How to install bluetooth on a laptop, computer, tablet

Currently, the most common wireless standard is Wi-Fi technology, with which you can transfer and download files at a very decent speed. But not so long ago almost every user was constantly transferring files via Bluetooth. This standard allowed transmitting and receiving information at speeds up to 1 Mbit / s, and today its fourth specification supports theoretical speeds up to 24 Mbit / s.

how to install bluetooth on a laptopEven in our time, these characteristics look significant, but for some reason, users and manufacturers are less and less likely to recall the impressive characteristics of the Blue Tooth. So, in many laptops of the last years of release there is no this protocol of wireless data transmission. In general, this attitude is amazing, since the stores have a lot of wireless mice and keyboards that communicate with the computer according to this standard. So today we will talk about how to install bluetooth on a laptop.

Choose a USB adapter

This is the name of a special device with a Bluetooth module that is connected to the USB port of a laptop. After installing the appropriate drivers or programs, you can receive or send files. Since all modern devices of this class are extremely compact, only a few millimeters of the adapter case will protrude above the USB port surface.

Thus, before you install bluetooth on a laptop, you need to buy it. How to choose a technique of this class?

In fact, there are no special recommendations here. First, pay attention to the class of the device: we have already written that today there are four versions of Bluetooth at once (the latter is only just beginning to enter circulation), so it makes sense to buy an adapter not lower than the third specification. Today on the market there are a huge number of Chinese “whistles” Bluetooth 2.0. Their cost is low. Of course, the data transfer rate is so-so, but they can be used to connect a wireless mouse or keyboard.

how to install bluetooth on computerSince installing bluetooth on a computer is most often required for this, it is not worth choosing. But! If you plan to use a computer, laptop or tablet as a kind of FTP server, buy only an adapter with Bluetooth 3.0 and higher, because otherwise you simply do not have enough connection speed.

Before installing bluetooth on a Lenovo laptop, it is generally better to buy an adapter with the fourth specification, since this company quickly begins to build it into their devices.

Also, pay attention to the overall quality of the device. It is best to buy those adapters, which comes bundled with some kind of management utility. In not so distant times, even such devices came together, with which the BlueSoleil program was bundled, the cost of which on the official website is almost a thousand rubles! Today, this is much less common, but the search does not hurt.

Since the “Blue tooth” is not so common today, turn your attention to the combined devices: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules are combined in one case, which makes the adapter even more versatile. Before you install bluetooth on your computer, go to specialized stores.

Software solutions

how to install bluetoothAnd now we will discuss the programs that are best suited for organizing wireless communication between your devices. And the first in the list is not very well known, but a functional and free utility Widcomm. Before installing bluetooth on the Asus laptop, it’s best to download it. The fact is that this program is the best to use all the advantages of wireless communication modules of this particular company.

Install Widcomm

First, download the online installer from the official website, which will automatically save the most current version of the application to your computer. Since installing bluetooth on a computer without an adapter does not work, it must also be connected to any free USB port.

In the installer window, be sure to check Accept. Immediately after this, you can click on the “Next” button, after which the next dialog box of the installation program will open.

Attention! The program will automatically detect all Bluetooth adapters connected to your computer, as well as check their compatibility with their drivers. Only if this check is successful will the immediate download of the installation package itself start.

Please note that the installer file has a decent size, so that the owners of GPRS / EDGE modems will have to be patient. In addition, after a successful installation and verification of the device, you will need to click on the Reboot button in the final installation dialog. Rebooting, you find the program icon in the system tray. Here's how to install bluetooth on a laptop.

How to install bluetooth on a laptop, computer, tablet

How to configure Widcomm

Click on the icon with the right mouse button, then the main window will open with all the options of Widcomm. In particular, here you can set a meaningful name for each of the devices that are connected to the computer. In the tabs “Local services” and “Client applications”, permissions of local security policies are set, and also separate ports for each specific gadget are mounted.

How to connect devices via Widcomm?

This application provides a quick and simple type of device connection. If you plan to transfer a small file once, the easiest way is to click on the “Find devices” button, after which your smartphone or another gadget will appear in the list. Then we come up with an arbitrary PIN code, enter it on the computer and on the connected device. A connection is made, after which the file will be sent or received.

Before installing bluetooth on a laptop, think up some typical code that will be reliable enough to use it on all your devices.

how to install bluetooth on laptop lenovoIn the case when you plan to constantly connect to the gadget, it is best to set up a permanent connection. Click on the item "Connect a Bluetooth device", and then follow all the same steps that we have already mentioned above. The only difference will be that the identification code entered once will be saved by the program and the device itself, after which it will not need to be written with each connection.

BlueSoleil program

In contrast to the above option, the BlueSoleil program is paid (about 30 dollars), but its functionality is definitely worth the money. How to use it?

As in the past case, you need to turn on the bluetooth on your phone, connect the adapter to a computer or laptop. After that, in the main window of the program, double-click with the left mouse button on the stylized image of the ball. We are looking for your device in the list that opens, then click on the icon of the file transfer service. Before you install bluetooth, find out in advance the name of your gadget: in cities it often happens that in the field of view of the adapter there are several phones at once, and therefore it is not easy to choose your own phone among them.

You will also need to come up with a PIN code, enter it in the appropriate fields on the phone (or other gadget), after which the connection will be established. Managing the program is very simple, so you quickly understand all the nuances.

how to install bluetooth on a computer without an adapter

We put Bluetooth on the tablet

Immediately, we note that finding a tablet without this wireless standard is almost impossible. So you don’t have to look for a tablet adapter. So let's talk about those programs that can simplify and improve the management of wireless communications on the tablet.

It is no secret that many Chinese manufacturers include extremely useless and inconvenient utilities of this kind in the base firmware for their tablets, and the very same Samsung doesn’t sin so much. So how to install bluetooth on the tablet "Android"?

Bluetooth File Transfer

This program is very simple, compact and completely free. Designed specifically for tablets, allows you to maximize the use of an existing Bluetooth module for transferring files.

In addition, developers offer the option of an FTP server that provides two-way access to files. Thus, you can transfer and view files both on the tablet itself and on the computer that is associated with it. Important! Unlike many similar applications, Bluetooth File Transfer allows you to send and receive not only individual documents, but also entire directories with them. This eliminates the need to install on the tablet program to work with archives, many of which are not too high quality and paid.

how to install bluetooth on asus laptop

ASTRO Bluetooth Module

This is not an independent program, but a module to the file manager for Andoid, ASTRO File Manager. Both applications are free. What important options does this utility have? Oh, they are not so little!

Through its widget, you can quickly turn on and off the Bluetooth module, use your tablet as an FTP server, scan the network for the presence of shared resources, and also open folders on your device for general access to them. The module is regularly updated, and therefore in its composition all the new and new features constantly appear.

Here's how to install bluetooth on a laptop or tablet. There is nothing difficult in this, because today there is a huge number of not only free applications, but also cheap bluetooth adapters for connecting them to computers where there is no technology from this module.

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