How to disable the touchpad on a laptop?

This question was asked by many. And it's not even that it is much more convenient to work with a mouse. Just if there is a mouse, then there is no point in the touchpad. It only uselessly absorbs energy. In addition, it is very inconvenient to type text with the touchpad enabled. One wrong move, and all the work can go down the drain. Therefore, you need to be able to disable the touchpad on a laptop. There are many ways to do this. And we consider them all. For not every way will fit the specific device. Also consider options for disabling the touchpad for different operating systems.

disable the touchpad on the laptop

What is a touchpad?

The touchpad is the same touch pad that replaces the mouse in laptops. They have to use it only when it is absolutely impossible to connect the mouse to the laptop. There are many reasons for this: there are no free ports or there is no possibility to use the mouse due to lack of space. In any case, the touchpad comes to the rescue. He has a bunch of useful features. Even in spite of the fact that it is not quite convenient to use it.

how to disable the touchpad on asus laptop

The functions supported by the standard touchpad include gestures, multi-touch, and support for multi-finger scrolling. The touch panel is a multifunctional device, although not very convenient. Therefore, most users tend to use the mouse as the main working tool. Therefore, it will be useful to know how to disable the touchpad on a laptop. For different laptops have their own characteristics. So, let's begin.

Lenovo laptops

These laptops are characterized by good technical characteristics and a decent level of performance. It goes without saying that in such laptops there are hot keys to turn off this or that equipment. There are buttons for turning off Wi-Fi, the display, multimedia keys. Naturally, there is also a button for turning off the touchpad. Of course, the key combination may differ from model to model. But on each key there are icons that display a particular device.

how to disable the touchpad on a laptop lenovo

In most Chinese laptops, the touchpad is turned off with the Fn + F6 keyboard shortcut. The final key may vary, but the functional Fn remains unchanged. Here's how to turn off the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop. However, hotkeys do not always work. Especially if you are using the tenth version of the operating system from Microsoft. With this brainchild of Satya Nadella will have to tinker. But this will be written below. Now for the other laptops.

HP Notebooks

The products of this American company are well known in our country. Laptops are famous for their performance, quality of performance and affordable prices. These devices also have functional buttons that allow you to easily disable certain components of the laptop. So how to disable the touchpad on an HP laptop? In the same way as the "Lenovo". Only the key combination is different.

If your laptop doesn’t have a touchpad mute key, then you can do this “trick with your ears”: tap twice on the upper left corner of the touchpad. In some models, it turns off that way. In any case, even if it didn’t help, then below you will learn how to disable the touchpad using the operating system. These are the features of HP laptops, and nothing can be done about it. We'll have to adjust. Fortunately it is not difficult.

ASUS Laptops

The products of this company is also popular, but, unlike previous laptops, these are not always ok with cooling. However, despite this, laptops fly like hot cakes. So, how to disable the touchpad on an ASUS laptop? Answer: Using the Fn + F9 keyboard shortcut. The combination may change somewhat, but it definitely is. If images are erased on your keys, you can choose the desired combination using the "scientific type" method. It usually helps.

how to disable the touchpad on hp laptop

It is worth noting that this way to turn off the touchpad is only suitable if drivers are installed on the laptop, which are necessary for the correct operation of the touchpad. But it's not always the case. How to disable the touchpad on a laptop, Windows 7 using? If there are no drivers? Let's try to solve this problem.

Windows 7 laptops

If the laptop has a seven on board, the drivers for the touchpad are not installed, and you need to turn it off by all means, then you can try the following. Go to the "Device Manager", open the tab "Mice and other pointing devices." Here can get a snag. It is not known how the touchpad will be signed. Most likely, there will be something like "PS / 2 device". His and disable. If something is wrong, then do not worry. You can always turn it back on.

how to disable the touchpad on windows xnumx laptop

With Windows 7, everything is more or less clear. The same principle of work will be in the eight. However, there is another "new-fangled" operating system, in which everything is not so simple. It is called Windows 10. And how to disable the touchpad on a laptop that uses Windows 10? The answer will be contained below.

Laptops with a dozen on board

To begin with, the “dozen” automatically installs some kind of left-hand drivers on the touchpad. And manufacturers are in no hurry to release software updates for their devices under Win 10. What to do in this case? In this case, we will use the method from "Windows 7". Through the "Device Manager". But the trouble is that in the "top ten" even the device manager is hidden by the devil knows where. Therefore, we do the following.

Open the "Start" menu, look for the item "Run." Enter the string devmgmt.msc in the string. Our favorite device manager will open. Here we are already looking for "Mouse and other pointing devices" and repeat the actions that were performed for the sevens. So you can disable the touchpad on an ASUS laptop that uses Windows 10. Yes, a lot of trouble. But who said it would be easy? Especially with the "ten".

Linux family operating systems

Everything is simple and clear. On some distributions, hotkeys do not work. How to disable the touchpad on a laptop in this case? Very simple. Go to the settings, look for the item "Mouse and touchpad" and move the slider, which disables the touchpad. Everything. But far from all distributions everything is so simple. This method is suitable for operating systems "Ubuntu" and "Mint".

disable touchpad on asus windows 10 laptop

In the case of "Arch" and "Fedora" is a bit more complicated. Here you will need to make some manipulations in the terminal. But such systems are not used by beginners on laptops. And the professionals themselves know perfectly well what to do in such cases. The simplicity of managing mass distributions of “linux-like” operating systems is one of their most important advantages.

For those with "Hakintosh"

There are fans of the illegal installation of MacOS on ordinary laptops with the help of various "crutches". They also need to know how to disable the touchpad on a laptop. Everything is simple here. Since both Mac and Ubuntu are "Unix-like" operating systems, the way from Ubuntu will suit Hakintosh. But to put "Mac" on ordinary laptops can only true "gourmets." For it is impossible to select components so that they work without a minimum number of “crutches” in laptops. They have always been and will be problematic in this regard. Another thing is personal computers.

how to disable the touchpad on windows xnumx laptop

Go to the settings, look for "Mouse and touch pad" and move the touch pad slider to the "Off" position. It's as simple as two and two. Another reason to switch from a buggy and incomprehensible "Vind" to a normal, adequate system. This is one way to disable. For the owners of Hakintoshs, we can offer another option - to completely remove the kext from the system, which is responsible for the touchpad operation. The measure is radical, but one hundred percent.


Now you know all about how to disable the touchpad on a laptop. There is no difference - which laptop, which features it has and which operating system is installed in it. All actions, in essence, are similar. Differences only in nuances. Worst of all, laptop owners with Windows 10 are on board. Everything is so complicated there that it is very difficult to understand a beginner without outside help. But nothing. The eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing. With the "ten" we also figured out. By the way, you can turn on the touchpad with the same key combination. Now you know all this. So go ahead, experiment. Just do not get carried away. And then still hang the system by chance.

How to enable / disable the touchpad in a laptop. 100%

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