Asus GeForce GTX 660 Ti: features, tests and reviews. GTX 660 Ti VS GTX 660

NVIDIA Company - a supplier of video cards in a variety of price segments. Among the most popular graphics adapters from NVIDIA on the world and Russian market are the GTX 660 Ti device. It belongs to the category of models in the price range above the average, and therefore many users, waiting for the start of sales of this device - it was launched on the market in the 2012 year - were counting on a serious level of its manufacturability and performance. What are the main characteristics of the video adapter GTX 660 Ti in the version from ASUS? What features does the manufacturer have in it?

660 GTX Ti

Graphics Card Basics

The GTX 660 Ti video card is based on NVIDIA's proprietary graphics chip GK104. Equipped with 3 GB of video memory type GDDR5, with 192-bit bus width. It is characterized by the highest performance: the graphics processor installed on the GTX 660 Ti video card operates at the 1032 MHz frequency, the RAM modules - at the 1502 MHz frequency, and the bus operates at the 400 MHz. The device is equipped with a powerful air cooling system that protects it from overheating even at maximum loads. The video card has connectors such as DVI, as well as HDMI, with which you can connect external devices to it. In many ways, the device is close to the GTX 670 product, which was also developed by NVIDIA. The closest competitors of the video card are devices such as the Radeon HD 7870 and HD 7950.

ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti

Video card from ASUS and other brands: is there a big difference?

The specifics of the device in many aspects - in particular, how the device looks, as well as what are the characteristics of its key hardware components, is largely determined by the design concept of a particular brand-manufacturer of the video card. The fact is that the considered graphics adapter under license from NVIDIA can be produced by different companies, such as, for example, ZOTAC or ASUS. GTX 660 Ti to Russia can thus be supplied under different brands.

GTX 660 Ti VS GTX 660

At the same time, despite the fact that the devices implemented in the Russian Federation may differ not only in appearance, but also in some characteristics, the difference between them is not so significant in terms of the efficiency of the devices in practice.

If we talk about the modification of the video card from ZOTAC, then among the most remarkable hardware components present in the corresponding supply is the Dual Silencer cooling system. It is represented by two fans, as well as an aluminum radiator of impressive size. As some IT specialists point out, this cooling system can reduce the operating temperature of the graphics adapter by about 10 degrees at full load. In addition, this hardware component functions, emitting substantially less noise than that installed in the standard version of the NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti video card. The corresponding figure for the cooling system in question is 10 dB. The maximum temperature of the video card on which this hardware component is installed does not exceed 80 degrees.


A very unusual modification of the graphics adapter was presented to the market by Colorful. First of all, you can note the variety of color shades in which this brand chose to paint the video card. But not only in this you can find the originality of the device - another version of the advanced cooling system, the Air Kit, is installed on it. Its main feature is the presence of a large radiator that exceeds the size of the actual video card. However, if necessary, it can be removed from the device. The graphics card in the modification from Colorful has the amount of RAM in 2 GB, otherwise the characteristics of the device as a whole coincide with those that other modifications of the graphics adapter have.

What is the specificity of the video card in the version from ASUS? GeForce GTX 660 Ti in the corresponding modification, in general, corresponds to the characteristics of the original model. The ASUS video card also has 3 GB of RAM, supports connections using DVI connectors, HDMI, is compatible with DirectX 11 technology, as well as OpenGL 4.3.

Thus, everything that will be discussed further can be generally attributed to the video card in question in a modification from ASUS.


Let us examine in more detail the main technological features of the GeForce GTX 660 Ti video card. The characteristics of the device to which you can pay special attention are as follows.

The video card functions when using high-speed PCI Express X16 3.0 interface. It is equipped, as we noted above, with a proprietary graphics processor from NVIDIA - GK104. This chip is produced in the framework of the technical process 28 nm, in its structure there are 3,54 billion transistors. As we noted above, it operates at a frequency of 1032 MHz, but this is a regular indicator - the chip can be overclocked to 1111 MHz. The total number of stream processors in the video card structure is 1344.

GeForce GTX 660 Ti Video Card

Device supports:

- DirectX technology in the 11.1 version;

- OpenGL standard in version 4.3;

- Shaders in the 5.0 version;


- NVIDIA proprietary technologies (such as, for example, 3D Vision, PhysX, CUDA).

