Dual-band Wi-Fi-router D-Link DIR-825: configuration, features, reviews

In the race for the speed of data transmission in Wi-Fi networks, many manufacturers of routers forget about the support of old technologies. And for owners of laptops and mobile devices made by 5-6 years ago, this causes a lot of problems. The focus of this article is the DIR-825 router from the well-known manufacturer D-Link, which supports simultaneous operation in two bands and, therefore, is able to provide communication both to new devices and to be outdated. Review, configuration, specifications, reviews of the owners and the recommendations of experts will help the reader to get acquainted with an interesting product.


First meeting

The leader in the production of network equipment has once again proved that its products are completed at the highest level. The D-Link DIR-825 router has an informative package, which not only shows the basic characteristics of the device, but also contains a detailed description of the additional functionality. The box itself is cardboard, with a glossy finish.

Inside, the user will find: a router, a power supply unit for it (pulse), a patchcord cable, two removable antennas and an instruction manual. Also in the box there is a large amount of advertising brochures that do not cause the owners, according to their reviews, no interest. The package bundle is ordinary, nothing superfluous, however, the patchcord cable is confused - just one meter. It’s enough to set up a router, but it’s impossible to use this if you install a router away from a personal computer.

D-Link DIR-825

Appearance and build quality

The router, which price does not exceed in the domestic market 4 000 rubles, has a high-quality assembly. As a result of the review, no owner could detect any flaws in the device. Plastic durable and quality. All panels fit perfectly together, and the ports and interfaces are superbly centered. On the case of the router there are holes for mounting on the wall, and there are also rubber feet that allow the router to be placed on smooth surfaces.

Gain antennas are made in a strict style and have a rubberized base. The buttons on the case of the DIR-825 / AC router, although small, are easily pressed and do not warp. As for the LED indicators, they are quite large, visible even in bright sunny colors and have signatures. True, in the dark their brightness is a bit annoying if the router is installed near the workplace. Users prefer to cover them with a sheet of paper.

Cooling system

Quite contradictory reviews on the router D-Link DIR-825 relatively continuous work. Users have the prerequisites that the device is capable of overheating and, accordingly, hang. However, testing conducted by enthusiasts shows that there are no problems with passive ventilation. The manufacturer placed the holes of the cooling system not only on the bottom of the router, but also ensured their presence on the side faces. The measurements made show that the heating of the Wi-Fi controller does not exceed room temperature by more than 2-3 degrees Celsius.

DIR-825 ac

Что касается зависания, то проблему многие эксперты обнаружили в работе чипа, отвечающего за передачу данных в сетях 802.11n – максимальная загрузка беспроводного канала на скорости свыше 150 мегабит в секунду приводит к самопроизвольному отключению Wi-Fi-модуля. Спустя 20-30 секунд проблема самоустраняется. Ликвидировать её можно аппаратным «шейпом» - уменьшением полосы пропускания беспроводной линии до 140 мегабит в секунду.

Interfaces and connectors

The standard four-port hub for all D-Link devices can work with gigabit networks. All owners of this network equipment are glad to see this, judging by their reviews. Basically, this functionality has a router, the price of which exceeds 5 000 rubles. The only drawback that some users noticed is the lack of color coloring of the LAN ports themselves. True, there is nothing terrible in this, since the WAN interface for connecting the provider cable is yellow. It is impossible to confuse ports.

router Price

Понравится покупателям и присутствующий в сетевом оборудовании интерфейс USB. Роутер умеет работать с 3G-модемами, флешками, портативными винчестерами и системами NAS, а также поддерживает «сервер печати». Соответственно, такой обширный функционал пригодится не только для домашнего использования, а вполне справится с организацией сети в малом офисе.

