Game Drag Racing: tuning gearbox on all cars

The game Drag Racing is very popular nowadays with many users of mobile devices on the Android platform. If you are the owner of such a device and often visit the Play Market, then you probably more than once had to deal with the mentioned project. The most important parameter for achieving success is the gearbox, because only after carrying out the necessary transformations over it will you be able to defeat your rivals. The settings of the gearbox in the game Drag Racing for all cars are not so easy to guess, but in fact it is quite real. And if you plan to continue to participate in these competitions, then you will sooner or later have to do it. The fact is that for each car, as well as for its gear, you will need to set certain parameters. This applies not only speed, but also acceleration. It also indicates the moment of switching from one gear to another, all this should occur at a certain indicator of revolutions. All these factors are very important for the victory over serious opponents.

A special approach

drag racing tuning gearbox on all carsIn Drag Racing, setting up a gearbox for all cars can take you a lot of time. But still, if everything is done correctly, in the end you will be able to come to good performance and easily contend with even strong opponents. As you have probably already understood, success will depend entirely on the correct setting of the gearbox in the game. In addition, for each car to set the parameters to be individually.

Only forward

Gearbox settings in drag racing for all carsThe most interesting thing in “Drag Racing” is that you have no chance to perform tricks, for example, bypassing the opponent on the turn or cutting him, because in most cases races are held in a straight line and everything depends only on your dexterity and the right gearbox. If Drag Racing is used on Android, the machine settings (PPC) for some players are incredibly difficult. This refers to the process itself. Therefore, if you make the installation of parameters, according to all the rules, then ultimately you will be able to win races from such participants, and at the same time they will not even understand how you do it. In Drag Racing, setting up a gearbox for all cars (4x4) plays an important role, but you probably already were able to understand that every car needs not only high-quality installations, but also various improvements. In particular, it concerns power. When in Drag Racing tuning gearbox for all cars will be done, you need to improve vehicles In addition, you should learn to easily and deftly manage them.


drag racing game for android tuning cars gearbox
If you have a lot of cars in the game Drag Racing, setting the gearbox on all cars will be mandatory for you, of course, if you plan to use all your vehicles in the races. At any time, you can even independently test the settings you have set and choose the best option. Note that the application can be hacked using a special program GameKiller. The table in this article will greatly facilitate the configuration process.

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