How to learn the phone on the wiretone or not?

How to learn the phone on the wiretone or not?

  • How do I know I will not advise. When I occasionally talked on the phone with one friend. Every time I heard a dial tone, I heard one click on the handset, and that was only when I called this person. I asked him this question, he said that everyone who calls him is asked. Time passed and the clicks stopped. He told me that he didn’t know himself, but he was auditioned (his friends had big problems with quot; law quot;). Maybe you can not determine high-quality wiretapping, although I think a professional knows a lot of secrets about wiretapping.

  • I think that all telephone conversations are tapped, the confirmation can be the newly unveiled project of the United States special services "prism". We once had a corporate connection, which was said to be bugged, so conversations were constantly accompanied by some squeaks, cod and so on.

  • now everywhere there are digital telephone exchanges. I am sure that nothing and no one should be put on wiretapping. The station collects ALL information about ALL conversations at once. I read that ANY conversation can be chosen from the base and listen, if it is necessary to special services.

    The time there was some kind of voice recorder passed. Unless you buy some kind of burnt, homemade appliance ...

    Access to the digital database is completely limited. But you, if you call with threats over the phone, you can contact the police (where exactly, I do not know). And these conversations will calculate, listen, learn, whence they called. They will collect the data.

    The same with mobile communications. In my opinion, I even read here on BV that all mobile operators sign contracts with security services about obligatory provision of their database of incoming and outgoing calls to prevent crimes.

    You are now on the phone, and you are already "listening". So do not talk nonsense.

  • Go to the LC of your operator and order the details on your e-mail,

    if there is no possibility of a sms confirmation, use the aggregator

  • For "ordinary mortals";that do not have friends in special bodies, such as the FSB, who can both listen in and check if your phone is overheard,You can not find out information about listening to your phone., because it is a rather thin and expensive process.

    Moreover, if we give free will to the common citizens and such, for example, it would be possible to calculate wiretapping, I think then we would quickly realize how to quietly overhear by someone and use it for our own purposes, and these are superfluous problems for the state and society as a whole, I think my idea is clear.

  • When you pick up the phone, you should hear a click, and when talking as if echoing the words are given! just do not confuse it with a sharp hiss when you pick up the phone as now it is with many operators such a malfunction is present.

  • How to learn the phone on the wiretone or not?

    Opportunities of special services are such that you will never know whether it costs, or whether your phone was listening. If it is a mobile phone, then there will be no signs on the screen, and in the dynamo you will not even notice the sound of recording equipment inclusion. It remains only to live honestly, and not to give anyone a reason to put themselves on the wiretapping ...

  • By the way, it's a funny fact, if you have a bad connection, bad catches or something, it's enough to say some words of Tipo Putin, a bomb, terrorism, and so on, there should be a small click and the connection becomes sharply good, so use it healthfully .

  • Ways to find out when listening to the number or not:

    • Battery temperature

    If you did not call anywhere, but the battery will be warm or hot, then you are bugged.

    • The phone discharges quickly

    Charged cell phone, quickly discharged? If the probability is that you are helping him use the quot; quietly ". When the mobile phone is tapped, the battery charge is lost faster. Listen to the mobile phone records even when you do not call ...

    • Delay on shutdown

    If suddenly the body does not want to turn off after your command, longer than usual.

    • Strange activity

    Strange behavior of technology.

    • Background noise

    A mob's phone can interfere, something like an echo, or discharges of electricity, or clicks.

    • Interference

    Is the mobile phone close to electronic devices and itself interferes when you do not use it?

    • Become a misinformer

    Start up the lime information and wait for the result ...

    • Get help

    The police can tell whether the mobile phone is being listened to or not.

    • Conclusion

    Block the mobile phone with a password and keep it with you. If you do not use the phone, remove or remove the battery from the compartment to be sure that you are not being listened to.

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