Hearthstone Game: Create Cards

The genre of collectible card games has its own, incomparable circle of fans. Tactical battles, the ability to win against a stronger opponent, despite his clear superiority, excitement and luck - all this makes each game not like the previous one. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining cards is highly dependent on the randomness, but even in such cases, you can take your luck.

hearthstone card making


The main way to replenish the collection in Hearthstone is to create sets of cards. This service is worth 100 units of game gold. At the same time you get five random cards from the specified set at once.

At the moment, the player can purchase three types of sets:

  • "Classic" - contains the main cards for the game. This kit is active from the very beginning of the project’s existence and has not changed in all of its time (except for minor edits).
  • "Big Tournament" - the set that was released last but one. Due to the new development policy next season may be removed. Therefore, more experienced players with large collections are trying to acquire it.
  • "The Awakening of the Ancient Gods" - was added with the latest update. The most current deck at the moment, which is used in standard mode with the "Classic".

In fact, this is an ordinary purchase, well, or a game in a casino. You are guaranteed a win, but the size depends only on His Majesty the occasion. If you transfer to real money, then one set costs from 75 rubles (if you take 2 pieces). The more packaging you buy, the more discount you will get. For 60 kits will have to pay 3500 rubles (58 rubles. Unit).

It is incredibly difficult to get legendary cards this way because of the number of items in the decks. Players have the opinion that bundles bought for real money are more likely to have good cards, but such statements are not backed up by anything.

hearthstone card making simulator


For those who want to learn in practice how the random-play system functions in the game, one of the users has developed a Hearthstone card-making simulator. In it, you can either create your own card from scratch, or try to open sets online.

This is a good way to understand how the mechanics of random numbers, and how difficult it is to get rare cards in your deck. Created in this simulator samples are placed in a special gallery. But we hurry to upset you - the developers do not look there, and the projects of the maps remain in the gallery, not getting into the game.


For gamers who have experience in card games and have learned the basics of tactics, there is an alternative that is better than the direct creation of cards. Hearthstone has a special mode called the Arena. The entrance there is worth only 150 gold, but the reward can be just overwhelming.

On it you will be asked to choose one of three heroes and collect a deck of random cards for him (you will also choose one of the three). With this deck you will fight with similar opponents to three defeats. The more matches you win, the more reward you will get.

As we mentioned in Hearthstone, making maps is worth 100 gold. In the arena, even with all lost matches, you will receive at least one set and a little bit of magic dust (about it a bit later). With three wins, you are already guaranteed to get the 2 recruitment and fully pay for participation in the arena.

hearthstone creation


In Hearthstone, map creation is not limited to their number. Although there may be a maximum of two identical cards in the deck (regardless of the rim), they can be used in different assemblies, and storing more than two copies is simply impractical. However, when buying sets, you can get extra copies.

Cards obtained in excess of the norm, can be disassembled to magic dust. It turns out a little, but with time you can directly craft the cards you need from it. Unfortunately, this method is not applicable to new collections, and allows you to create only old samples. So, in Hearthstone, creating maps is a long and difficult task that will require a lot of exposure and nerves from the player, when time after time he creates a useless “Wandering Light”.


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