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The series "Heroes of Might and Magic" is known throughout the world, since it was he who became the trendsetter in the world of turn-based strategies. We can safely say that these particular games became the progenitors of this genre. Naturally, there are people who believe that the laurels should go to King's Bounty. This project appeared earlier and was also extremely popular. However, it was “Heroes” who were able to develop the idea and turn into a full-fledged series, which set the tone for how the turn-based strategy developed in the future. The third episode is considered classic and most successful. He has the maximum number of fans and is truly a role model. Naturally, the episode did not stop at this episode, the fourth and fifth parts were already released, and the sixth is also being prepared. In this article you can learn something about the project "Heroes 5 of Might and Magic", passing it for different characters, which is also impressive, although it is very different from the original games.

Campaign for people

heroes xnumx sword and magic passing

Begins in the game "Heroes 5 of Might and Magic" passing for the human race. You have to take on the role of the queen, who is fighting to preserve their country. In the first mission, you first need to hire hundreds of peasants, then get another 25 swordsmen, and with these forces capture the garrison. The second mission is called “Riot”: you will need to capture the first castle in one week, gather an army of hundreds of archers, and then capture the main enemy castle.

The task "Siege" will begin with the stripping of the territory from the enemy small detachments of troops, after which you will have to create the Order of the Paladins and defeat the main army of the enemy. In the mission "Trap" you will need to meet with the Count's army, join forces to capture the castle, after which you need to maximally pump the Mages Guild in this castle and then go to the Prophet.

Well, the last task will be slightly different - here you will first play for Godric, who will save the Queen, after which you will need to capture the castle and hold it, as well as save Lord Nicholas from death. As you can see, in the game "Heroes of 5 of Might and Magic" the passage is quite exciting, the plot is unban, but the most interesting is that there are several more campaigns ahead.

Campaign for demons

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In the game "Heroes of 5 of Might and Magic," the passage will surprise you - right after the campaign for people, the storyline for demons begins. In the first mission you will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with this race and defeat the enemy hero. The second task offers a little more variety, but your goal is to still beat the enemy's hero.

In the third mission you will have to invade the Sacred Forest and kill the Druids. In the fourth task you will need to defeat all opponents on the way and seize the ship - you will need it in the next mission. The final task is largely sea. On a captured ship, you will visit several islands and destroy the creatures living there. The game "Heroes 5" offers you a variety of tasks that will be even more exciting in the next campaign.

Campaign to undead

5 magic characters

The game "Heroes 5" would not be a full continuation of the series, if it was not a race of necromancers. In the first task for the undead you need to get to the castle, while avoiding meeting with the enemy, and at the end with a normal army to repel the attack of the enemy. The second task is even more interesting - to find the lost mysterious city and completely rebuild it. In the third mission you will be engaged in preparation for large-scale actions - you will need to get three powerful artifacts and gather an army of twenty bone dragons.

In the fourth mission, using the received power, it will be easy for you to find and defeat the most powerful enemy hero. Well, the last task - the cherry on the cake - you need to get another artifact, then attack the enemy's capital and kidnap the king's daughter, taking her to your city. In the game "Heroes 5" magic plays a very important role that you can fully feel in this campaign.

League of Shadows

heroes of the sword and magic 5 lords of the horde passage

The next campaign is a new hero, a new race. And this despite the fact that there is also a supplement called "Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Lords of the Horde", the passage of which opens you to a new race. But for now, it’s better to focus on the main storyline. In the first mission you will need to pass tests, including in the arena. The second is a meeting with your future partner, Malsara. In the third task, try to survive in the raid at the very beginning of the mission, after which you must destroy the blue player. The fourth mission is a real masterpiece, as it is a maze, from which you will need to get out no later than two months. But on your way there is an obstacle - an enemy demon hero who can be defeated only with proper pumping. Well, in the last mission you need to save Isabel - that's all.

Campaign for the Ranger

Here in the first task is required to keep the border, not crossing it. In the second mission, your task is to capture two enemy castles. The third task is a little easier, as you will need to seize the castle, hold it in the course of several assaults, and then go to rescue two heroes. In the fourth mission, you can find another hero, or rather, a lifeless body, and then investigate this murder. Well, in the last mission you will need to kill Lord Nicholas, this game will end.

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Heroes of Might and Magic. The history of the great series

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