How to fix the error: “The entry point to the procedure is not found”?

All software is gradually developing, so there are new versions and options. This also applies to operating systems such as Windows. Constantly there are new versions that have advanced functionality, so the creators of software and games are already guided by new versions of the OS. Accordingly, the old ones are gradually forgotten, and it becomes increasingly difficult to solve the errors associated with them. For example, if you have the Windows XP operating system installed, then there is a chance that you will encounter the error: "The entry point to the procedure was not found." How to cope with it? What can be done if this trouble happened to you?

What is the problem?

procedure entry point

First of all, you need to deal with the fact when you may receive an error message: "The procedure entry point was not found." Everything is quite simple, since this error appears in the only case - during the system boot process. As mentioned earlier, you must have Windows XP operating system installed, since this error is typical only for this OS. So, when your system is booting up, a message suddenly appears that the entry point to the procedure was not found with a single button that you can click on - “OK”. When you click on it, the screen becomes completely white, only the cursor remains on it, that is, the mouse works, but you cannot click on anything. Also, the keyboard is turned off, so you can not use any of the emergency combinations.

The reason?

entry point to the procedure except

If you see an error message in front of you: "The procedure entry point was not found", then you need to know that the reason is that the system buffer is full, but it cannot be cleared. The fact is that sometimes a virus or additional software can be installed on a computer, and this will affect the Msvcrt.dll file - a system library that has a function called resetstkoflw that is responsible for triggering the buffer flush when it overflows. Another version may not contain this feature, and therefore such a problem arises. As a matter of fact, this error may concern not only the operating system, but also other programs - then the message “Entry point to Except procedure not found” will appear, that is, the name of the procedure will be replaced. The reasons for this are still the same - replacing the required file with another that cannot clear the buffer. But the operating system example is the brightest, so special attention should be paid to it.

The main stage

stalker entry point to the procedure

The very first thing you need to do is to find the original version of the file, which is responsible for restoring a full buffer. It does not matter here, it is a question of an operating system or a computer game, for example, the Stalker project. "The entry point to the procedure was not found" - this is a very common mistake that can be found in many places. But the solution to it is only one - you need to access the original file and replace it with one that does not contain the desired function. This action will help you to get rid of the error "The entry point to the procedure was not found." Naturally, in the case of computer games, this will be quite simple, since the system is already loaded, and you can carry out various actions with it. But if the problem arose with the operating system, you will need to do a more complex chain of actions.

Шаг первый

procedure entry point not found

Well, something unpleasant happened, and your Windows XP operating system does not start for the reason described above - how to fix it? "The entry point to the procedure is not found" - this is an error that will not allow you to do anything when you see a white screen in front of you. Accordingly, you need to act earlier. Insert your OS disk into the drive and boot from it, not from the hard disk — to do this, you need to change the boot priority in the BIOS settings. When this is done, you can boot the system from the disk, not from your hard drive, which will allow you to take certain actions to correct the unpleasant situation.

Шаг второй

Как исправить ошибку: "Точка входа в процедуру не найдена"?

Unfortunately, the recovery of the file you need is far from the easiest process, you will have to perform it through the recovery console. Error: "The entry point to the procedure is not found" can cause you a lot of trouble, so it is recommended to always have a backup copy of the file you need on a removable media. If you don’t have it, launch the recovery console when you see the welcome message of the operating system installation wizard on the screen. This is done by pressing the R button. Naturally, they will not allow you access, so you have to do some more work.

Step Three

entry point to convertinterfaceluidtoguid procedure not found

Now you will need to enter the installation key, which will give you access to the console - otherwise you will fail. Most often, these keys are written on the disc packaging or on the disc itself. If you have a virtual copy of the disk, then you get the key in a text file. But you should pay attention to the fact that with the help of a virtual disk you will not be able to do this whole operation, since you need to download it from the finished system, and you cannot get there now.

Step Four

error procedure entry point

Given the fact that you will still change the parameters of your current operating system, you will also have to access it. To do this, you will need to enter a computer name, as well as an administrator password. The task is simplified if you have open access to the computer and do not have a password - then you just need to go to the next and final step. If the password is present, you will need to enter it, otherwise you will not be able to do further actions, which will save you from the problem. As you can see, if you have an error; "The entry point to the Convertinterfaceluidtoguid procedure was not found," that is, if it relates to any other procedure, the problem becomes much less serious. But if we are talking about the operating system, then prepare for serious work. But fortunately, now comes its final stage.

Step Five

Finally, you are in the recovery console, where you will need to use certain commands, which will eventually lead to what you wanted - to restore the original version of the file. Go to the desired partition using the cd system32 command, and then take up the step-by-step process of removing the new version of the file and restoring it from the disk that is inserted into your drive. If everything is entered correctly, and the process is completed successfully, then you can get the disk and load the operating system without any problems. If you change the boot priority in the BIOS, then you will need to look there again, otherwise your computer will try to boot your operating system from the drive, not from your hard drive. That's all, you coped with the restoration of the file, which will now clear the buffer when it is filled, thereby protecting your computer from the danger of re-occurring such a problem. But if something happens, then now you know how to act, so you can deal with the problem pretty quickly - you just need to have a Windows XP disc or a removable media with the original version of the one you need. a file.

Windows XP support

However, first of all you should think not about how to bypass the Windows XP operating system, but about how you can do without it. The fact is that in 2014, Microsoft officially announced that it no longer provides official support for this OS, that is, technical support does not work for it, updates are not released to it, and so on. Simply put, this operating system is completely outdated and out of circulation - you can use it, but you cannot get it again. Accordingly, you'd better think about changing the OS to one of the new versions - especially considering that Windows 7 has gained incredible popularity and is no worse, but only much better than XP. But if you are not yet ready to change the OS, then you should better study this manual so that if a similar problem arises you will have no questions.

Точка входа в процедуру SetDefaultDllDirectories не найдена в библиотеке dll kernel32 dll

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