robot that searches for content and links simply does not have time to view the new text. If the owner of the resource adds new content to the site and the speed of getting into search results is very important, you need to calculate the approximate date of the next update and find out whether the robot will have time to view the new page.

accurate updates

This type of upgrade takes 6 days on average, but these deadlines are not constant, you can’t check the exact updates of Yandex, so you should just use free services that calculate the approximate update date.

Update of indicators of TCI

correct updates

The TCI indicator depends on the number of links to the site, as well as the total mention of the domain (for example: www.help.ru) on other Internet resources, as a result of the analysis of these indicators, the resource is gaining popularity.

The owners of popular resources, endowed with huge indicators of this parameter, diligently monitor its growth and constantly monitor the correct updates of Yandex, so that their incomes grow, but in the case of a drop in TIC, the cost of links from their resource will decrease.

You can check the indicators of changes in the TCI in various ways, but the easiest way is to find out - the data in the yandex.webmaster panel.

Updating the site's CY (Quoting Index) is an important event for all owners of Internet projects, as this event shows the popularity of the resource among the entire Internet. This event is the least predictable, and if any site optimizer can expect a text update of 1 once a week, then this will never happen to TCI, so you shouldn’t even try to guess the date.

Exact updates of search results

correct updates of Yandex

Each update of the search results changes a lot, and if the resource after the last upgrade got into the first line of a specific request, this does not mean that with the next update it will not slip down to the 5 or 10 place.

Search update is the most important process in which Yandex completely analyzes the project, uses data from other types of updates (link, text, etc.), scans each site on the cinematic core and returns the search result. The described process of analyzing the site allows the principal to decide which of the sites should be in the first position, and which of them will be at the twenty-fifth by the same query.

"Yandex" does not hide the update process and, if desired, can notify webmasters about the beginning of the update of search results, for which you simply need to configure this action in the control panel of the site. In addition to the system itself, you can turn to other services that are distributed on the Internet and notify customers about updating search results, the catalog, and other Yandex services free of charge.

Updating the catalog "Yandex"

Yandex updates

"Yandex" has a directory and allows only selected sites to it, and the rest, if they could not get on a free basis, can try to pay, however, even being in the directory, the resource does not get much advantage over other projects in getting into the first position.

Search engines divide sites depending on the region where the company is located (that is, a resident of Surgut does not see an organization from Novosibirsk in the first position), but those companies that trade or services all over Russia go to the Yandex catalog to assign several issuing regions to the site. .

Non-commercial projects getting into the directory will be important because of the increased cost of links from their sites to customer resources, and the more will increase the cost of the site for sale.

If we look at the catalog of Yandex websites, the update is the update of the positions of the sites within the catalog system, where the project with the highest TCI index takes the first place, and the rest are smoothly arranged for all other positions based on the site citation index value.

Ways to determine the update "Yandex"

accurate updates of Yandex

There are various services that will show past updates of search results, directory, CY, PR in Google and other changes in the work of search engines, but most importantly, they can notify if the correct updates of Yandex have started.

The update starts at midnight and can delay by ten and twenty hours, so you can start checking positions at least in the morning, and preferably in the evening.

The update system does not work as many Internet users believe, for example: 1 numbers update the search results, but this update includes pages that were found before the 20 date of the previous month.

What to do after updates "Yandex"

what to do if the correct Yandex updates happen

Any update is a change, and the changes are either in a good way or a bad one, so you need to respond quickly and check how the search engine relates to the project at the moment.

Optimizers remember about their website everything they do with it: they change, delete or add something, and all these changes affect the attitude of the search engine either in a positive or in a negative direction. The optimizer then analyzes the changes and decides what to do next: continue actions or change tactics.

Example. The optimizer began to put links from the internal pages of the site to the main page, the Yandex update was completed, and as a result, the main page did not reach the first position on the selected request, in addition, the embedded pages began to bring fewer visitors. It remains for the optimizer to decide: return everything back and choose another method or continue and display the main page of the site in the chosen way.

Of course, the correct updates of “Yandex” should be constantly monitored, no matter how exactly this will be done, the main thing is to understand the result and decide how to promote the site further.

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