Where to find scuba in GTA 5 and how to use it?

To date, the game GTA 5 is one of the best in the world, it is played by millions of gamers, and the title that she received deservedly so. The fact is that there are a huge number of different possibilities available to you both in the story passage and in the freeplay mode. For example, we can note the fact that for the first time in the GTA series, not only the terrestrial, but also the underwater world was implemented here - your character now can not only swim, but also dive, plunging under water for exploration. However, the time spent under water is limited, so that you occasionally have to float to the surface to get air into your lungs. Therefore, a very topical question arises - where to find an aqualung in the GTA 5.

Inflatable boat

where to find scuba gta in 5

So, every person who wants to go diving in this wonderful game should ask a question about where to find an aqualung in GTA 5. After all, without it, you will be very limited in movement under water, taking into account the small supply of air. To do this, you can go to the port of Elizian Island and see the rubber inflatable boats there. In one of them will be your scuba and swimming mask. Accordingly, you can take them with you to use. Now you know the answer to the question of where to find an aqualung in the GTA 5, but this is not the only point where you can go. If you are far from the port, then you can choose a different direction.


gta 5 where to find scuba gear

As you already understood, the answer to the question of where to find scuba gear in the GTA 5, is simpler than it may seem, if only because it can be found at two different points. So, if you do not want to go to the port or it is very far away, then you can consider another opportunity. The game has an abandoned dock called "Sonar Collections", next to which you can find several old submarines, which, unfortunately, can not be used. However, you can swim in one bathyscaphe, where scuba-diving with a mask will lie. That's all - now you can swim under water without any restrictions in the game GTA 5. Where to find scuba, you now know - it's time to deal with some features of its use.

Purpose of scuba

where can i find scuba gt xnumx

So, you already know where to find an aqualung in the GTA 5, but not all people understand why this is really necessary. It seems to them that it is quite possible to do without this device, exploring the earth's surface and diving only briefly. But in fact, scuba will help you a lot, because at the bottom of the ocean you can find a variety of items, such as ammo, armor, and so on. Previously, it was even possible to find cases with money, but the developers removed this possibility, since a bug was found - when switching between characters, money was restored at the bottom, that is, having two scuba gear at your disposal, you could endlessly take away treasure for yourself, switching between characters . However, without money cases you can find enough useful things under water in the GTA 5 game. Where to find an aqualung - it is clear why it is needed - as well. But how to use it?

Scuba use

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If you already have an aqualung, then you only need to sit at the wheel of the boat and then dive under the water - your character will automatically put on the aqualung, and you will be able to stay under water for an unlimited amount of time, which is very convenient. As you can see, the use of scuba does not require any additional skills or items, so you can get comfortable pretty quickly. Underwater control is not much different from what you use on land - you just need to always remember that your mobility will be a bit limited, so count your movements wisely. Especially given the fact that under water you may encounter certain dangers.

Subject improvement

During freeplay, you can only use scuba gear - this is quite convenient, and you definitely won't have to complain. But to perform one of the storyline tasks, you will be given a special plunger suit equipped with flippers - with it you will be able to maneuver much better under water and develop greater speed. But, unfortunately, this costume does not become available after completing the mission - they take it away from you and no longer allow it to be used. Many gamers were looking for a way to get a scuba diver costume on an ongoing basis, but all attempts failed. Therefore, you have no choice but to use only scuba diving. But there is nothing terrible in it, since its functionality is quite enough for a full-fledged study of the underwater world and the search for various treasures that are hidden at the bottom. A scuba diver suit is only a small bonus for a limited amount of time, so don’t waste your playing minutes searching for it - nothing will work out for you. Perhaps the developers will add it in future versions of the game or in additions to GTA 5. You already know where to find scuba, so for now, use it.

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