How do I find a Word document by content?

How do I find a Word document by content?

  • To be able to search for text Word documents by content, you need to perform additional search settings.

    I'll tell you how to do this in the Windows 8 operating system.

    It is necessary in the search parameters in the section "Additional parameters"; select the item "Contents of files".

    How do I find a Word document by content?

    After that, the search will be performed not only in the file headers, but also in the documents too. Although it will take more time.

    Therefore, it is better to search in the folder where the required document is stored.

  • In an extreme case, if the documents on the computer are few, you can open each document and search in it. After opening, press ctrl + F. Then insert your phrase or words and if nothing is found, open the next document.

  • I rummaged through a lot of information about this issue.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, it was not necessary to give users of the operating system Windows 7 Change the search conditions for files, as it was before.

    Moreover, even a normal search works only with indexed files, that is, with those already opened on the computer, and only by the file name.

    But I found a solution.

    Open the explorer with the search dialog box (usually by pressing the key F3 with the active desktop):

    How do I find a Word document by content?

    In the left tab quot; Organizequot; Choose quot; Folder and search parameters;.

    Next, go to the tab quot; Search;, and in the open window we change quot;What to look forquot; active position on "Always look for file names and content";.

    How do I find a Word document by content?

    After this procedure, the search will work by the name of the file, and by content, but a little longer.

    PS Using the file manager Total Commander To search for files by content, you can also use (thanks for the advice Delka )).

  • There is a program specially designed for this, called Total Commander. This utility will be able to find the file located in the computer by its contents. It's very convenient when you forget the name of the document. I often use this program. In addition to everything in Total Commander for search, you can also set other criteria: the document extension, the date of its last adjustment, and so on.

  • The easiest way to use TotalKomander on older OSes and standard search allows you to find the words in a document in seven, I did not see it.

  • In the folder option, it's worthwhile to put a "look" in the names and the contents of documentsquot ;. It is then that a full-fledged search will begin not only for hard disk partitions, but also for a more thorough search in the folders themselves, and then in the documents for the context that you have entered into the explorer's search string. It is extremely convenient for students to find the same title page, which was previously named instead of the "title sheet", named 105445 and the like. But the search engine immediately finds it according to the context of your school or the main heading. Also if you are looking for a statement that describes the problem of housing and communal services and the like.

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