How to repair a flash drive yourself?

In the modern world, people are used to using flash drives to transfer information. A few years ago there were disks, and before that they did floppy disks. Compared with these already outdated devices, the USB flash drive is much more productive and smaller in volume. Of course, with such popularity they began to grow rapidly, and now you can find an external drive from 1 GB to 516 GB.

Unfortunately, they, like any other technique, can break. This happens for various reasons: they got the flash drive while writing or it broke due to heavy loads, etc. Users began to look for options on how to repair the flash drive. If the problem is related to the hardware, you can simply throw it away. Another case is software failures. In this case, you can try to restore the external drive. You should not immediately carry your USB-drive to the service center, as it is easy to return the flash drive to life, the main thing is to follow the rules. Let's look at how to repair a flash drive to repair a flash drive

Flash drive does not open

Возможно, вы подключили флешку, компьютер видит ее, но при попытке открыть содержимое возникают ошибки. Если компьютер выдает «Нет доступа», то, скорее всего, необходимо очистить внешний накопитель от вирусов.

What is the problem? After the malicious files got into the flash drive, they created the autorun.inf file. It is the reason why the external drive does not start.

Как отремонтировать флешку? В этом случае необходимо проверить внешний накопитель антивирусом. После того как вы удалите вредоносные файлы, нам нужно вручную удалить файл autorun.inf. Заходим в «Мой компьютер» и нажимаем правой клавишей на флешку. После чего выбираем пункт «Открыть». В новом окне откроется флешка, нам остается только удалить вредоносный файл.

USB drive not formatted

The reason why the flash drive does not open may be a memory failure. How to repair a flash drive? In this case, it is enough to format the external drive. Unfortunately, all content will be erased.

Заходим в «Мой компьютер» и нажимаем правой кнопкой по внешнему накопителю. Далее нужно выбрать пункт «Форматировать». К сожалению, этот способ не всегда помогает. Если у вас не получилось восстановить внешний накопитель, то необходимо попробовать второй способ.how to repair usb flash drive

Итак, нам нужно перейти в каталог «Диспетчер дисков». Для этого нажимаем комбинацию клавиш Win + R. В новом окне нужно ввести команду diskmgmt.msc и нажать «Ок». Откроется «Диспетчер дисков», где нам необходимо выбрать флешку и нажать "Форматировать".

The flash drive is not detected on the computer

To make sure that the problem with the external drive, you need to get it and try to insert into other USB-connectors that are on the motherboard. If the problem persists, then you need to check the USB drive on another computer.

How to repair a micro SD flash drive? First you need to check it in other USB-connectors. If the problem persists, then perhaps the problem lies in the card reader. Try to change it.

Если внешний накопитель определился на другом компьютере, то нужно попробовать удалить драйвера. Как это сделать? Переходим в «Панель управления», где выбираем каталог «Диспетчер устройств». В новом окне ищем строчку «Запоминающееся устройство USB» и удаляем драйвера.

After the done actions, disable the USB flash drive and restart the computer. After this, we connect the USB-drive and install new drivers.

Если переустановка не принесла результатов, то необходимо очистить ветки реестра. В них помещена вся информация о вашем устройстве. Сначала нам нужно собрать эту информацию, а точнее, узнать несколько параметров (PID и VID). Чтобы узнать эти данные, необходимо вернуться в каталог «Диспетчер устройств» и правой кнопкой мыши нажать на флешку. Переходим в пункт «Сведения», где отобразится код устройства.how to repair a flash drive yourself

After that, press the key combination Win + R, in the new window enter the regedit command. So we open the registry editor, where you need to find two parameters, the first ends with the word USB, and the second USBSTOR. We open these directories and look for identifiers, and then delete them. Restart the computer and check the operation of the external drive.

External storage is determined, but dimensions are not displayed.

If you find yourself having such a problem, then a memory failure has occurred. How to repair a flash drive? In this case, you must download the program ChipGenius. So we can find out the VID and PID of your external drive. After you have found the model of the flash drive chip, you need to go to the site, where you need to enter the received data. Run the search. So what did we find? These are suitable drivers and utilities for your removable disk. After installation, your flash drive should to repair micro usb flash drive

How to repair a USB flash drive if nothing helped

Of course, there may be various problems with the external drive, which do not allow to restore the flash drive by the already described problems. There is another way to bring the removable disk back to life. However, this method is suitable for flash drives, memory cards will not be able to recover. If you are tormented by the question of how to repair a Transcend flash drive, then try this to repair flash drive transcend

How to start? We take our USB-drive and remove the plastic cover. We need to put your device in test mode. Flip the flash drive as shown in the picture. In the corner there is a small button that will need to be closed. As a rule, it is necessary to close the contacts 29 and 30. How to do it? Take a needle and click in the right place.

We insert the removable disk into the USB port so that the computer detects the USB flash drive and it becomes available. Only after that we open the contacts. However, do not disconnect it from the computer, as it will not work yet. Next, you need to install the drivers and utilities, how to do this, we have already considered.


After the done actions, your USB device should work. If this did not happen, then there may have been a problem with the hardware. In this case, it is easier to throw it out than to restore it. As you have already noticed, it is easy to repair a flash drive if the problem lies in the program part. However, in order to quickly and accurately restore your device, you must immediately identify the problem.

Не определяется флешка. Ремонт флеш карты (Fix USB flash drive is not detected)

Простые программы для восстановления флешек

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