How to make a scheme in the Word?

How to make a scheme in the Word?

  • How to draw a diagram in a Word?

    A schema can be made up of individual shape elements. To do this in the Word, go to the "quot; insertquot; and find the quot; figure;. Select the necessary shapes and use them to draw a diagram, there, as you can see, there are different arrows, if you need them. Have patience and everything you can do, try it.

  • Make a circuit in the Word it's easy if you use auto-figures. Among ready-made auto-figures there are squares, rectangles, and arrows. In addition, you can insert text into autosamples, selecting fonts. You can do shading and shadows. In short, a simple scheme for presentation can be done quickly and efficiently.

  • Now consider how create a scheme in the Word. In fact, any person who knows the basic tools of the Word will cope here. The main thing for the scheme is the creation of figures (rectangles), in which we will write the text we need.

    To create a shape, click on the insert, then the shapes and click on the rectangle or square (or whatever you want). Next, we construct a scheme of such rectangles and connect the necessary arrows (also take from the figures). Next, we write the text in each figure (click on the PCM on the desired shape and add the text). You can also choose a color for any shape, everything can be customized for you. Good luck!

  • How to make a scheme in the Word, in principle, written in the Vord itself, in the Help section.

    From myself, I can add what to do circuit in the Word simple and at the same time difficult.

    Simply because there are ready-made templates. Take them and apply

    It's difficult - because no one really knows how to apply these templates in each case.

    Even I can say more. Until a person sees with his own eyes how to do it from start to finish, then no help Word he will not help. Although I, frankly, figured out these schematic diagrams myself, and I consider myself a good specialist in this business.

    In fact, I realized that the diagram was well adapted to the Word document, it's best to draw it using the Vord drawing tools, rather than taking their templates that will then fall between the pages, get lost when you reformat the entire document. The more pages, the more the Word snuffs.

    But if there is only one page, just click the "Organizational chart" button. It gives ready-made flowcharts. Fill them with your text, and that's it.

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