How to put Russian voice acting in “DOTA 2” from Strategic Music?

Today, many players are waiting for a pleasant moment until Valve finds how to put the Russian voice acting in “DOTA 2”, but for now this work is carried out by various kinds of companies. Some do this as a purely amateur and pure amateur activity, while others, such as Strategic Music, invite professional actors, in particular, to voice other games. The quality of the first and second works can be considered endlessly, however, those who are absolutely not satisfied with the English version and who are looking for how to put the Russian voice acting in "DOT 2", any option is ideal.

Why put such a voice acting?

How to put Russian voice acting in dota 2

Of course, many people, using a completely original game client, will ask themselves a quite logical question: why put up such a voice acting when the original one listens perfectly? However, in fact, many people who are looking for how to put Russian voice acting in “DOTA 2” may not know English at all or it’s just unpleasant for them to play against the background of English speech.

It is worth noting the fact that many people, as mentioned above, are accustomed to voice acting from Warcraft III, after which it is rather difficult to perceive everything that Valve provided in the second part.

How good is the sound from Strategic Music?

How to put Russian voice acting in DotA 2 strategic music

As mentioned above, it’s pointless to argue about the quality of voice acting, but it’s right to say that in most cases it is intended exclusively for new players.

The fact is that the head of Strategic Music, Dmitry Kuzmenko, decided to take a creative approach, that is, to make a completely new voice acting, which has practically nothing to do with the original DOTA 2, or the original of the first part (ie, Warcraft III).

Thus, lovers of the first part, who did not play the second part due to the lack of a Russian voice acting, are unlikely to adequately accept the new Russian voice acting, as it may seem to them no better than the English version (of course, for those who did not like it English voice quality). The overwhelming majority of characters are translated completely differently, and the phrases used earlier are interpreted differently.

Special attention must be paid, of course, to the translation by the commentators of a series of murders. It seems impossible to translate the original phrases taken from Quake, and despite the fact that today a large number of different companies have tried to do this for different games, no one has succeeded in doing so. The only option is to make a new voice acting in its own version, but whether it is better is already the choice of everyone.

Fans of the English version simply will not see anything similar to the original in the Russian interpretation. In particular, it is worth noting that it was for this reason that Valve rejected a cooperation offer from Strategic Music.

How to install voice acting?

How to put Russian voice acting in dota 2 tips

Initially, you need to go to the official website, where it is written how to put the Russian voice acting in the DOTA 2 Strategic Music - this is

On the site you will need to click on the button "Download voice acting". It is worth noting that the Strategic Music company is constantly at work and is engaged in the voice acting of various characters, and therefore the number of heroes the company will manage to translate will depend on the download date. At the time of this writing, the 31 hero has been translated, which is written on the right side of the “Download voice acting” banner. Special attention should be paid to the fact that you need to download the Russian version of the sound to the operating system that is installed on your computer.

Useful Tips

how to put Russian voice acting in dota 2 launch options

If you are interested in how to put Russian voice acting in “DOTA 2”, the following tips can be given. When installing the DOTA 2 itself, do not change the folders into which the game will be installed, since the voice acting will use them by default.

Also worth noting is the fact that it is quite important to take into account, when figuring out how to put Russian voice acting in “DOT 2”, the launch parameters, since initially all kinds of add-ons can be completely turned off. That is, after you have downloaded and installed the voice from Strategic Music, you will need to log in to Steam and through it get into the DOTA 2 parameters.

You can do this as follows: on Steam, you need to right-click DOTA 2, go to "Properties", click on "Start Options" and in the window that opens, type (or copy): -enable_addons.

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