Hyde Hearthstone: Zoologist deck. Description, passage and recommendations

Hearthstone — компьютерная карточная игра, которая берёт свои корни у истока под названием Warcraft. Одна из игровых тактик, используемая игроками, получила название колода зоолога. Правильное название всё ж зоо-лока (от слов «zoo» и «lock»). Об этом и пойдёт речь в статье.

deck of zoologist

Zoologist Warlock. Deck and some guides

There is only one warlock in the game - the orc shaman Gul'dan. Yes, yes, the same one that invaded Azeroth, sacrificing to the felst souls of the draenei.

Thanks to Gul'dan's ability to sacrifice his health in order to get a card from the deck, it is possible to fill the entire playing field much faster in order to crush the enemy. The zoologist deck is used actively by the players. The essence of tactics is to fill the battlefield with cheap creatures as quickly as possible, at the same time finishing off those that the enemy puts out, crush by quantity and gain the upper hand before the game reaches the 10 mana crystals.

zoologist warlock deck

Gul'Dan Zoologist, Hearthstone Deck

Especially effective against leytovyh players - who are strong by the end of the game, but at first are poorly protected. In addition, a zoologist will be useful for a beginner who missed all the most significant updates that enabled him to get some pretty good maps. Deck budget will look like this:

  • Scolding sergeant;
  • Demon of the Abyss;
  • Fiery Bes;
  • Overflowing power;
  • Lick Tlena;

These cards are worth 1 crystal mana, they can be played from the first turn. Next - the cost of 2 crystal:

  • Nerubian Egg;
  • Iron Beak;
  • Leader of Fierce Wolves;
  • Juggler Daggers;
  • Obsessed Crawler;

It is not always necessary to play these cards already on the second turn. Start is a good way to knock out an advantage. Therefore, it is better to play two cards worth 1 crystal.

Next come the more expensive:

  • The horror of the abyss;
  • The leader of a gang of demons;

These cards allow you to knock out the initiative by increasing the number of creatures (Leader of the gang of demons) or to strengthen the card by sacrificing two creatures (Horror Horror).

The following creatures are already 4 crystal:

  • Black iron dwarf;
  • Defender of Argus;
  • Summoner of the Abyss;
  • Mercy-free explosion;

And the last card for 5 crystals is Guardian of Terror.

Assembly of these cards in the deck does not take a lot of gold and dust, so novices will have no difficulty. Of course, cards can be replaced by alternatives.

hearthstone zoologist

Zoological strategy

It is recommended to hold in the hand of the Grave Digger, Obsessed Crawler and Fiery Demon. You can leave Leprogne or Demon of the Abyss, if you do not want to risk pulling out not very convenient cards. In the event that there is a creature that can be played this second, it is better to choose the screaming sergeant. Juggling Daggers is recommended to hold, until the moment comes a clear advantage. Otherwise, the enemy will demolish Juggler, the card will be lost in vain. If you successfully play it, it will be an excellent additional damage dealer on the battlefield. If there is a gravedigger and a sergeant in his hand, then it is recommended to play Nerubian Eggs.

Location of cards on the field

Plays a significant role. When a zoologist's deck is formed, it is necessary to take into account the presence of maps without dying grunt and any additional skills. They should be laid out first - it is not a pity to lose. When a picture about a numerical advantage is drawn more or less (although it would be on the 1 card), you can put the Leader of the Fiery Wolves in the middle so that the creatures on either side get a bonus to the attack.

Если разыгрывается более мощное существо, следует наперёд продумать, кем пожертвовать в первую очередь. Необходимо также при использовании Вожака Лютых Волков, освободить одну из его сторон от существ перед использованием заклинания Бес-пощадный взрыв, чтоб призванный бес попал на игровое поле рядом с Вожаком и получил бонус. Таковы основные рекомендации к базовой партии «Зоолог» - колода, стандартный режим которой предусматривает обычные базовые карты. О нестандартном — речь далее.

zoologist deck budget

Lok'thar Ogar!

"Victory or death!" says the orc motto. Far from every player manages to crush the zoo-deck. Especially if you fight against Jaina, which can burn one spell of all creatures whose health is below 4 or equal. And in the presence of cards that enhance the effect of spells, and above. For example, the dragon Malygos gives + 5 to spells. With Malygos on the battlefield, Jaina plays the Wave of Fire and creatures with health below 9 (or equal to this figure) are burned.