The GTX 660 Ti video card supports the maximum 4096 resolution on 2160 pixels. The device is designed to work when using the power supply unit with power in 450 watts. The GTX 660 Ti graphics card has 112 texture units, as well as an 24 pipeline that performs raster operations.

Architecture features

The considered graphics adapter is equipped with a processor that is designed on the basis of high-tech architecture Kepler. Based on it, such well-known chips as the GTX 480, as well as the GTX 580, were also released. The GK graphics chip installed on the GTX 660 Ti graphics card has an 4 cluster responsible for graphics processing, SMX 7 multiprocessors, which consist of 1344 cores. In this sense, the structure of the video card is very similar to that of the GTX 670 device.

The peculiarity of graphics chips based on the Kepler architecture is that they implement the GPU Boost function, which allows you to automatically increase the GPU frequency values ​​in order to speed up the device. Thus, natural overclocking of the GTX 660 Ti is carried out, which makes it possible to significantly increase the general comfort of using the interfaces processed by the video card. The Kepler architecture and its capabilities can be attributed to the key technological advantages of the considered graphics adapter.

Supported technologies

Let us further consider the possibilities of the GTX 660 Ti video card. The characteristics of the device in terms of hardware components we studied. Now let's explore what this video card is capable of in terms of software technology support.

Among the most notable are DirectX 11, PhysX, and TXAA. It is important that many game manufacturers at the time the device in question entered the market, in 2012, began to use these standards as basic. Therefore, for a gamer, acquiring a device such as the GTX 660 Ti was an excellent way to adapt your PC to the latest trends in the gaming industry. Actually, even now, many game manufacturers rely on using the marked standards, and therefore the presence on the computer of the device under consideration remains relevant to ensure a high level of comfort of the gaming process.

It can be noted that the TXAA technology belongs to the brand category. Its developer is a brand manufacturer of the GTX 660 Ti video card. This technology is a special method of image smoothing by using special filters, as well as pixel processing algorithms. In practice, it allows, for example, to provide the highest quality images in dynamic scenes. As some experts point out, the TXAA technology slightly reduces the sharpness of the image, but in practice this effect is even somewhat appealing to many users. The smoothing method in question functions in 2 basic modes. The first involves the use of 2 multisamples, the second - 4.

As for the gaming products, which provide for the use of technology TXAA - one of the first such solutions, if we talk about the start of sales GTX 660 Ti, was the game Secret World. In it, the developers have provided for the 4 level of smoothing. Moreover, if the corresponding function is disabled in the game at all, then many of the elements of the gameplay are not displayed. Therefore, it is important for a gamer to have a video card capable of performing graphics processing in the smoothing mode - GTX 660 Ti can be considered quite a suitable option.

With regard to the practical performance of the video card in the modes involving the use of the technologies mentioned above, experts rate it as extremely high. Indeed, with a high-quality development of graphic components by the software engine, the video card is capable of displaying gameplay on the screen, providing an excellent level of clarity and brightness of the picture.

Performance tests

How productive can the considered device be?

As we noted above, the NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti graphics card has 2 main competitors - the HD 7870 product, as well as AMD's 7950. As shown by tests conducted by IT experts, the device from NVIDIA is ahead of the HD 7870 solution in speed, however, it is inferior in speed to the second competing adapter. At the same time, all three devices are generally comparable in terms of the manufacturability of the components, and therefore, in the course of their practical use - in games or graphic applications, the difference in speed of work found in synthetic tests will not be too noticeable. It can also be noted that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card, in terms of performance, is generally close to the GTX 670 device - we noted above that these devices are also similar in terms of technology. True, in some modes of operation, the GTX 670 video card will work somewhat faster due to the fact that it is equipped with a wider RAM interface - 256 bits, while the indicator for the device in question is 192 bits.

What results does GeForce GTX 660 Ti display in the modes using the main supported technologies - DirextX in the 11 version, GPU PhysX, and also TXAA? According to IT-experts, the device provides not only high performance in the respective modes, but also good performance in energy efficiency. Actually, the optimization of energy consumption is one of the tasks for the solution of which NVIDIA developed the Kepler architecture.

