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Mobile games today are extremely popular, as they are not tied to a stationary computer - you can play them wherever you want. At the same time there is a wide variety of similar projects that will satisfy the needs of even the most captious gamer. However, it is worthwhile to separately single out those genres that appeared thanks to mobile platforms - they are simplified versions of already existing trends. They have more primitive graphics, easier management, most often they are reduced in time - all so that they can be conveniently used on mobile phones and smartphones. This category includes games about doors, such as "100 doors", or "Can you escape." The passage of such toys is primitive in nature, but as a result it turns out to be incredibly exciting.

The essence of the games about the door

can you escape the passage

Everyone knows about quests - a genre of computer games in which you have to control a certain character, search for objects, solve riddles, gradually moving along the plot. In games related to the room escape genre, the passage is closest to the quest. However, there is one very important difference - the actions are limited by the space of one room. There may be so many levels, but each of them does not extend beyond one room, in which all the necessary objects, riddles are hidden, and the most important thing is the key that allows you to leave the room and get into the other. In the game Can you escape, the passage is built on this basis.

Can you escape - passing features

100 doors escape passage

In this direction, quite a lot of various games have been created, which are amenable to a single principle. One of the most popular among them is Can you escape - the passage of this project captures from the very first minutes. There are not so many levels here, but they are literally crammed with objects and riddles. Before you can get out of the room, you have to go through quite a lot of objects, various objects and caches, solve several riddles, and only then you will have access to the next room. Thus, the content of this project compensates for its brevity.

Naturally, you can stretch the fun in the game Can you escape - the passage does not require you to either hurry or any special conditions. You can complete as many levels at a time as you see fit. Therefore, you should have no serious problems.

"100 doors": the difference of the game

room escape passage

You can talk a lot about a variety of projects related to this genre, but one of them was remembered by everyone better than others - this is 100 Doors escape. The passage of this game is discussed on a huge number of forums, and this is due to the fact that this project is not distributed in a single form. Of course, there is an original game in which there are a hundred rooms and, accordingly, a hundred doors that you need to open in order to get out of the premises. But there are a dozen other options that transfer the player to the spacecraft, to the medieval castle and so on. What is the difference between the game "100 doors" from other similar ones? First of all, it is worth noting that rooms here are usually very small, there are not so many objects in them and literally one or two riddles. But the number of them is simply huge - and it is indicated directly in the name of the game. But it cannot be said that this project takes in quantity, not quality - there is enough of both. This is different from the other game 100 doors escape - the passage can be delayed for a long time, but in one of the hundreds of rooms you will not be bored.

Single screen rule

passage escape

The game "100 doors" has another feature that distinguishes it from the "congregations" of this genre. Passing Doors escape never goes beyond the same screen. In many games about doors you have a three-dimensional room in which you can look around, and during this time at least four game screens change - according to the number of walls. They can be much more, especially considering how open boxes, shelves, and so on are displayed. In general, in these games the emphasis is on the realistic search for various objects in the room. As for the series "100 doors", here the focus is on the doors themselves. There will always be a door on your screen, as well as everything that surrounds it - this is exactly what you have to interact with. However, this developer has projects that are more like Can you escape - they are called Floors Escape. The passage here is based on finding a solution on the same floor, and not specifically on the surrounding door.

First levels

floors escape passage

If we consider the most popular game in this series, then it is worthwhile to separately define the approach to the passage of the initial and complicated levels. When it comes to the initial stage of the game, then you have hardly any problems at all - you will need to perform only a couple of actions to open the door. For example, on the first level, you only need to swipe across the screen across the door to open it. At the second level, you will need to pull two loads, and you will achieve your goal. As you can see, this is incredibly simple, but this simplicity is deceptive. Because after ten to fifteen levels you can begin to experience real difficulties. What to say about the second half of the project, after the fiftieth left.

Advanced levels

Complicated levels will require you to maximize ingenuity to solve the tasks. First of all, you should understand that waiting for help from nowhere - there are absolutely no clues in the game, and from the first level you are thrown into the action itself, without even explaining what is required of you. But at the first stage, everything can be understood instantly, intuitively. If we talk about further tasks, they will become more and more difficult, so that you may soon have questions. Above each level you can sit for a long time, until you have an idea how to solve this or that moment. But do not worry - all problems are solved, so it will only be necessary to make maximum efforts to solve them. Remember that this is not an arcade - this is a quest. These games are designed to strain your brain and make you think, not to relax after a hard day’s work. So take them seriously.

Can You Escape The 100 Room VII FULL GAME Level 1 - 50 Walkthrough (100 Room 7).

Can You Escape The 100 Room VII walkthrough level 29

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