How to create and how to sell a house in “Samp”?

GTA: San Andreas is one of the most famous parts of the popular game series. The most outstanding about this episode is the presence of multiplayer. The previous parts of the GTA were treated in a single mode, but it was in San Andreas that the gameplay was expanded, the players got the opportunity to try themselves in multiplayer mode. Over time, he even became a cult, as he was not just a copy of the game for several people, but a full-fledged independent game world in which to live and receive incredible pleasure from it. They do not just play here, they play their roles here, creating a real virtual community with their own rules. That is why playing "Samp" is quite difficult - you need to know a lot of teams responsible for various actions, because without them you cannot cope. So, one of the areas in which you need to understand well is real estate. You need to know how to sell a house in Samp, how to buy it, how to exchange houses.

Property in "Sampa"

how to sell a house in sump

Already in the second part of the GTA, the player had the opportunity to acquire certain houses, in the third episode this opportunity was improved and expanded, and the release of "San Andreas" was almost perfect. But if you know something about buying property in GTA: San Andreas, this does not mean that you know how to sell a house in Samp. After all, as mentioned earlier, these are two completely different games that just look the same, but under the shell have completely different stuffing. In single-player mode, you perform plot tasks, ride around the city, enter into gunfights and do what you like. In "Sampo" you live in a community of the same gamers, follow its established rules, and also use a huge set of commands that serve to perform certain actions. If you are interested in buying or selling real estate, then you will need a separate set of commands, which will be discussed further. It's time to learn how to sell a house in Sampo, as well as how to buy it and how to exchange it.

Buying property from the state

how to buy a house in sump

Initially, all the houses in Sampa belong to the state, that is, the players themselves do not own them. That is, before you learn about how to sell a house in Samp, you need to purchase it. This can be done quite simply - you just need to know the right commands, as well as some conditions. If you decide to buy a house that is not yet occupied by another player and belongs to the state, then you need to look for the real estate next to which the green icon is lit. When you stand in the place of this icon, you will be offered the price set for this house. If it suits you, then you just have to use the buyhouse command, without leaving the icon. But that’s not the end of it - you still have to pay rent for your house, so don’t forget to deposit a certain amount of money into your new home account, which will be charged a certain amount at specific moments of the game. If this does not happen, then you will be evicted from the house without any questions. Now you know how to buy a house in Samp, if it is owned by the state. But what if it belongs to another player?

Buying a home from another player

how to remove a house in sump

Here the scheme is slightly different - you need to search not for the house, but for the owner of the property you like. How to buy a house in the "Samp" from another player? You need to talk with him and agree on the value of the selected property. When all questions have been settled, the seller will send you a request with the help of the command, after which you must enter the accept house command. That's all, now this house belongs to you, but you still shouldn't forget about the rental fee - go to a bank or an ATM to transfer money to your account, and then you can not worry about eviction. Only admins know how to remove a house in Sampa, and they will not do this without notifying you. So you are completely safe as long as you follow all the rules and pay the bills.

Selling a house to the state

team to sell a house in sump

If you decide to change your place of residence, or you simply have no money, then you can sell your house. Naturally, it is better to sell it to other players, as they can offer you a larger amount than the nominal value, but if you don’t have one, then you still have to contact the state. To free the house and make it available for purchase again, you need to enter the Sellhouse command. Since you do not set the price, you do not need to enter any additional values ​​- the set amount will go to your account, and you will get rid of all the problems by getting money. But it is also important to know how to put a house in Samp for sale so that other players can buy it - this can be much more profitable.

Selling a house to other players

how to put a house in sump

The changehouse team is responsible for selling real estate to other players - as you can see, this is a universal team. You can sell a house in Samp to another player quickly and profitably. Initially, everything happens in words - you meet with a potential buyer, discuss the value of the house, and if you come to a mutual agreement, the time comes for action. You need to enter the above command, and after that specify the player’s identification number and the amount that he will give you. If there is enough money in his bank account, the operation will be completed immediately: the player will receive his property, and you will receive the money.

Home Exchange

Sometimes there are situations in which two players can notice each other's houses, and then it makes no sense for them to sell real estate or buy it. The Sampo has a home swap feature that is implemented using the same changehouse command. Again, you need to enter the identification number of the owner of the house - the property is assigned to him. If your house is more expensive, then after the number you need to specify the amount that another player will have to pay. If his house is more expensive, then he should make a deal. But be careful - the exchange of houses is fertile ground for fraudsters. Always check whether your partner in the transaction is the owner of the house, because he could change one letter in the nickname, thereby disguised as the owner. You give him your house, and in return receive either a small amount of surcharge or nothing at all. You can always ask the player to open and close the door to the house - only the owners can do this.

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