Presentation Design: Creation Tips

Probably, almost everyone knows how important the design of the presentation when showing slides on a computer. Perhaps even a schoolboy thinks about design, especially during various holidays and contests. But not everyone knows how to create an unforgettable presentation design quickly and without problems. Let's try to learn and remember the rules, as well as methods of action that will help us cope with the task.

Font selection

For example, do not forget that the font and text in the slides are important components. The design of the presentation will largely depend on these headsets. So you have to put the text on the pages in PowerPoint, and then format it.

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In truth, the most frequently used font is Times New Roman, black or some other, but bright and clear. It is not necessary to place a lot of information on one slide in text form - this will not make it readable at a great distance. Also use highlighting and underscores. They will decorate and mark important components in the text.


Also note that the animated slides look more spectacular. So, the design of the presentation must necessarily contain in its structure this function. It is advisable to make the animation and the text, and slides.

In order to carry out the idea, in PowerPoint you will have to go to “Design” and then click on “Animation effects”. A list of possible options appears. To bind an animation to the text, you need to select it, and then click on the desired line in the window. If you want to animate the slide itself, simply remove the selection and select the desired item.

In general, the design of presentations, slide design is not so simple. In addition to text and animation, you have to insert pictures into the slides, sometimes even sound. In addition, you will need to change the background in your document. And this moment can take a lot of time from a novice user. By the way, you should start the design of the PowerPoint presentation from this point. And already under the background choose text, selection and animation. Let's take a closer look at this process.

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Standard Templates

So, in order not to think about the background (and the general style) of the presentation for a long time, you can resort to using standard templates, there are not so many of them in PowerPoint, but often you can use the suggested list for business situations. It will be more than enough.

To choose a standard presentation design, go to any slide, and then on an empty space, click the right mouse button: select "Design", then click on the label "Design Templates". To edit colors, by the way, you need to select the appropriate menu item.

So, the template settings window has opened. All that is needed now is to click on the proposed options, and then, when you find a beautiful and original design, close the window. As you can see, nothing difficult.

Cheerful design

True, not always enough standard list of templates. To stand out, you have to download and install additional items. To solve the issue with the design of your slides is probably the best option.presentation design design

Find ready-made PowerPoint templates on third-party sites, download, save. Next, go back to the presentation and again refer to the menu item "Appearance". Click on "Design Templates", then pay attention to the bottom line of the window: there will be an "Overview" inscription. Click on it and select the new template. Confirm the changes - and the problems are solved.

It now remains only to insert pictures (by dragging them directly onto each slide, respectively, followed by alignment and scaling), as well as add text and animation. In principle, sometimes the last element is already exposed in the template. That's all. Now you know how best to create slides in PowerPoint.

Design presentations as art

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