How to make dynamite in “Minecraft”, or Learn to create weapons

Today we will talk with you about how to make dynamite in Minecraft. This is a very interesting object, which will probably come in handy when building traps. So it is worth getting to know him a little closer.

What it is?

But before making dynamite in Minecraft, let's see what kind of object it is and why it is used in the game. Surely everyone already knows that in real life this item can be called a bomb. It serves to blow something up. So it is here. Dynamite "Minecraft" is a kind of detonator that can be placed in trolleys or any other places. But how is it done? Let's try to figure it to make dynamite in minecraft


If you are thinking about how to make dynamite in Minecraft, then, of course, you should be prepared to find a lot of resources. Some of them are very easy to get, and some are almost impossible. So what do we need for crafting dynamite? The first resource is sand.

Sand blocks are probably the most common in the game world. True, they are not quite suitable for construction. Is that only for decorative purposes. But as an element of crafting is a great material.

Where can I find it? Perhaps, if you think about it a little, you can understand that this resource is present almost everywhere. But in large quantities it is most often found in caves, on beaches and, of course, deep under water. Get down to the bottom of the lake or the sea - there you will find the necessary blocks. True, this is not the only option "main" material. How to make dynamite in Minecraft without ordinary sand? Let's see what can replace it.

Red sand

If you want to differ a little and create our today's object without the usual sand available to everyone, then, of course, you can try to get the so-called red sand. This is a substitute resource for our "foundation". True, this will be very difficult.How to make dynamite in Minecraft, or Learn to create weapons

The fact is that red sand, though similar to the usual, but is extracted with great difficulty. You can find it only in the table mountains. Also used when creating a farm of cacti and reeds. In general, you yourself can choose which resource to get. For our subject it does not matter. Got as much as possible of this resource? Then you can proceed to the next stage.


Now we have to find and use another resource for crafting. Of course, this is nothing but gunpowder. If you are thinking about how to make dynamite in Minecraft, then, of course, you should make sure that you have this material in stock. Without it, the creation of our today's subject will be impossible.

Where can I get it? Here it is necessary to "sweat" a little. The problem is that gunpowder can be found in the treasury. But not only there. You can also knock it out. For example, with creepers or witches. If you are not ready to fight, then, of course, it is best to refrain from fighting and a little search for treasuries. Maybe there you will find enough material. For our item we need 5 units of this material. Collected? Then see how much sand you have. Is there a 4 sand block? Then great! You can combine them. See what happened with you. Now you know how to make dynamite in Minecraft.Minecraft mod on dynamite

True, this can not stop. If you have a trolley, then you can easily create a very real explosive trap. Combine it with your bomb - the cart is ready for use. It remains to run it on the rails. Unfortunately, all the explosives end there. If you have installed mods on dynamite in Minecraft, then you will have a great opportunity to add to the possible combinations more 48 bombs. Although for a comfortable game, as a rule, there is enough standard manufacturing methods.


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