How to tame a dog in Minecraft, and what it takes

In the world of "Minecraft" you travel in splendid isolation. At some moments it is pleasant and convenient, but over time it will bother you, and you already want to get a company. Naturally, you can move to a multiplayer server and play with other gamers, but not everyone wants this specifically. If you have no intention of ending up with a single game and starting multiplayer, then you better think about how to get a pet. In this game you can tame different animals, so you will not have problems with the choice. The most interesting option is most likely a wolf. Many people ask the not quite correct question: "How to tame a dog in Minecraft?". In fact, there are no dogs in this game, there are only wolves, and you will tame them. But if you are confused by a tamed wolf, then you can call him a dog.

Where to find a wolf?

how to tame a dog in minecraft

If you want to learn how to tame a dog in Minecraft, then you will have to solve one of the not so simple tasks in finding its location. As everyone knows, mobs and animals in the game do not spawn in random locations - rather, they are created at random points in specific locations. This means that if a mob has a desert habitat, you will hardly find it in the forest. The same applies to wolves - they can only be found in the taiga or in the forest. Moreover, they themselves are not generated - at a certain point the game checks whether there is a player in the above locations, after which they will spawn no more than twenty-four blocks from him of one or more wolves.

So, how to tame a dog in Minecraft? You have already taken the first step - you have found a wolf, your material for further work. More precisely, you have learned where these animals are found, as well as the principle of their generation in the world. You need to use it in order to tame the wolf and make him a dog.

Taming wolf

minecraft dog

If you are trying to find out how to tame a dog in Minecraft, then you need to know what wolves eat from which your pet will turn out. When you decide to hike, take as many bones and supplies as possible with you, because it may take you a few days to succeed. You need to build yourself a shelter in the middle of the forest or taiga, where you can sleep peacefully. Considering that you know that wolves spawn around a player, you just have to wait for the moment when the game checks to see if you are in the correct location. Naturally, there will be no warning, so you should always remain on guard - check the area around. Perhaps there are already wolves there that you can tame. It looks very expensive and difficult task, but remember that in Minecraft a dog is one of the best pets that will bring you a lot of good. Therefore, having found a lone wolf, slowly approach him, so that he does not accidentally frighten him or irritate him, and give him a bone. The amount of food that will appease the animal and make it yours is completely random, so do not give up trying.

How a wolf becomes a dog

minecraft mod on dogs

Not to notice how the wild wolf turns into a domestic dog is impossible. You know how to make a dog in Minecraft, but what changes will happen to the wolf? First of all, you will see that the animal has crouched - this is the first indicator that the taming was successful. But a much more prominent moment is the collar. It appears around the neck of the wolf, thereby making it your domestic dog. Initially, the collar has a red color, but you can repaint it at any time to match your tastes. Of course, the process of domestication may seem rather complicated, but at the same time it is very interesting. If you still do not want to mess around for so long, then you can install on your client a "Minecraft" mod on dogs that will add ready-made pets of different breeds.

How to use a dog?

how in minecraft make a dog

You have tamed the wolf and turned it into your pet, but how to use it? Of course, he will be a wonderful and faithful companion for you, with whom it will be much more fun to travel. But still the dog has a practical application - it does good damage and will protect you to the last. Therefore, excellent bodyguards come out of the dogs, and therefore it is recommended to start several pets at once in order to create a miniature dog army.

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