How to update the driver on the computer

As a rule, most of the problems are not delivered to the user by the “curve” of the software or the operating system, but by the driver or their lack. For example, the lack of a sound driver will make your PC mute, and if there are no video drivers, then the games simply will not start, producing a variety of errors.

update driver on computer

Let's try to figure out how to update all the drivers on the computer in the most painless way, taking into account the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary users about certain products. Let's start with the fact that there is a very mixed software for updating or installing drivers that will not only help you get your equipment to work correctly, but in some cases will automatically update the entire database of existing programs.

DriverPack Solution

One of the most popular, and judging by the reviews, the best programs in order to update the drivers on the computer. You can get this software on the official developer site, where the original is presented as an ISO image (for a virtual disk), which can be opened with the help of special utilities: Demon Tools or Alcohol 120%.

update drivers on computer

It is important to note that you can use the program even on those computers that are not connected to the Internet, and this is a significant plus, because most similar utilities often require a network connection. After you install your PC program and run it, it will automatically scan your system and provide a detailed report on the presence or absence of drivers. The user need only tick the places where he wants to make the update, or alternatively, click on the button “Update drivers on the computer”.

After 10-15 minutes, the latest software will be installed on your computer. It rarely happens that some specific items require manual intervention, if there are no necessary drivers in the "Solution" database. Also it is worth warning users: before the first launch of this utility, it is strongly recommended to make a system restore point (just in case).

Driver Booster

Very good and fully Russified utility in order to update the drivers on your computer. The program is executed in two versions - free and commercial. The software will scan your system relatively quickly for the presence of old driver versions (or lack thereof), and moreover, it will indicate which items are most critical at this moment. That is what needs to be updated first.

update the driver on the computer program

Pleases in the program that the whole process can be put into automatic mode - clicked on the button “update drivers on the computer automatically” and the utility itself will create a control point. And in the background will install the necessary programs, while you go about your business. For those who very often work with databases of drivers, that is, installers or service workers, this program will become an indispensable assistant. But ordinary users can take it into service, so to understand the functionality will not be difficult.

Driver Checker

This program is simply a find for those who, for one reason or another, like to reinstall operating systems, and at the same time want to update the driver on the computer. Imagine that you need to install another OS, and there wasn’t a single driver installation package at hand. This software allows you to save all existing drivers in the system (backup), and then at any convenient time for the user to restore them from the archive, which is extremely useful and convenient.

update drivers on computer automatically

With the functionality of the program will understand any user, especially since many of the necessary items are performed automatically. After launch, the software itself will offer to scan the entire system for outdated programs and then provide a detailed report on what exactly is installed and whether it needs updating.

Slim drivers

Pretty simple and, most importantly, free utility that helps you update the driver on your computer. It does not have the opportunities that the previous respondents shine with. It is not capable of working in the background, but it copes well with its primary task. The utility will scan your computer for old and missing driver versions, giving a detailed list of problem items. By selecting the right, you can update it.


An interesting and extremely smart program to update the driver on the computer. In normal mode, the scan time does not exceed 20 seconds, and this is a very good result compared to the similar software.

how to update all the drivers on the computer

The developer has provided two versions of the utility - commercial and free, and for home needs there is enough free-version, as they say, “for the eyes”. A paid PRO expansion is rather for service departments and those who like to reinstall operating systems every day.

Even despite the fact that the utility interface is in English (there are amateur translations on third-party resources), it will not be difficult to deal with its functionality. As well as in the first cases, at startup a full system scan will be offered with a subsequent report. By the way, the report looks extremely detailed and clear. The software will provide recommendations for updating and remind you of critical driver problems.

Summing up

Many may argue that such programs are cluttering up the system, and you can update the driver on a computer through the developer’s official website. In principle, yes, but only if you know, for example, a model or manufacturer of your video card, and the underlying drivers happened to be in the operating system.

And if your device is so specific or just plain old that it is simply not possible to find a brand or manufacturer, and the support of this gadget can be terminated by the supplier. It was then that such kind of utilities come to help, which will help your device to work correctly and without failures. In addition, a significant advantage of this kind of software is the ease of installing the necessary drivers, since manually adjusting the work of a dozen devices is still a chore.

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