How to flash “Android” from a computer? How to flash Android

Firmware "Android" through the computer - not the most easy thing. But learning is not difficult at all. Moreover, this process will help eliminate problems in the performance of any smartphone or tablet, which most often occur after using applications from unknown sources or after visiting websites that are not trusted. Anything can happen - from the unauthorized installation of third-party applications to the infection of the system with viruses and violation of its integrity.

As a result of such actions - the device starts to “slow down” and hang, and this is very unpleasant for perception. In addition, there may be "holes" in the file system that will disable the device, and the device will hang forever on the boot screen. The only way to solve this problem is to flashing the device. This article will describe how to restore and update software using a computer.

The first step

Before flashing the “Android” from a computer, first of all you should make sure that you have the right USB cable. In most cases, a micro-USB connector is found on modern devices, but you can find the standard USB Type C in the updates. Most often, the necessary cable can be found in the standard equipment of the device, but if it is missing, you will have to purchase it. It is advisable to buy high-quality and expensive USB-cables, which will give confidence that the firmware process will not be interrupted at an unnecessary moment. Once the necessary "lace" is found, the first step is completed.

Device drivers

Another important moment before flashing the “Android” from a computer is installing the necessary drivers on the PC. In this article we are talking about computers running Windows, therefore, you need to look for drivers for this operating system.

how to flash android from computer

Most often, the necessary programs to connect can be found on the manufacturer's website. If you have experience using websites like 4pda and the like, then all the necessary software can be found there.

Android firmware: where to download

Attention: this item is relevant only for those who are going to flash the device through Odin. If the firmware will be implemented by the original utility, you should skip this step.

firmware android

If you have a Samsung device on your hands, you can flash it manually. All you need to do is find the necessary firmware. The firmware file can most often be found on third-party Internet resources, as manufacturers try not to share this information for confidentiality. The cult sites for searching for firmware are “xda” (a foreign segment of developers of various software and firmware) and “4pda” (Russian segment, most of it is taken from xda). The easiest way is to find the necessary firmware by searching on the site by entering the model of the device being flashed. It is not recommended to use third-party (or so-called custom) firmware, which are assembled manually by experiment lovers. The fact is that for the problems caused by such versions of the OS, no one is responsible, and if they occur, everything will have to be fixed through the service center and not for free.

Odin Firmware

This item is suitable for firmware Samsung devices manually. All you need to do is enter the device in Downloading mode. To do this, with the device turned off, you need to hold down the "Volume -" and "Home" buttons, and then press the power button. If the physical button "Home" is missing, then the process occurs without pressing it. After a request for confirmation appears on the display, you should press the “Volume +” button. Downloading mode is activated.

flash tablet android via computer

After these manipulations, flashing the Android phone via a computer is easier than ever. You should open the previously downloaded Odin program on your PC (you can find it on the developer’s website or on 4pda), connect the device in Downloading mode using a USB cable to the PC and select the desired firmware file in the PDA line in the program itself. After that, make sure that there are ticks "F.Reset Time" and "Auto Reboot", and click on the "Start" button. The program will perform the necessary actions, and the device will reboot and turn on as out of the box.

How to flash the “Android” from a computer through the manufacturer’s software

Any self-respecting mobile device manufacturer produces specialized programs with the help of which it is possible to flash the device automatically. Be it LG, Samsung, HTC or Sony, they are all capable of being stitched through the manufacturer’s program.

flash the android phone through the computer

To flash this way, you need to visit the device manufacturer’s website, then go to the support page and select directly the device you want to flash. The software selection system automatically prompts you to download the program for the firmware. After downloading the utility you need to run it, sometimes it requires you to enter registration data. Android firmware after this is nothing. In the program menu, you can choose what action you want to perform. If you need to tackle the firmware of the device, then you can select the "Restore" item. The program itself will help to make a backup copy, download the firmware and complete the process. Details are described in the instructions on the manufacturers' websites.

Android firmware via computer

It should be noted that this method is quite resource-intensive. It requires a high investment of time, since, in addition to downloading the firmware file, the program evaluates the operability of the device, automatically translates the device into the required modes and sends the firmware data via the USB cable. That is why one should be patient and not be surprised at the duration of the process.

Tablet firmware

In order to flash the tablet "Android" through a computer, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. If the tablet required for the firmware is Samsung, then you can use the firmware manually through Odin. If the tablet is made by any other manufacturer, then you should refer to the instructions on the automatic firmware through the software manufacturer. In both cases, all actions will be identical to those performed with smartphones.

This article describes how to flash android from a computer, and this is just a general instruction. For more detailed answers, you should refer to the full-fledged guides on the firmware of various devices using the method of interest. I would also like to note that you can flash the device without the help of a PC.

Android phone firmware on the example of ZTE

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