Where to look for answers to crossword puzzles in Classmates?

Where to look for answers to crossword puzzles in Classmates?

  • Many of us remember the times of the USSR, when crosswords used incredible popularity, which with great pleasure, especially in trains, traveling long distances, solved all the compartments, and sometimes - if they were students - even a whole car!

    After all, for people living in the most reading country in the world, this occupation was not only an opportunity to show and consolidate their knowledge in practice, but also once again to train their gray matter. And besides, this fascinating process, accompanied by witty jokes and gentle laughter, shortened the long trip to an almost instantaneous move.

    Бледными отголосками той эпохи, стали электронные версии кроссвордов и сканвордов, одними из каких и являются кроссворды в Одноклассниках, ответы на которые можно посмотреть у нас на БВ, или вот здесь.

  • Answers to solve crosswords in Odnoklassniki can be found on Online, as well as on this site, in addition, the answers can be found on the site Big question, using the search bar, which is located at the top of the page on the right.

  • Answers to scanwords in classmates can be searched on the sites providing such a service. In addition to the already proposed site http://scanpoisk.ru/ answers can be found on http://www.bjik.ru/cgi-bin/scanword_lst.pl and http://www.kotvet.ru/. It is better of course to try to solve scanners without the help of databases, and sometimes just to spy on, but even if you use databases very often, it will remain in your head, and this will bring at least some benefit, unlike many other applications offered in social networks .

  • Skanward of the day

    Answers to scanwords can be found here for example here - The day's scanner in the "Classmates".

    For any query you are interested in, you will easily find the answer and be able to guess all the necessary words.

    Here are the answers to the latest scanner, for 16 September 2013.

    Where to look for answers to crossword puzzles in Classmates?

  • The answers to crossword puzzles in Odnoklassniki and not only in this social network, but also on the scanners and crossword puzzles of other social networks, I look (if I really do not know the answer) on the site of the scan - it's here1.

    There is all the necessary information.

    1: answers to crosswords in Odnoklassniki

  • I tried to drive into the search line the phrase "quot; answers to crossword puzzles in classmates; and as a result received in the issuance of a lot of sites offering answers. You can do the same, or you can use by that site.

  • The list of questions and answers of scandvors Odnoklassniki.ru can be viewed on the site scanpoisk.ru.

    The site claims that it is possible to find answers to all Scanwords of Runet, but as far as this statement is true, I do not presume to judge.

  • First, try to expand your horizons in classmates!) Open a new tab, go to google.com enter the question of the crossword and press enter) you will see the answers and much that is useful! =)

  • Very good question. I needed an answer and when I was looking for it, the site brought me a big question. But apart from the fact that all the answers to the game can be found here, there is still a good site with all the answers, here I give you a site where there is answers to the game.

  • You can see the answers to Crosswords in Classmates here or here.

    Yes, this is the same site, only the numbers of crosswords are different there. I wish you a successful game and solving such complex crossword puzzles!

    But still, do not go to him for every word =) First decide what you know, and then it's already possible and a difficult word to peek. Otherwise, what is the meaning of crossword puzzles?

  • In fact, this is one of the most exciting and long-lasting games on the Internet, and probably not only in the Internet, as in bookshops and kiosks, and even in trains carry fresh releases of crossword puzzles to any taste ...

    It's on the game in the "Crosswords"; in the network Odnoklassniki most probably normal resources on the prompts of answers to new levels will be this one broker, the image of the crossword is laid out on the nm, and also in the text format in order, and even with questions ...

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