Black Desert: awakening weapons of different classes

Strengthening the archetype in any online game is of paramount importance. In Black Desert, the awakening of a weapon greatly helps in this for each individual class. The player gets unusual opportunities that are used in battle. That is why many gamers after reaching a certain level begin to hunt for this ability.

Description of the game

In Black Desert, the awakening of weapons is considered only one of the thousands of possible directions for improving the hero's combat power. The world of this Korean design is seamless and occupies thousands of square desert awakening weapons The authors have created the most realistic atmosphere in the setting of fantasy mixed with the history of the Middle Ages. The player performs each action independently. The non-target combat system, the absence of teleports - these elements make the atmosphere of the game world unique. Characters develop, participate in large-scale battles, and simply exist among a living universe.

Ways to activate weapons

In Black Desert, the awakening of a weapon is similar for each class, but at the same time different. First of all, you should know that this element of the gameplay adds a second slot to the hero, which can be used at any desert weapon awakening wizard To begin the process, you need to reach the mark of the 56 level of any class. After that, you should contact your eternal assistant - the Black Spirit. This mysterious character developed along with the player fifty levels in a row, and it was he who provided the awakening of weapons in Black Desert. For each archetype, they are called differently: "Goyen Mercenaries", "Princess of the Land of the Dead", "Chilling Power" and the like. The duration of the chain is the same for all. It consists of seven basic tasks and three additional ones. In the process, the hero activates the weapon and learns about all his qualities.

What gives revival

As mentioned earlier, the awakening of weapons occurs differently in Black Desert. The wizard, for example, activates two elemental spheres from an additional slot and inflicts tremendous damage with spells on them. Activating the second weapon does not replace the main one. The character just switches between the two types at the right moment. Some classes change the type of combat using an extra gun. The archer goes into melee and fights there at the proper level, and the warrior drastically moves from defense to aggressive attack style. Consider what exactly the characters get, on a specific example.

black desert awakening kunoichi weapons

In Black Desert, the awakening of a kunoichi weapon means for a given archetype a chakram called Ha Reyun in an additional slot. This deadly circular blade of impressive size is used in the fight at the near and middle distance, has an arsenal of skills, beating on the target with great strength. Kunoichi launches it in a circular flight or directs between opponents. It is used, as a rule, against the quantitative advantage of enemies, but it can also be used to inflict point damage. The most dangerous skill is Tanchu. This is a circular flight of the chakram with a chance of immobilizing those for whom it falls. When confronted with this enemy in the event of an awakened weapon, it is worthwhile to choose a protective stance, quickly approach closely, or deal remote damage.


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