How to change video format on computer - detailed description

Most users of modern technology sooner or later think about the question "how to change the video format on a computer." Many people need to change the format for watching movies on a new iPhone, someone for a portable console, and someone who has a DVD player reads video files only in AVI. There are a lot of reasons, but the main thing is that you are faced with this problem. And there are many ways to solve it. But, before we tell you how to change the video format on a computer, it would not hurt to get some additional information.

how to change video format on computer

Basic video formats

  • AVI is the most popular and common option today. Often is built-in for phones and camcorders (that is, they record video immediately in this format). The main advantage is the small size of the finished file. But, unfortunately, the quality suffers from this. Therefore, it is recommended to transfer not particularly important video to this format. Also, AVI is suitable for distribution on the Internet.
  • WMV - can be said competitor AVI. There are no special differences. In terms of quality, they are both about the same, and they appeared at about the same time. The only thing WMV bypasses AVI is file size. He is a little less.
  • MP4 is a good format, at least in what surpasses the previous video quality. But another undoubted advantage is the ability to “embed” several audio tracks, for example, different translations of the film. It turns out a kind of container that is convenient to use for your home collection. The only minus is already quite a large file to change video format to mp4
  • MKV is a great format that can fit not only video in Full-HD, but also several audio tracks, and a bunch of subtitles as well. At the same time allows you to switch between all this wealth right during playback. That's just for people with limited disk space there is not a very pleasant surprise - video files of this format take up a lot of space. For example, a simple movie that lasts an hour and a half in AVI will take approximately 700 megabytes, while in MKV it will take about 2,5 gigabytes. The difference is almost four times, but it is more than paying off with video quality.

And now it’s worth remembering one rule. From a file with high quality you can always make a file with a smaller one, and vice versa - never. So, if you're just wondering how to change the video format from MP4 to AVI, this is one question. It is easy! But to improve the quality of AVI will not work, you can not even bother.

Choosing a change method

how to change video format on avi computerWe will continue to consider the answer to the question: “How can I change video on a computer?” Let's consider several solutions.

The first is online converters. A simple and understandable way in which you do not have to break your head over the process. But to use it, you need a fast Internet connection and a tariff with a large amount of traffic. The scheme of work looks like this: first, your video is uploaded to the website-converter, then the video is converted and the video with the changed format is downloaded. With a slow internet connection, this process can take a very long time.

The second option is to use one of the many well-known converter programs. We will focus on some of them.

Freemake Video Converter

how to change video format from mp4 to avi

This is a free video converter that will easily cope with our task, namely: how to change the video format to MP4, AVI, or for mobile video. If we run the program, we will see a window where we need to add the file we want to change. And then we look down and decide what we want to get. Before us is a series of symbols, among which we have to choose. For example, if the video is needed for your iPhone, then you need to click on the icon of an incomplete apple, well, you can figure it out with the rest by analogy. Anyway, after clicking on a symbol, the program will do everything itself.


"VideoMASTER" is a program of our fellow countrymen, which has recently become more and more popular. It is positioned as a powerful video converter, with the ability to work with almost any format (the most popular ones are certainly present), as well as DVD recording. Moreover, this program enjoys well-deserved popularity not only among ordinary users, but also among experienced users, who themselves will easily tell how to change the video format on a computer to avi and so on. It is also worth noting a very interesting feature of DVD-ripping. Of course, ordinary users, as a rule, do not need it, but the advanced ones will definitely say “Thank you” to the developers.

Well, for those who do not want to particularly think about the process, this program has prepared about 350 ready profiles (presets) with already configured parameters. Just select and click the "Convert" icon. Another advantage of the program is to work with several files at the same time.

For an experienced user, here is the expanse of various video settings, starting with the frame rate and ending with the choice of audio track bitrate with volume control.

Also "VideoMASTER" allows you to prepare ready-made FLW and SWF-video files with a player built into them, which is perfect for site owners or those who run their blog. Well, I don’t even want to talk about editing individual video fragments, because our main task is how to change the video format on a computer, and we will not deviate much from it.

Nero Vision

And how to change the video format in Nero, if you can not use the online converters and download the program you want? Nero Vision is usually present in Nero Multimedia Suite. And this program is quite functional and quite capable of working feats.

The feature of this software is step by step. After launch, we will be offered several options for action - create video discs, catch video from an external source and save the video file to a hard disk.

how to change video format in nero


And in order to start editing, just click the "Create" button and select the desired file. You can edit the standard settings, such as color balance, brightness, and so on. After that, it is possible to create a disc menu. If you do not see the need to install it, you can skip this point, moving on. And here is the most interesting. Just take and save the video in the format we need. And you're done!

How to change video format from MKV to AVI

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