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To date, no one is surprised by the fact that in a particular company has its own data center. Only a few employees of this organization know what it is, but in reality, such equipment is required for any business that wants to achieve real stability. In other words, if there is a real need to ensure uninterrupted, scalable and manageable work of the company, when the stability of the business directly depends on the IT infrastructure, the data processing center is used.

What is this?

datacenter what is it

Thus, over time and the development of information technology in virtually any organization that is somehow related to information, there is a data center of its own. What it is? A data center, which is often called a data center in professional specialized literature. From the name it can be understood that in such equipment various operations are carried out that directly relate to the processing of any information, that is, the creation or generation of data, the subsequent archiving and storage of files, as well as the subsequent provision of them at the request of the user. In this case, special attention should be paid to the fact that in addition to the above functions there is also a safe data destruction, for which the data center is responsible. What it is? Elimination of certain files without harming the rest of the data and, possibly, without the possibility of recovery, if the really important information is deleted, which should not fall into third-hand.

Where can they be applied?

data processing center

Today, there is a fairly large number of funds, including land cadastres, the Pension Fund and various libraries that are directly involved in the collection and storage of various information. It should be noted that there is also such information, which in itself generates a business, for example, that which is used by various reference services. There is also information that does not take any part in business processes, but it is also necessary for their implementation. Such data include personnel services files, as well as databases of user accounts in various information systems.

Industrial holdings are creating specialized electronic archives for performing settlement tasks, storing documents, and automating business processes. Thus, different organizations use different types of information, as well as tasks that relate to its processing. It is for solving such problems that the data center is created. What it is, only the system administrator knows, on whose shoulders the maintenance of this equipment falls.

When is data center used?

data processing

The tasks related to information processing were solved at different times with the help of various technical means. In the twentieth century, electronic computing devices became the basis of modern business, since they took over the majority of computing tasks, and the emergence of devices that store information in themselves made it possible to completely get rid of paper archives, replacing them with more compact, and at the same time accessible electronic and tape media. Already in order to accommodate the first electronic computers, it was necessary to allocate specialized machine rooms, in which the required climatic conditions were preserved so that the equipment would not overheat during operation and would work stably.

Server rooms and their features

With the beginning of the era of the development of personal computers and small servers, computing equipment of almost any company began to consist in special server rooms. In most cases, under such a room a certain room is provided in which a household air conditioner is installed, as well as an uninterruptible power supply in order to ensure the continuous operation of equipment in a normal state. However, today this option is suitable only for those enterprises in which business processes very strongly depend on the information used and the available computing resources.

What is different from the data center server?

Moscow data center

By and large, a modern data center is an extended copy of the traditional server room, because in fact they have a lot in common - the use of engineering systems that support continuous operation of equipment, the need to ensure the required microclimate, as well as an appropriate level of security. But at the same time, there are a number of differences that are decisive.

The data processing center is equipped with a complete set of various engineering systems, as well as specialized components that ensure the normal and stable operation of the company's information infrastructure in the mode that is required for the operation of the business.

Where is this equipment used?

datacenter services

In Russia, data processing using such centers has become popular since 2000, when various banking institutions, government agencies, and enterprises in the oil industry began to order such equipment. It is worth noting that the data center first appeared in 1999 year, when it was used to process declarations and income statements for all residents of Moscow and the region.

Также одним из первых крупных ЦОДов стало оборудование, которое использовалось в центре Сбербанка. В 2003 году, при поддержке компании «Ростелеком», в Чувашии организовали первый республиканский центр обработки данных, применяющийся для того, чтобы систематизировать архивные данные. Такие устройства обеспечивали различные органы местной власти, а в 2006 году также открылся центр, в котором осуществлялась обработка данных центра «Курчатовский институт». В следующем году компании ВТБ-24 и Yandex также начали использовать собственный центр обработки данных. Москва, таким образом, достаточно быстро пришла к использованию такого оборудования, равно как и другие крупные города России.

Where should I install the data center?

data center requirements

Today, our own data center is used by almost every large geographically distributed company, especially if the business is very dependent on the organization of IT. Examples include telecom operators, retailer companies, travel and transportation companies, medical institutions, industrial holdings and much more.

The data center can be designed to operate a particular company or used as a multi-user equipment. The multi-user data center provides a wide range of services, including business continuity, as well as hosting, server rental and hosting, and many more. Data center services are most relevant for small and medium-sized businesses, since it can eliminate the need for capital expenditures to upgrade the IT infrastructure, and ultimately receive a guarantee of reliability and the highest quality service.

The key to success of the data center is competent design.

Competent design of the data center eliminates the emergence of serious problems in the process of equipment operation, as well as reduce costs during operation. In general, the structure of such a center is divided into four main elements: engineering infrastructure, building, software, and specialized equipment. At the same time, the construction of buildings and premises for the installation of such equipment is performed in a variety of standards, the main purpose of which is to ensure safety and reliability. In Western countries, extremely serious and sometimes very peculiar requirements for the data center are often established - in particular, it is worth noting that the building should be no less than 90 meters from the extreme high point reached by flood water in the last 100 years, to achieve is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

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