Wireless Interfaces

The DIR-825 A / D1A router supports simultaneous operation of two wireless access points due to the presence of a pair of controllers that operate in different frequency bands. So, for the support of the old standard is responsible chip RTL8812AR, which runs on 5 GHz and provides data transmission up to 800 megabits per second. The RTL8192ER chip operates at the 2,4 GHz frequency and provides up to 300 MB / s performance with the new 802.11n interface.

router DIR-825

At the hardware level, the network device supports WPS technology, allowing you to connect mobile devices without authorization to wireless networks. In the settings, the user has the ability to specify which controller will be used for this technology.

Router control panel

For many users who prefer the DIR-825 device, setting up wireless networks can be difficult. The fact is that the manufacturer in the instruction manual described only the algorithm for connecting the router to the computer and the authorization process for accessing the control menu. Experts in the field of network equipment recommend that owners do not rush to conclusions and download a detailed guide for the router from the official website of the manufacturer.

It is worth noting that DIR-825 in the domestic market is very popular, and accordingly, it has got a list of recommended products from many providers due to its huge functionality. Before starting the manual settings, users need to visit the official website of their provider and find on it a ready firmware for the router. The device firmware process is described in the full user manual.

Without the master can not do

Network equipment D-Link DIR-825, like other manufacturer's routers, has an intelligent system built into the control panel that helps users quickly configure the device. The assistant is really convenient - it acts sequentially, as described in the full manual, and also provides a detailed description of the customizable functionality.

DIR-825 setting

If the user has a desire to get acquainted with the settings of the wireless device, it is better to start working with the wizard. Step by step after examining the process of connecting and reading the description of the functional, it will be very easy to know the operation of the router. Experts recommend that the owners of the router not be afraid of the process, because the device can always be reset to the factory settings and start the procedure of knowledge again. It is also possible to save the file with the settings to a local computer or removable media. This solution is convenient when using a router with different providers.

Multimedia Details

Работой торрент-клиента Transmission многие пользователи недовольны, однако роутер DIR-825 оснащён довольно стабильной версией данного программного обеспечения. Работает клиент самостоятельно, прекрасно «дружит» со всеми носителями, подключёнными к сетевому устройству по USB. Нареканий к работе торрента у владельцев нет, судя по их отзывам в средствах массовой информации.

The manufacturer has declared support for HD IPTV. Interestingly, the router can work with the function of Smart-TV and DLNA. This versatility opens up many possibilities in terms of multimedia for the user. Virtually all mobile devices of the owner will be able to communicate seamlessly with each other.

Любителям сетевых игрушек может понадобиться функция проброса портов, ведь очень часто провайдер закрывает нужные порты. Этот функционал очень подробно описывается не только в полном руководстве пользователя – удобные пояснения с примерами есть и на официальном сайте производителя в разделе «Помощь».

Data Security

The fact that the DIR-825 / AC router supports the secure protocol IPv6 is good. But the manufacturer forgot to mention that this functionality only works with the new network interface. The router can connect to all existing types of networks, including private virtual networks. Wireless interfaces have a standard encryption system (WEP, WPA / WPA2) with an 256-bit key. In addition, at the hardware level, the device is equipped with a firewall that will protect the user's local network from intruders.

D-Link DIR-825 reviews

Смущает лишь встроенный сервис контентной фильтрации «Яндекс-DNS». Логично предположить, что весь трафик провайдера маршрутизатор DIR-825 заворачивает через известный российский хост, а это может снизить скорость Интернета пользователю, если он живёт на большом расстоянии от Москвы. Тут владельцу решать, что ему важнее: скорость или безопасность (не стоит забывать о сетевых экранах провайдера).

In conclusion

Довольно интересный продукт получился у компании D-Link. Фактически по функционалу у роутера DIR-825 нет конкурентов в бюджетном ценовом классе. Две точки доступа Wi-Fi, USB-интерфейс, гигабитные порты, IPTV, торрент-клиент – что ещё нужно обычному пользователю? За 4 000 рублей - по критерию «цена-качество» - даже самому требовательному покупателю лучшего роутера на рынке просто не найти.

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