Where and how to find a pet in the terrarium?

Where and how to find a pet in the terrarium?

  • Pets are usually found underground, do not dig deep. In caves or something. as you can find in chests, by the way, basically hide there. You can also find pets by killing bosses. For example, after killing the Queen of Bees, you can find a bee that will fly behind you and guard you. It's very easy to call up, pull on the item's icon and it will appear. Terrarium game of the gods))

  • I must say that pets do not interact with mobs and only one pet can walk with you. All pets are immortal. Some of them can help you with the transfer of things, but mostly they are for beauty.

    On the PC version of the 24 pet, here they are all:

    1) Hand dinosaur (is invoked with mosquito in amber in the recycler)

    2) Hand hornet (called nectar)

    3) Hand-held penguin (called with a fish)

    4) Skeleton-baby (need a bone key)

    5) Snowballer (need a toy sled)

    6) Truffle baby (for the call you need a strange glowing mushroom)

    7) Hand rabbit (called with a carrot - you need a collectible version of the game)

    8) A springy eye or an oculist (you need an eye on the spring)

    9) Hand lizard (called with the help of a lizard egg)

    10) Hand parrot (requires a cracker for the parrot)

    11) Tiki-spirit (you need a tiki-totem)

    12) Hand sapling (a sprout is needed for the call)

    13) A black kitten (an unhappy ball is needed)

    14) Handheld Soul Eater (requires the Eater's Bone)

    15) Lycemonostrik (need bone beak)

    16) Hand tortoise (called with the help of seaweed)

    17) Manual spider (you need a spider's egg)

    18) Cursed tree (need damned fathoms)

    19) Mini-minotaur (for summoning tartar sauce is needed)

    20) Pumpkin (you need a magic pumpkin seeds)

    21) Baby Grinch (you need a whistle Grinch)

    22) Puppy (need dog whistle)

    23) Fish-marshmallows (with a small chance you can catch during fishing)

    24) Cube-companion (you can buy from a wandering merchant)

    In consoles and mobile phones there are 5 exclusive pets (some of them can attack the enemy):

    1) Manual bat (need a blood vessel)

    2) Guinea pig (cabbage needed)

    3) Hand slug (requires a Petri dish for summoning)

    4) Manual werewolf (need a wolf's canine)

    5) Hand-held zombies (you need a brain object)

    Also in the mobile version there are 8 pets:

    1) Android (bait - shiny black plate)

    2) Elf (festive bauble)

    3) Cupid (broken crystal heart)

    4) Leprechaun (gold pot)

    5) Golden turtle (golden seaweed)

    6) Turkey (Feather)

    7) The worm-pet (suspicious apple)

    8) The old woman (old cane)

    Each of them has its own advantages, good luck in the game!

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