Ввиду сказанного, рекомендуется держать одну-две карты в качестве «туза в рукаве», способными восстановить за 1 ход утраченную инициативу.

One example of such cards is the Onyxia dragon. Yes, the very daughter of Deathwing. When playing a card, the entire field is filled with dragon cubs. And the dragon itself.

The budget version of the spammer is the map of Moros (can be obtained when passing the Party in Karazhan). The card has a disguise, it costs three mana crystals, spamming every turn of the Butler 1 / 1. Thanks to the disguise, Morouz can be killed only with a massive spell, which makes him a real splinter in the enemy’s soft spot, and any deck of the zoologist can also be successfully replenished.

zoologist deck standard mode

High value trumps

A similar effect has the map of the ancient god I'Sharadj - at the end of each turn pulls a card from the deck and puts it on the field. Effective if there is an invincible provocateur on the field who will take on damage until a numerical advantage is achieved.

Gul'Dan has the opportunity to get the card Lord Jaraksus. Worth 9 mana crystals. When playing, he will replace the orc with the said demon, handing the Blood Fury 3 / 8 to the place of the weapon. The hero's power will be replaced by Hell - Sammonit on the Infernal 6 / 6 battlefield. A great alternative to capturing the battlefield with powerful creatures for just 2 mana crystal (the cost of using the hero's skill).

Non-budget deck

To compile one, you will need to either create maps with the help of dust, or go through some kind of expedition. In this case, the League of Explorers.

Below is a deck of the zoologist, in parentheses are the cost of use.

2x Forbidden Ritual (0)

2 The Face of Tlén (1)

2x Overflow Power (1)

2x Scold Sergeant (1)

2 Demon of the Abyss (1)

2x Fire Demon (1)

Obsessed Peasant (1)

2x Calling Evil (2)

2 Black Archeologist (2)

Brann Bronzebeard (3)

2x The Leader of the Gang of Imps (2)

2x C'Tun's Advocate (2)

2 Member of the Council of Darkwood (3)

2x Argus Defender (4)

2x C'Tun's Chosen One (4)

The Gatekeeper of Souls (5)

Emperor Vek'Lore (7)

C'Thun (10)

Brann Bronzebeard comes from the League of Researchers. Cards such as Evil Summoner, K'Thun's Advocate, K'Thun's Chosen One, Emperor Vek'Lor, and K'Thun himself can be found in the Awakening of the Ancient Gods set.


In the HS, the zoological deck (or zoo-loka) has many variations. It is important to understand the very essence and make decks either by guides or independently using the available cards. During the game, you can spray the unnecessary to create more powerful creatures. A lot of dust can be obtained by spraying gold cards at the end of the season.

The game provides templates for creating decks of existing cards. One of the strongest decks can be created by playing for Jaina (but no one forbids using this variation in other classes), she is called Dragon Flame:

2x Chatty Book (1)

2 Manasmey (1)

2x Arcane Missiles (1)

2 The Historian of Wrath of the Void (2)

2x Ice Arrow (2)

2x Treasure Collector (2)

2x Wizard Intellect (3)

2x Wing of Darkness (3)

Fireball (4)

Transformation (4)

Twilight Dragon (4)

2x Twilight Guard (4)

2X Darkwing Wrecker (5)

2x Azure Dragon (5)

2x Wave of Fire (7)

Ice Mouth (7)

Alexstrasza (9)

Nefarian (9)

In connection with the advent of adventures such as Black Mountain, most of the dragon cards have become available. These winged differ from ordinary creatures in terms of damage and health. Therefore, it is recommended to form a deck not only from dragons, but also from creatures that receive a bonus, if there is a dragon in hand.

hs deck zoologist

It is recommended to replace the Treasure Collector with another Fireball spell, discard both the Wizard's and the Twilight Dragon's Intellect cards and add cards such as Draconid the Smasher (two copies) and Rend Blackhand to the deck. The latter will crush any card of legendary quality, if there is a dragon in hand.

В приключении «Вечеринка в Каражане» имеется неплохая карта Книгозмей — убивает существо с атакой 3 или меньше.

Good game! Lok'Narosh! For Black Mountain!

Как играть Арену Hearthstone в 2017 - Гайд для новичков !⭐

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