How to disable offline mode? Instruction

If you have the ability to open the site without an internet connection, you can work using offline mode. But in this case, you will be able to open only those resources that have already been viewed before. So that you understand what is at stake, imagine that you have read some article on the Internet. After a while, you decided to do it again, but the connection was interrupted. In this case, the offline mode is activated.

how to disable offline mode

Your computer has the ability to memorize some pages of visited sites. Offline mode in this case will allow them to open with an inactive Internet connection. However, previously visited sites will not always open in this mode.

Now, when almost every apartment has unlimited Internet, this mode is practically not used, however, in cases when you need to pay for each megabyte, it will be very useful. So if the issue of economical use of traffic is relevant for you, you can periodically activate this feature. True, users may encounter another problem. It so happens that when launching the browser, you receive from it a message that it is impossible to open a particular site due to the active offline mode.

chrome offline

Talk about how to turn off offline mode in some common browsers. For example, in Opera, during an attempt to switch to some resource, you will see on the display a message stating that this mode is currently active, therefore it is impossible to work with sites. After that, you will be given instructions on how to turn off offline mode. To do this, you must click on the retry button and reload your page. After these actions, this mode should turn off, and the site you need will load.

As for such a popular browser as Chrome, there is no offline mode in it, so there will never be such problems there. I do not know why the developers felt that it is not useful to users. Perhaps in the future, this feature will be implemented in it.

mode, offline steam mode

As for how to disable offline mode in another well-known browser, which is called Mazil, this procedure is similar to the opera one. But you can still do this without waiting for such warnings. To do this, you need to call the menu through the "File" tab, in which you uncheck the box in the offline work.

In Opera, this is done by pressing the menu button, which is located in the topmost line, and there you have to click on the settings section, in which you can deactivate the autonomous operation. Also, this browser has another way to turn off offline mode. In the Opera, you can use the function inherent only in it of the removal of various buttons on the panel. So do it with a button that is responsible for this mode.

We discussed with you what is offline mode in browsers, what it is for, how to disable it. Just do not confuse this feature with the same in some games. Offline Steam mode has nothing to do with this. The names are really very similar, but this is the only similarity.

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