The GTX 660 Ti video card is much faster than the previous models - in particular, those that are based on the Fermi architecture. A very good graphics adapter looks in comparison not only with the Radeon HD 7870, one of the main direct competitors - it is quite comparable with the results of the Radeon 7950 device. From the point of view of energy efficiency, the video card from NVIDIA, as noted by IT experts, surpasses the HD 7950 device.

Comparison with GTX 660 version

It will be useful to compare the technological features of the GTX 660 Ti graphics card with those that have its very close analogue - the GTX 660 device. This device entered the market after NVIDIA released a modification of TI. The main difference between the graphics adapter GTX 660 from the previous model - in the presence of a new chip, GK106. The video card is characterized by extremely high performance.

Its main characteristics are as follows. The graphics chip on which the adapter is running is GK106, manufactured as part of the process technology in 28 nm. The structure of the video card processor is present 2,54 billion transistors. The video adapter architecture is optimized for streaming processing of the widest range of image data. At the hardware level, the device supports DirectX 11 technology, as well as shaders in the 5.0 version, processes graphics in tessellation mode.

GTX 660 Ti Video Card

The device has an 192-bit RAM bus and 3 standalone 64-bit controllers. The standard frequency of the video card core is 980 MHz; in the overclocking mode, 1033 MHz. The structure of the device contains 5 multiprocessors adapted for efficient floating-point calculations. The GTX 660 Ti video card has 80 blocks performing texture addressing, as well as performing the filtering function, the 3 of the ROP block. The video card RAM is 2 GB.

Thus, in terms of performance, the standoff of the GTX 660 Ti type VS GTX 660 is a little better than the first hardware component. However, the second device, in general, is not inferior to its predecessor in terms of key functions, support for modern technologies and universality. In addition, the GTX 660 device is cheaper than the older model. In this sense, the second video card may have some advantage in opposing the GTX 660 Ti VS GTX 660, since not all users need a device with such impressive performance as the older model, Ti.

Performance GTX 660

How productive is the GTX 660 video adapter model? Can we say that the GTX 660 Ti graphics card is significantly ahead of its speed? As many IT-experts say, the device is very competitive against the background of the older model. In the course of practical use of the video adapter in games and graphics applications, the difference in performance of the video cards in question may not be felt at all. If we talk about comparing the speed of GTX 600 and direct competitors, the device also shows excellent results. In particular, the video card in many performance measurement tests provides indicators that are superior to those that are detected when testing devices such as the Radeon HD 7850.


Let's explore what users are saying about their experience exploring the features of the GTX 660 Ti video card. Opinions of fans of computer electronics can be classified into the following main categories:

- reviews of IT-specialists using video cards in various graphic applications;

- reviews of gamers who use the device mainly in games;

- reviews of experts who investigated the capabilities of the device in various tests.

As for the opinions of IT-specialists who use the device in their work, for example, when processing images, video, when programming 3D games, the video card from NVIDIA is characterized in them as, above all, a stable and reliable device, which, however, it is complemented by high speed and versatility - in terms of supporting current software technologies, the ability to connect various devices, compatibility with other hardware components.


Fans of computer games are also generally satisfied with the work of the video card. As gamers point out, the adapter from NVIDIA really does an excellent job with processing graphic elements, it gives a clear picture even when demanding games are launched. Any difficulties with the organization of the game process, involving the use of high-tech standards, such as DirectX 11, as users believe, are not typical for a video card.

As for the reviews of the experts who tested the GTX 660 Ti, their opinions are based on a comparison of the results of measuring the performance of devices and competing devices. Considering the results of the relevant tests above, we learned that the devices look at the background of analogues more than worthy. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the reviews of experts in terms of evaluating the performance of a video card are fully positive.


Regardless of the specific modification of the device - be it an adapter released by ZOTAC, Palit or ASUS - the GeForce GTX 660 Ti is a video card that can be called one of the most high-tech solutions for the corresponding stage of development of the electronic components market. The device supports all those standards that were considered as the most relevant for the gaming industry in those years when the adapter was introduced to the market. The video card shows excellent results in tests, in many ways ahead of competing solutions.

GTX 750 Ti VS GTX 660

GTX 660 in games

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