How to connect the TV to the computer via wifi?

How to connect the TV to the computer via wifi?

  • it is possible only if your TV has a built-in wifi reception module, the so-called smart TV, there are also wifi receivers connected to the TV, the flash drives are made.

  • On the site of the manufacturer of the TV in the support section there is software for wireless connection of the laptop and TVs Smart TV. Download, install it on the laptop, specify the folder on the computer to which the TV will be connected. Of course, you need to turn on the notebook itself Wi-Fi.

    After that, in the menu of the TV, you can go into this folder without connecting the laptop to the wire and watch movies placed in this folder.

    If you need to access the Internet from a TV via a laptop, then the laptop should be connected to the LAN, and on the notebook itself a Wi-Fi access point will be created, that is, it will work as an ordinary Wi-Fi router.

    You can connect your laptop to the Internet 3G USB-modem and also make a Wi-Fi access point on the laptop, I really did not try it myself, but exactly the trick with a tablet computer that has its 3G modem turned out, in the settings of the tablet included the quot;Wi-Fi hotspotquot; and all affairs.

  • The usual scheme by which providers connect TV via WiFi router, implies that the fiber optic cable is connected to the router, and then from it to the television set-top box, which converts the digital signal into a video picture. Such a scheme allows not only to control television channels, but also to use the video library, control the viewing (pause, rewind, and so on).

    However, in fact, this is not a connection via WiFi, but simply the use of a router as a router, which it is.

    To really подключить телевизор к компьютеру через WiFi, you need to have a television with the function "quot; smart TV", or purchase a separate prefix with such a function.

    How to connect the TV to the computer via wifi?

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