Blue-ray disc capacity. Maximum Blue-ray Information Capacity

The standards of modern disks over time are evolving more and more, as well as the demands of modern users. Thus, today a number of different drives with different capacities are used: Blue-ray, HD-DVD, DVD and others. Of such a variety, it is difficult to choose an ordinary user, especially if he doesn’t understand current standards at all.

blue ray capacity

If the sphere of disk media did not evolve over time, such devices would simply have become obsolete, and this is not at all surprising. It is hardly possible to imagine that people still buy some CDs that have the maximum capacity of 700 MB, when even for the cheapest flash drive the volume less than 4 GB is already incredibly low. At the same time, in their size and usability, the disks are clearly much inferior to modern flash drives.

However, thanks to the constant development in this area, we now have an extremely high capacity of Blue-ray, which, given the cost of such disks, in many cases makes their use much more relevant than other similar devices. Today, the capacity of such discs is the largest among all existing formats of optical media, but many do not even know what such media are and whether to use them instead of standard DVDs.


blue ray information capacity

The DVD got a much larger increase in volume compared to the CD format that was traditional at the time due to the fact that the laser wavelength was reduced. A beam having such a wavelength belongs to the red spectral range, in connection with which one can often find such a formulation that a red laser is used in DVD technology. The maximum possible capacity of one layer of such a drive can reach 4.7 GB.


blue ray capacity

The leading specialists of NEC and Toshiba worked hard to develop this format. If we talk about the advantages of such a disc format, then it is worth noting that they use a standard protective layer that is identical to the one that covers standard DVDs. Due to this, such devices have almost the same optical system with standard DVD drives with a small upgrade, providing much more opportunities to use these devices. The maximum possible capacity reaches 15 GB, which is slightly lower than the capacity of Blue-ray, but it also makes such devices the best choice in some situations, because their cost is a little less. But in practice, no one uses them.


maximum blue ray capacity

Initially, this format, like its competitor HD-DVD, which had long since gone into non-existence, was created in order to record high-resolution video that has enhanced protection algorithms against unauthorized copying. It is quite obvious that more capacious versions of such media will be actively used to distribute various films and other media files with a larger volume. It is worth noting that 3D films even today occupy about 50 GB or more, and therefore even the maximum capacity of Blue-ray may be insufficient.

Features and capacity

The creation of this format is the fruit of the work of the company, which is an association of the largest modern manufacturers that manufacture various drives, including Hitachi, Sony, Samsung and a number of other manufacturers. It is worth noting that in 2004, companies such as Dell and HP also confirmed that they are opening support for this format for their devices.

The laser wave in this case has a much shorter length compared to a standard DVD and at the same time corresponds to the blue spectral color. Actually, it was this circumstance that became the fundamental factor of why the format of the carriers was named in this way. Due to the reduction of this parameter, the recording track in this technology has become twice as small, providing a noticeable increase in data density, as well as a noticeable increase in the capacity of the Blue-ray carrier.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that such media have a data transfer rate equal to 36 MB / s. The information capacity of Blue-ray is 27 GB, while it is worth noting that a two-layer drive will have a capacity of 54 GB. That is why such discs are so widely used today, because they can be recorded absolutely everything, ranging from some kind of documentation and ending with the most voluminous computer games.

BDXL - Blu-ray 2.0

blue ray

It should be noted that recently a completely new disk format was released by the association BRDF, which became known as BDXL and IH-BH. The Blue-ray information capacity is now 128 GB in extreme modification, however, such devices also have certain problems: their cost, as well as backward compatibility. In this regard, they are not so popular today as the previous formats.

The format was first announced in 2010 year, and already then struck by how much capacity the Blue-ray-disk managed to achieve. After all, this amount allows you to record any amount of information regardless of what exactly the user is going to store. Of course, as a portable HDD to use such a device is unlikely to succeed, but otherwise its characteristics are more than impressive. It is worth noting that in this case the capacity of the Blue-ray-disc is the same as that of the 27 standard DVDs, which is impressive.


Special attention should be paid to the IH-BD format, since it is a hybrid one, and therefore it is much more versatile than its counterparts. In other words, one layer in this case provides only a one-time recording, while the second one provides for the possibility of multiple rewriting an infinite number of times. The result was a drive on which content was previously recorded and which later could also be supplemented with information. The maximum blue-ray capacity in this case is exactly the same as in the previous case. The best use of such drives would be for various encyclopedias or legal databases.

Strange as it may seem, despite the fact that the maximum information capacity of the hybrid-type Blue-ray is provided, they remain far from being as popular as they could be.

Mini hard drive or not?

maximum information capacity of blue ray

Of course, the information capacity of Blue-ray allows you to use such drives even instead of portable hard drives, although their cost is extremely high. For many, such capacity will not be enough, but in fact it is enough to write almost any necessary files. Especially considering the fact that the disks do not use any moving parts, the storage of information on them is an order of magnitude safer.

Where securely store a large amount of information?

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