Game console - what is it?

Most gamers have become accustomed to the existence of the console in computer games and perceive it as given. However, at the same time, they do not think about what the console is all about, where it comes from in various projects and what it is originally needed for. Therefore, in this article the game console will be analyzed in more detail - what it is and how to use it. Naturally, this is all theoretical knowledge, without which you can always do well. But it is always much more pleasant to know what exactly you are using and for what purposes.

What is a console?

So, start with the simplest: the console - what is it? This is the window that opens when you press a certain key or key combination. In it, you can enter text or a set of characters to obtain specific effects in the game itself. Most often, the console is a narrow strip, which absolutely does not interfere with the gameplay itself and does not close the screen, but in some games it may expand to the full screen at once, because it contains a large amount of information that you may need to use.

console what is it

Well, now you at least know what the console looks like. What is it and how did it come about? You will find answers to these questions below.

Testing tool

No one ever thinks about where the console comes from in games. Everyone perceives it as given, but if you really think about it, then serious questions may arise. Indeed, why do we need a console? What it is? Why can gamers use it?

how to open the console

In fact, in most cases, the console is a tool for testing the game, that is, it is intended for developers and testers. Sometimes in the process of creating a game you need to check some features, but it is necessary to do this under certain conditions. And in order not to create such conditions every time, a console is added to the game. You register a specific command in it, thereby creating the conditions necessary for you, after which you freely test the objects you need. In most games, the console remains, and gamers can then use it. Many teams do not need them at all and may not be useful in the process of the game, but some may still bring some benefit. Therefore, everyone should know how to open the console.

Opening and using the console

If you decide that you need commands that you can enter only in the console, then you immediately have a problem - where can you find it? In fact, everything is quite simple, because in most games it is called the same. How to open the console? To do this, you need to press the ~ key, which is popularly called "tilde". Somewhere in 75 percent of games, the console, if there is one, opens with this particular key. Then you can enter various symbols in the opened field, which ultimately add up to commands.

command console

When you press the Enter button, your request is processed, and the game changes depending on which particular command you have registered.

Hidden console

In search of how to enter the necessary command, many gamers break the keyboard and break computer tables. Consoles are not always on the surface and in direct accessibility. First, they can be called by another key or even key combinations - here it happens at the request of the developer. However, in some cases, the developer disables the console by creating a competent config, so that users cannot use the debug mode. Then you have to apply the skill of owning a computer and independently make changes to the console file so that it works again. console tablesThis is often not very difficult to do - you just need to find the config file among the game files, and find the line in it that is responsible for activating the console. After that you can use it without any restrictions or any difficulties.

Commands and cheats

If you are not yet in the know: mainly commands are entered into the console, which allow you to discover hidden opportunities, to make micro changes in the game itself. However, very often there are cases when the console is used for cheating - this is very unpleasant, because the developers clearly did not mean this mode as a way to achieve success by dishonest means. Although it is worth noting that in the old games, the developers themselves even placed certain codes for the console that gamers could use. No one forces you to do this, so you can safely skip the cheats and codes you no longer need. But everyone can use them, as they are to some extent "legitimized."

Another thing is when some gamers use different forbidden commands to stand out. Piracy in games today is so developed that it did not disregard the commands in the console. However, those who wish to succeed through dishonesty should remember one thing. Developers also show creativity. And cheaters just do not fall into the table of records. And if they still do, they will certainly with some shameful mark of cheating, telling everyone that the player achieved this result not with his own efforts, but with the help of “left” commands.


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