How can I clean my computer of viruses without an antivirus program?

How can I clean my computer of viruses without an antivirus program?

  • I thank everyone for their attention to my question, and various are interesting variants of the proposed solutions.

    Like many of you, until recently, I used antiviruses and tried to determine the best of them, but ultimately decided to abandon their use in order to save time. Indeed, in any case, not one of these programs does not guarantee maximum protection of the PC, but only significantly slows down its operation.

    Of course, quite actively working on the network, no, no, and will stumble upon a worm or rootkit, so once I feel that my computer or laptop is not working with the usual power - I start the system recovery.

    As it seems to me, this option is the most optimal because of its lightness, extraordinary speed (3 - 4 minutes), and most importantly - the safety of all the programs you installed.

    To regenerate the system, just go to the Start menu, then - all programs - standard - service - system recovery, and choose the date in which you think that your electronic device was infected with the virus. If that does not work, repeat the process, but select an earlier recovery point and the problem will be fixed!

    A computer. Antivirus.

  • If you clean your computer from viruses without antivirus (the phrase is funny) you need to quickly, then the only way: a full reinstallation of the operating system.

    You can clean it slowly, delete virus files and paths in the registry by hand.

    No other way.

  • Alternatively, you can use portable anti-viruses, like DrWeb CureIt. However, the antivirus should still be installed on Windows OS, so as not to pick up any nasty things on the Internet. Better yet, go to Ubuntu, this is an excellent operating system, the computer will not need an antivirus, and will also work much faster.

  • Without an antivirus, you can not clean the computer of viruses, you can not distinguish the infected file from normal, even comparing it with the same from a proven system. Well, except that quickly formatting the system drive and the system bay from scratch from the image (the whole operation takes about half an hour, and maybe even less).

  • If the task is to remove viruses without an antivirus program, then, probably, there is only 2 method. Formatting the C / disks (as an option, reinstalling the OS) and manual removal. But for the second option we need non-weak special knowledge.

    Sometimes the rollback to an earlier recovery point can help. Of course, one must take into account possible losses from the applied variant.

    With the key condition quot; fast quot; -only the option of formatting the drive C. Other options I do not see.

  • Personally, I have only one thought on this matter. Without an antivirus, one hundred percent will help get rid of the virus reinstalling the operating system. Other methods without an antivirus may not be effective in all cases. Trying to search for files and delete manually is a very conditional option, because you can skip, so even more files a whole bunch can be.

  • In fact, it is possible. And not a banal full reinstall of the system, and not a restoration of the state of the system to an earlier date (often it is, this recovery is impossible because of what was not included), but really manually.

    But this requires a lot of experience and a little luck. Experience - in order to find an unnecessary process (virus) and unnecessary lines in the system registry (launching the virus when the computer boots), when you have been professionally engaged in computers for many years - you simply know what should be there and what should not. As a truck farmer in his garden sees weeds between cultivated plants, approximately.

    Luck is needed in order for these quot; weeds; to see it was possible. Sometimes hide so that you will not see.

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