How to install Sims 3: all the details of the installation

The question of how to install Sims 3, worries many fans of the series. The thing is that it is easy to do it when you have a "zero" version without add-ons on the disk. In this case, everything is done quickly and without unnecessary stress. And what if you have a slightly different situation? Let's see what the options for the development of events can be and how to solve the impending to install sims 3

Buy game

In order to begin to understand how to install Sims 3, you must first purchase it. It is best to go to the store and choose the part that will be interesting for you. Now the developers have released a lot of interesting "parts" that allow to diversify the gameplay and supplement it with new features. You can also buy a whole collection of the series. Then you will be available in Sims 3 selective installation of all the necessary parts. But not all players like the purchase option. What to do in this case?


Naturally, if you do not want to pay for the purchase, you can download the game. Now on the Internet, "lies" countless different games, including "Sims 3". It will be enough for you to simply find a website, from where you can download the version you need, and then download it to your computer. True, the installation of Sims 3 in this case will be more "confusing." You will need an additional program that mounts the image on a virtually created disk, which helps the installer to run. True, if you manage to initially find a file with the .exe format, the installation process will not be any different. So let's get down to the process to install sims 3 game

Install from disk

Now it's time to talk about how to install Sims 3 on your computer. So, when you already have a disk or installation file, you can proceed to action. Let's see how to install from a disk, only after that we will know what to do if you downloaded the game from the Internet.

First, insert the disc into your computer. Wait for it to load. You should pop up a small window that will offer you the "Run" function. Choose her. If the window does not "get out", go to "My Computer", then double-click on the image of the symbol "Sims" near the name of your drive - the window will open.install sims 3

Now the installer will appear in front of you. There will be nothing difficult. Click Next. After that, you should read the license agreement and click "I agree." Next you will need a license key. It is written on disk or box from it. Enter the key and continue the installation safely. If you have an entire collection with additions, choose which installation to make: complete (all parts) or selective (only those that you mark yourself). In the next window you will choose the installation path. Click "Next" and wait for the message about the successful completion of the process. Now you know how to install Sims 3 from a disk. True, if you decide to download the game, you will have to tinker with it a bit.

Install downloaded

If you are thinking about how to install Sims 3, which you downloaded from the Internet, then let's look at it together. To get started, see what kind of "image" you have uploaded. If this is an executable file (exe), then the minutes on 10 can shorten the installation process. If it is iso, then you have to download the program to mount the image on the computer. Daemon Tools is perfect for this. Mount the image (go to the program and select the downloaded file using the words "mount image"), then a welcome window will open before you - the same as when using a disk.

sims 3 custom installation

Now click "Next." After that, as last time, agree with the license agreement and continue the installation. You will see a window that will require an activation key. This is where the problems begin. As a rule, such a "serial" is available in a set with an installation file. If there is none, you will have to search it on the Internet on specialized sites. When you do this, simply click "Next." Choose which installation to make: full or custom. After that, it is necessary to "hammer" the installation path and wait until the entire process is completed. After that, a toy will be installed on your computer. Click "complete". The window closes, and on the desktop you will see a shortcut to launch. Now you know how to install Sims 3 using all available methods on your computer. However, when downloading, be careful - you can put a virus on your PC. It is better to use or proven resources, or even buy license disks.

Как скачать и установить The Sims 3 БВ (Базовую Версию)

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